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I know most older legacy's have head gasket issues, does the 2011 have this problem still?
My cassette player is stuck on rewind and I've disconnected the battery to fix it but it jumps back to the rewind position. Any advice would be helpful
Overheated after 10 miles from cold. Cylinder gaskets were checked and are ok .
my subaru vibrates only when am in Drive mode and fully stop at a red light it does not vibrate in any other ways. I took it to Subaru Dealership but didn't find anything.
all oil changes done by Subaru dealer. At most recent oil change removal of drain plug also removed parts of four thread ridges in oil pan opening. Dealership service manager states that this happened because car is 22 years old and oil has been changed 60 + times and car is weathered and old. Does it make sense that a well built properly maintained Subaru Legacy would wear out like this?
Dead as can be no clicks nothing
The low pressure warning light is on all the time, tires OK
That happened on my 2016 Wrx about 10K miles. When I stop in front of a traffic light, I noticed the engine was vibrating on it's idle speed. The rpm drop down to 800 and up to 1.1k again repeatedly. I was thinking because the cool weather and the engine wasn't warm up totally. I did't pay attentions. Next day morning, it happened again and the check engine light turned on. I have to drove it with the engine light on till to that weekend, then I took it to a dealer. The dealer read the code and clean it for me. They said it maybe the engine ignition timing problem. I left the dealer. Just a few minutes, the engine light pop up again. I cleaned the code by myself, but the engine light pop up again and again. I have no idea, I just let it be. I had to go a place is little far from my home at that time, I drove into the freeway. After a half hour freeway driving, the engine light turn off by itself. I just thinking the engine may doesn't like to run in low speed in local.
My Tribeca was broken into and the steering column was bashed in with a rock. The lights turn on but it won't start. It seems as if an immobilizer was triggered, but we don't know how to turn it off. Please help! Thanks!
Starts cold... Drive 10 blocks...shut off come back in 3 minutes won't start.
I can wait 20 minutes it will start
Or I can change coils and it starts right away.

I am guessing but either the computer box or some sensor is saying. Coil too hot... not starting...

I keep studying... But no clue...

I have new coil ... Igniter... Plugs and wired
Sounds like a rubber squeak when stopping and only going forward
battery is fully charged...six weeks old...tested this morning. light at bottom of driver side door is on. headlights do not turn on. dashboard lights do not turn on. door locks do not work, either through control on door panel nor through key fob.
Engine light comes on cruise light flashes
Exhaust loud at take off through the gears
1996 subaru legancy brighton wagon. 360000 miles second engine. Brand new battery.
Car has ran fine, no problems or warnings till this happened. Fuel pump runs for a couple seconds like it always did. has 3/4 tank of gas, full of oil and water. It died just like turning switch off. Lights on dash lite up like always. everything works except engine won't fire. I don't have or can find book that covers h6. don't know where or what sensors and relays are.
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