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Line sticking up off the transmission
I hear clicking like the compressor is engaging, but not ste that is what I hear
So recently i had my tint removed once i picked up my car it wouldnt start changed the battery with no results cant press the break to even start. Dash light are not even coming on
Getting these codes on my car what do I need to fix? P 0101, P0500, P1778, P0744, 02 sensor, 02 HTR
It sounds as if it wants to turn...but want start
Nissan altima not charging battery alternator change still same problem
My daughter was driving and the battery died so I purchased a new battery and alternator and I'm still killing the battery I stumped on what it can be any answers please
you get a thump sound as if its the ball joints or the rack bad
Check engine light came on. Put on code reader no codes come up. Also when car idles or has been driven for 20 to 30 mins. It hesitates when trying to excell. An sometimes stays in first gear, have to pull over shut car off and restart an then it shifts fine
My car won't go out of park and I can't find the emergency gear interlock release . HELP!
A fuel pressure guage reads 45lbs after turning on the ignition but it then drops rapidly to zero. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator with a new one (twice) but got the same result. If I squeeze the pipe connected to the regulator it holds the pressure.
Radio DEAD evey other function in the car works ok.
Recently I've driven late in day or at night and had to turn on headlights. Once the headlights go on, the lights for the speedometer and other gauges goes off. I don't understand why that happens. When I turn off the headlights, the dash lighting returns. HELP!
Serpentine belt fell off which caused my car to overheat and cracked my radiator. Changed the radiator but now it wont start. When i turn the key i dont hear that noise (i think the fuel pump) before it cranks. My car wont start. Tried jumping it but still no start. Please help
a/c pully turns sometimes,it will stop turning and make belt smokes.I can jiggle it with my hand.can it be replaced without replaceing whole unit
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