I replaced my batter and had a tune up about a week ago, I use to have problems starting it when the air was on, I'd turn the air off and it would start right up, now it won't start at all the light are bright my connection is good but nothing

I change all 4 shocks and rear wheel brake but it makes a scary sounds when I press the brake

vehicle shutter at low speed have to either speed up or lay off accelerator to stop or to reduce viberation

how to remove air filter off to replace plug wires on

one of my headlights was out so i got it replaced and i just drove my car home in the dark and both of the biggest round lights are out now! i swear they were brighter before.. they turn on when i put the high beams on, but I think theyre supposed to be on with regular also.. i tried finding a pic online and i cant find any.. i dont want to look crazy taking back to the auto shop tomorrow..

Also having squeaking AC belt.. 103000 mi..should all belts be replaced?

lubed & recycled door locks - no help - problem is intermittent

A couple years ago my button to release the gas cap opening stopped working and I have had to use my car keys to open this. There have been times when it does pop open but this is very rare. Why would this be happening?

My tire light comes on now and again. The first time this happened it was obvious that one of my tires was low on air. But lately this tire late has been coming on and all 4 tires have the perfect amount of air pressure in them. Why is this?

Sometimes when I make a sharp turn my car makes this loud clunking sound. This also can happens at times when I brake. It doesn't happen all the time. Doesn't seem to make a difference what the weather is either.

I got my oil changed and they said my bootcap is torn. Is that an expensive fix?

Not sure where to plug in the code reader.

I know there isn't a hole in the tire but it feels like that side of my car is going over a bump all the time.

I don't drive often and I worry that my tires will get flat spots or go bad because of this.

I've had 2 break in less than 2 years. I don't drive much so this seems excessive for the mileage I'm putting on the belt.

When this happens the brake lights don't work.

Turning wheels tight and noisy

Parked 1 year running great when parked

Doesn't want to start the engine and if it starts it doesn't accelerate. What can I do?

My car recently overtuned and now the engine can't start. Fuel cannot be transmitted from the tank to the engine. what could be the problem?

drivers side power window only works sometimes, could it be a fuse and if so where is it located

I had valve cover gaskets and engine oil cooler replaced month and half ago because of smell coming from under the hood on the passenger side.
Now there is another leak and supposedly the camshaft seals need to be replaced.
Is this common? Should the leaking cam seals been replaced at the same time?
What is the cost? I already paid $1054 for the valve cover gaskets and oil cooler.
Can you Help!?

is there any roof top carrier that can be used to transport 2 kayaks on tribeca with no roof rails and a sunroof. i have been told that attaching a roof rack will cause sunroof window to pop out

I am a new owner for the car

My driver's side window quit rolling up and down but the other windows work

While driving yesterday - and on an extremely hot day SUDDENLY my ABS light went on and so did the brake light and the battery light- when I got to under 30 mph the ABS and the brake light went off but the battery light stayed on- your thoughts please?

Noise coming from left front tire


The electrical seat adjuster was jammed for the first time this morning on the right side on the passenger side.

At 45mph+ when I let off the gas and coast there will be a rattling coming from the front right side. It shakes the steering wheel but doesn't cause any impairment while driving. When the shaking/rattling is happening if I hit the brakes it stops but when I let off it rattles/shakes again at 45mph+ while coasting. Sometimes after the car has sat whether it be cold or hot, when I put it in first or reverse there will be a loud clunk from the front right side when I start to move. No shaking just a loud thunk and it happens over bumps but while it's all happening if I hit the brakes it goes away. I just rebuilt the motor for this car but I'm lost on this.