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Battery, Alternator, Starter all good. Fuel almost full, engine oil level also okay. But the car lost power while driving and is not starting fully now, just making the engine sound.
I have no headlights interior lights nor window power when the ignition is turned on.
My coolant light flashes when I turn off my car, but when I check the level it's. Perfect
I had a leaky radiator just below the plastic tank (expansion tank?) so I just replaced it with a brand new radiator and it's still leaking from the same place as it was before the replacement.

It doesn't leak while the car is on but it only occurs when the car is shut off.

Any idea's on what could cause this sorcery?
After replacing the starter motor my ignition switch is still dead? Could it be the ignition switch itself or a relay? Help!
It won't do anything what is wrong withit
It stated that my coolant was low kept flashing. I was advised no coolant was in the expansion tank at all. My question, I had my car for 6 years and I never seen this message before about the coolant being low until I replaced four months. Can the expansion tank be default? What else can cause this problem?
Problems with the stereo, the sos light turns on and the sound goes out and the control wheel goes off, lasts about 5 seconds and then it works again
Stuck in 2nd gear
and it will cause problems with engine later on. The mechanic advised me that he used BMW parts, but BMW stated that they used aluminum bolts. Does it matter if you use steel/aluminum bolts. Valve cover gasket repair.
My problem was the valve cover gasket, the Oil housing gasket and oil cooler gasket were leaking. When I picked up my car, I thought that was done until I paid for the same service at the Dealership because they said it was leaking. The mechanic stated he replaced the oil cooler & oil seal , & oil filter adapter gasket. Please explain why the oil cooler was replaced?
and it might have to be replaced. The whole light and it can be very expensive, and mess up the other wiring in the car. Who can I take my car for this problem instead of the BMW Dealer.
smokes out the exhaust pipe
I just changed the fuel pump and got the car running yesterday but during and before the fuel pump was replaced (so in the key on engine off position) the "check" light is always flashing.
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