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battery is fully charged...six weeks old...tested this morning. light at bottom of driver side door is on. headlights do not turn on. dashboard lights do not turn on. door locks do not work, either through control on door panel nor through key fob.
Engine light comes on cruise light flashes
Exhaust loud at take off through the gears
1996 subaru legancy brighton wagon. 360000 miles second engine. Brand new battery.
Car has ran fine, no problems or warnings till this happened. Fuel pump runs for a couple seconds like it always did. has 3/4 tank of gas, full of oil and water. It died just like turning switch off. Lights on dash lite up like always. everything works except engine won't fire. I don't have or can find book that covers h6. don't know where or what sensors and relays are.
what happens when #4 cylinder is low compression in 1999 Subaru legacy outback looking to buy a used vehicle but concerned what if any repair from this issue
I purchased a 2006 Subaru Outback and have had it in the Subaru Service department twice over this issue since purchase. I've replaced the Steering Pump, hoses on the car, put on new tires and had this Sensor issue worked on twice; to the tune of 2K in Service Repairs since purchase.. Enough!... The Tire Pressure TPMS Light will not stop blinking on and off when driving. The Subaru Service Dept. has reset the sensor twice and checked the tire pressure... Nothing seems to help. It's really a beautiful car with very, very low mileage.. But, I won't keep a car that I can't get fixed.. Any ideas?
Subaru forester 2005 with 160,000 miles
1 of four cylinders are misfire according to Diagnostics. When I go to drive my car when taking off it accelerates then kid of sputters with the check engine light starts flashing and it loses acceleration. It doesn't happen daily not yet. When the engine light stops flashing it may accelerate normal again. the flash engine light again with acceleration loss sputter. I just paid for all 4 spark plugs to be replaced at theach dealership
My air conditioning is blowing hot air when it's hot outside. In the evenings or in cooler days, it works fine.
The a/c in my Outback will not come on when car starts (especially after sitting in heat on a 90-100 degree day). After about 10 minutes, the a/c usually starts working. On a recent trip (12 hours in car), the issue began to happen while driving the car (a /c stopped working then started working again). On that trip, the a/c was loud (heard it clicking) but not air was coming out. When it started working correctly again, the noise subsided. The issue does not happen all of the time (live in Florida), but it is happening more often now than when it started about 2 months ago (once or twice a week now versus once every two weeks).
I have a 2014 Legacy/Outback. It won't start...all the dash lights go on and it gives a nano second to start sound and then just clicking sound. My husband charged the battery and nothing. We just figure out what has never given a sign that something is wrong.
is this a fuse?
Will I successfully be able to use the SLIME 12V tire inflator in either of the power ports of my 2010 Subaru Forester without blowing either a fuse link or the fuse?
I have a 2000 Subaru Forester L. I'd never had any problems with the drivers door before, but when I got in it a couple days ago it I tried to shut it and the door bounced right back open. I was in a hurry and had to put all my weight against the door to get it to close so I could lock it, and now it won't open at all. The power locks work throughout the car but no longer on that door. When I try to unlock it manually it turns about halfway then resists and won't go any farther. Climbing in and out of my passenger door isn't cutting it
Still has power at higher speeds. Legacy has 162xxx miles on it. Had a trouble code " P0026 ". Disconnected battery and cleaned all connections I could find! Trouble code went away, has not returned! PS. Engine light is not on!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? All the time
How long have you had this problem? A little while now
Why dose my car act like its starving for fuel or spark when I start it or when i pull to a stop sign after driving on the freeway. When I slow down it dies Restart it and it runs fine. Got me stumped im thinking coil.
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