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At first engine was difficult to mate to gearbox(auto) but finally went together. After install complete, started right up and drove perfectly for few days with limited miles until noise began. When iremoved old engine, torque converter was still bolted to flexplate. Install was also done with torque converter attached to engine.
The head gasket on our 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon has been leaking for aprox. 1 year. How likely is it that the cylinder head has been damaged - needs to be replaced? I've been told the condition of the head can not be determined until the replacement is underway, is this true? Many Thanks.
Knocking sound metal rubbing. Thought it was mY struts or shocks but was told it was my bushings on drivers side. Is it safe to drive till I can afford $2700.00 to fix it?
The bumper hit hard enough that the rail and bumper piece are now stuck together. My question is, is this frame damage, or is this rail different than the frame? I know it's not as safe as it was before. The body shop tells me it's not a driveability issue--it's completely driveable, but they were saying they wouldn't know what would happen if that car got rear ended again. Can anyone help me figure this out?

I know this is a body work question, not so much mechanical, but figured someone might have an answer. Thank you ever so much.
Hi, so I replaced front rotors, pads and a caliber and flushed brakes fluid and replaced spark plugs but after that I turn on the AC but it doesn't cool, The ac lines aren't cool as well, I can't hear the compressor working I'm not sure if they forgot to plug a sensor or something back when they most likely replaced the plug , what is the issue here and where I should look?
my check engine light is on, the vehicle dynamics control off indicator light stays lit and the cruise control light is flashing. I do not have low oil, car has 135K miles, any ideas?
i have a Subaru 2005 outback 2.5 I sport light is flashing when on the highway 250,000km in town slow speeds it stay off
Just need the physical location of the dtarter relay
Whenever I am parked (haven't really noticed it at a red light as much) but the car revs a little bit above 1000 and then comes back down and goes back to 1000 etc.. I don't know if this is bad and I have to get it looked at or if its okay. It only has just started to do this and it only happens once in a while. I don't hear any weird noises or anything else.
Coolant is overflowing the overflow
When I park in my garage, the place smells of gas fumes within a half hour Dealer unable to find problem..
My converter went at 91,000 miles, conveniently 11,000 miles over the federally mandated warranty on the converter. I am going to approach Subaru about this and I was wondering how many others have faced this problem.
158k on boxer6. I'm doing the water pump and it's more than obvious that someone has been in the timing cover before and even deeper because I can tell by gasket sealer but I am trying to line up the timing marks very unsuccessful I have sprockets with circles that could be timing marks by the teeth and arrows by default I go with the arrows also they're supposed to be colored gold links in the chain that are supposed to lineup with the timing markes. And then I have the exhaust manifold cams that have no arrows just circles and I can't get arrows to line up Circles the lineup nothing the lineup all together at 12 with the cam and the sprockets let alone the gold links in the chain no repair book available for this particular vehicle everyone says referred to the Legacy it is different timing covers different the layouts a little different any info or help would be great
This has just very recently started happening where my Subaru will beep for a pretty long time while going around turns or when parked.
All that I asked about is constant
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