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Three weeks ago my car wouldn't start. It already was starting funny but now it wouldn't start at all. Found out the camshaft sensor was out. Got it replaced. Then my car starting acting funny again and wouldn't start. So I take it to the dealership. They had for three days and when I pick up, they tell me that the head gasket might go. As soon as I start it there is so much white smoke coming from the back. I try to drive it and everytime I accelerate there is the smoke. does this mean I need to replace the head gasket .
Back in aug is when my car started to over heat but I thought I fixed the problem. I am just upset that all the places I took it to that this got missed.
it blow about six month the is quit it took for every to kick on or if i shut the hood it work turn on or i we keep the are in acc module it would kick on after a while then we turn over the car it kick on til when turn the speed up the is would shut off i check the relay switch and they are okay and this yr there no resistor any other idea's
We can't find the location of my 2005 Nissan Altima SL. Can anyone help me please?
The dashboard lights flicker sometimes when trying to crank and the radio comes on.
06 Nissan Altima tranny has only 2nd gear indicator light went off same time this started what relays if any should I check and location and fuses
wife driving car, cruse light came on and flashes, went back off has done this 3 times
the check engine light popped on notice after getting gas
There is no noise, the problem appears intermittently.
I need to replace the refueling control valve on my 2001 altima as the signal port from the filler neck vapor line is broken.
The car runs fine with no codes, but am not sure if this can cause problems.
This is a 3 port round plastic valve that sits under the car on top of the gas tank in a cavity in the rear of tank.
I need to know how to get to it to replace it, is there an easier way or do I need to drop the tank to replace.
Not the E brake or the brakes locking up
All the sudden car won't start but will turn over the battery is drained and the headlights and parking lights came on by their cells for a few minutes and then went off without turning the switch this all happened all of a sudden no prior problems
It won't start all the sudden. Checked fuel pump be it's turning over, it works. Has good battery and new cables. Battery won't stay
It will start after 2 or 3 tries and runs fine after it starts already replaced fuel pump because it acted like a loss of fuel pressure.
I know it’s a safety switch because this has happened three other times and I got started each other done by repeatedly shifting from neutral to park. It’s been almost an hour And that hasn’t worked yet
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