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The car does not start all of the time. The battery is new.

2017 Outback, driven it twice & noted passenger airbag off light stays on while driving with no passenger. Is this normal?

my Subaru will go dead when I pull up to a red light, also when I park somewhere and cut it off. Then when I restart it and go to back out of the parking place It will go dead then too! When I say go dead, I mean I will have to re-crank it

I changer the front cv axles on my car (Subaru forester) and now it wont start. It cranks, and tries to turn over but wont start. What's wrong? It was running perfect until I put the front cv axles on.

My 2008 Subaru Foster will go dead when I pull up to a red light, OR when I am parked and the motor is running when I put it in reverse to back out of the parking lot it will also go dead. why? When I say go dead,I mean I have to recrank it.

I just bought my car used and there are 4 lights and a symbol illuminated on my dash; check engine, brakes, ABS, cruise; blinks off and on, and a car with squiggly lines behind it with a line going through it? What should I do?

Won't reverse

My 2008 Subaru Foster will go dead when I pull up to a red light, OR when I am parked and the motor is running when I put it in reverse to back out of the parking lot it will also go dead. why?

My 2008 Subaru Foster will go dead when I pull up to a red light or when I am parked and the motor is running. and I put it in reverse to back out of the parking lot. why?

replace rear brakes and pads

Is there a safety mechanism if the brakes needed repaired

My right front window will not roll down from driver side switch and passenger door switch and I also can't find the fuse or relay for the power windows.
Also my air conditioner cycles every ten seconds. I thought it might need charged but it is charged. Any information would great thanks.

My car os green and I received an estimate of $2400.00.

I preset a channel (301 Music to Drive By) and it displays on the preset list as 301 without the channel name. How can I substitute (or add) the channel name to the preset display list.

it is parked on hill.

Is there a reason for brake fluid changes at such short durations?

Are there any other parts that have to be removed?

I've had car about 3 years. Has always done this. Is it a ticking bomb??

2004 Outback Limited, purchased used in 2014 w/107,000 miles, currently with 134,588. A/C clutch started to fail, Fall of 2015, and eventually froze. Replaced A/C compressor unit with a Used unit, Spring 2016.

What has been done: 1) Used a/c compressor unit installed. 2) Full evac of a/c system. 3) Leak test - passed (-25 atm held for 45 mins) 4) Refill with coolant using 2oz red dye, 3oz oil & 17oz R134a.

System runs smoothly, clutch engaging, cold air blowing for the first 15-40 minutes at idle, then it goes warm. If I turn a/c off for a few minutes and turn back on, will blow cold again for about 1 minute. This was happening when the outside air temp was in the 60's, below 80's (not sure if it's relevant?). When the outside air temp was 89degrees and the car was up to temp, a/c wouldn't blow, clutch wouldn't engage. I've swapped A/C and Blower relays, same results. I installed new A/C Expansion Valve and A/C Receiver Drier too. Clutch @.27mm -.3mm

Is there some kind of a/c temp/thermistor sensor that I missed? Ready to pull my hair out!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Mel

Rear parking lights and drivers front parking light won't turn off unless battery is unhooked. Drains the battery

when shifting gears and clutch is let out the car makes a grinding noise almost sounds like a brake dragging shifts fine brakes work fine check engine light also on and sometimes abs light

I was told the head gaskets, timing belt, pulleys where are changed before i got my car. I have a major hydrocarbon leak in my coolant and get random overheating. I was also told that they replaced the radiator but when the connector for the upper radiator hose broke off from the radiator i question it was done since to was supposed to be not even 6 months old. I am looking to see if there is any help out there for any of this?

My car was wrecked in front (no air bags deployed and could drive. Now with no rad or A.C condenser it will not move , but revs and tries to move. Replaced variable timing solenoid (which was damaged in wreck). checked fuses and cvt fluid. Have tranny lines for rad tied together. Any suggestions?

the horn located on my steering wheel is beeping randomly without me touching it. not constant. only when driving and random

This is a correction to question which inadvertently wrote `seat belt' symbol.

How do I get the cruise control to go up or down by 1 or 2 mile increments. It only goes up or down by 5 mile increments. I have the 2.5i touring model.

Happens only at low speed

now the clock went out, will not work with battery reconnect- now door ajar light is always on and security light flashes off and on- is it a problem with the car's computer or something else?

question about my 2017 legacy

We found in it but i never had alarm just regualr key what do we do