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It seems this is no room to allow the air filter box to be easily open. The bottom clip (close to the driver side wheel) is difficult to reach and release.
I am the "new" owner of a 12 year old 525i. It runs quite well, but I'm still getting used to the systems (after having driven the same Honda for 17 years). When I turned the car on this morning, a key symbol lit up on the display. Does that mean I need to get my car key reconfigured? Will it stop working if I don't? Thank you for your help!
car will not start and battery has been tested and is good
I've lately encounter horrible issue. I parked my car, locked my steering wheel in the forward direction of the wheels, turned the car off and left. Afterwards, as usual, I tried to jiggle the wheel around to find to which direciton it goes, found it goes a little to left, well I turned left and wanted to turn the key but key didn't turn....I thought it is ok but after trying that with different sequences more than a damned hour I end up trying hopelessly...I can't understand what the hell is wrong with this trash...key seems just fine, no damages no issues, neither damages could be found on the actual wheel but it just wont turn!
I have a 2004 bmw 525I it shuts off on me while I'm driving it I put a new accelerator pedal position sensor oil sensor and the throddle body and all wires have been checkednow I'm beeing told that it's the ecm I'm stuckand ddon't know what to do
what is the oil capacity for abms 2002 525i
It won’t turn over
No power to car after replacing battery and alternator. Alarm comes on not allowing car to start was fine before replacements. Checked fuses and all good .
Car won’t pass smog due to not ready.
Battery, Alternator, Starter all good. Fuel almost full, engine oil level also okay. But the car lost power while driving and is not starting fully now, just making the engine sound.
I have no headlights interior lights nor window power when the ignition is turned on.
My coolant light flashes when I turn off my car, but when I check the level it's. Perfect
I had a leaky radiator just below the plastic tank (expansion tank?) so I just replaced it with a brand new radiator and it's still leaking from the same place as it was before the replacement.

It doesn't leak while the car is on but it only occurs when the car is shut off.

Any idea's on what could cause this sorcery?
After replacing the starter motor my ignition switch is still dead? Could it be the ignition switch itself or a relay? Help!
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