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What is causing a constant ticking noise behind the dash?
My TriBeCa overheats if I idle to long. What should I expect the cost for repair to be?
Subaru Legacy Wagon 2003, when accelerating, speed and lack of power occurs, loosing speed, power, torque, even on plane roads, even after a set of new spark-plugs replacement done.
These lights are flashing on and off. What is the problem.
Motor oil,,,, is full synthetic required or a blend??
Had to jump car 3 times. Battery cell dead. they updated the software on the alternator so battery could charge more efficiently. Subaru dealer said this has been a common problem. Would have been nice if they informed us rather than this occurrence disrupt a trip far from home and a dealership. Now, cannot control passenger window and dash read out info is gone. Taking it back in.
just had AC evaporator replaced. not sure if this has anything to do with it. the hissing sound comes on for about 3-4 seconds every 4-5 minutes or so.
Subaru Impreza Wrx turbo 2005 model. 100k miles.

1) replaced radiator 700 miles ago after leak detected and engine overheating 2) car running fine since then even in 99 degree heat. Temperature stable and normal. 3) today after driving about 100 miles I noticed engine heating up to redline 4) steam starts spewing from upper radiator hose near the side going into engine pretty intensely 5) I replace upper hose (big gaping hole detected in existing hose near the side that goes into engine) seems like it was not replaced with new radiator. 6) after replacing upper hose, no more steam. However engine temp gauge goes to redline after < 1 mile of driving but no heat coming from heater vents on full blast even after idling for 10 minutes. 7) coolant reservoir is full and not going down 8) engine does not feel hot (like it would if it was really overheating and at redline) 9) no more steam coming (I fixed the main leak) in the hose. I doubt there are other leaks but it was raining so hard to tell till I get to a shop.

Is the problem now that I need to pressurize the system? Does the internal thermostat need to be fixed? I thought they did it when the replaced the radiator in step 1 above. Could there randomly be a clog in the system ?
Ac blows warm air. Compressor is ok and condenser works checks out too. All relays were tested and are good. Seems the ac fan is not getting message from computer. Any suggestions.

I have no headlights. The running lights stay on until the battery is disconnected.
Brakes were done at 58000 miles, tires replaced at 57000 miles, just had car re balanced again and it HELPED, but it is still going on. Car is at 62000 miles currently.
Car has been running just fine. Lots of road miles (interstate) lately. Stopped to fuel up earlier this afternoon. Drove to meet my family for lunch. Came back to the car and it would turn over, but not start.
A few days later motor attempted to turn over but just backfires and won't start
The front drivers side door has to be unlocked manually.
Started a week ago. The light issues are high beams kill all lights and turn signal and hazards don't work
I start my car and the motor sounds as if it is racing I give it a little gas and it slows down. Then once I put it in great and drive I get this growling type noise
My front passanger axel is not connected to the tire hub at all its just banging around. I just looked today? what can happen?? Is it expensive to fix? Will the tire fall off its been a week of everydayfor a week driving about 20-25 miles
Few days back i was driving and i heard a strange sound suddenly coming from the car. when i stopped and opened the hood i noticed that Alternator belt had snapped since i was on the highway i drove car for few kilometers & stopped at a safe place and got belt replaced on stop by mobile mechanic team.

By that time battery was completely drained and i had to jump start the car.

It worked smoothly on highway but i noticed that while car stops or slows down at signal (red-light) it seems to loose power but car doesn't shut off. i also noticed car engine turn off while reversing (this happened only twice in few days)
Today i noticed warning light showing up for half a second when i stop at parking area and light goes off when completely when i turn off the AC.

I started having these problem after changing the Alternator belt. what could be the cause of this problem as i can sense something but don't know what it could be

Light which show in yellow
Vehicle Dynamics Control System

Light which show in Green

Light which show in RED

These warning lights show up for half a second & then goes away & comes back till AC is not turn off.
Is it possible to change the dashboard lighting from red?
This car has been a honey of a car & I need to stay on top of the maintenance.
My Impreza has twice now needed to be topped off on oil about 1-2 thousand miles before the next scheduled oil change. There are no obvious leaks I can see. Is this normal?
car stalling at low rpm. Usually happens 15 to 25 mins after driving through moderate traffic including stopping at traffic lights and reaching speeds from 37 to 50 mph. Car will backfire or cause a loud shot gun like noise after accelerating and gear changing quickly then taking foot off and letting the car slow down without braking. Has after market 9" exhaust fitted
Backfires after throttle is released
No white in waterpump and timing belt cover. White spots all over engine compartment. Like sprayed from fan.
And out of both caps, but I think I spilled.
why does this car use a lot of synthetic 0-20 oil does it just burn quicker
Why is coil pack failing again two years in a row, this coil pack is one year and one month old.
Is it possible the highway makes my car sad?
Took my Impreza in to the Subaru dealer for an oil change and asked them to reset the check engine light - one of my children had recently borrowed it and actually put gas in it so I thought it was a loose gas cap issue but was told that I need a new front sensor and possibly a rear one, too, they could not be sure. I bought the car new and have always had all service done at the dealership as scheduled so I am a bit concerned that I wasn't informed about this recall. This is not an inexpensive repair, especially if it is for 2 of them - is Subaru suppose to foot this bill?
The car does not start all of the time. The battery is new.
2017 Outback, driven it twice & noted passenger airbag off light stays on while driving with no passenger. Is this normal?

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