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October 2017 I had my radiator replaced in my 2000 323is BMW. Hence not too long afterwards the Transmission begin to jerk. I was told by an Transmission Specialist, water and coolant got into the Transmission. My car has not been any water. I was wondering if the oil cooler was the problem. The company that replaced the radiator doesn't want to take any responsibility for this mishap. Prior to the replacement due to leaking very badly, my car was running great. Limbo. Thank you!
I just purchased this car and no lights were on in the dash cluster and the owner had just had all the smog testing done a month ago. It drove home fine. The next day I plugged in a phone charger into the cigarette lighter then noticed the check engine light on? What did I do to cause this problem and what can I do so I don’t have to bring it to a dealer and pay all the diagnostic fees? It runs rough on cold start but after 30mph dives great? It acts like an engine miss until the car warms up?
Is two different sizes which one should I buy
diagram to put belt on the alt
It feel like my drive shaft going to fall out
i drive it for hospice i can go to several houses it will start right up but then i can go to next house it wont start then i can wait for awhile it will start but sometimes it can take a hour or more
99 bmw 323i. Key does not open yrunk. Although I hear a trunk motor I believe running when turning key. Ideas?
I took out the old tire sensors and it worked fine. When I installed just two of them, speedometer stopped working.
It will overheat idling the top hose gets very hot ,temp goes in the red ,fan will not run even with a.c. turned on
It didn't rev up all the gears shiffted, but prdal goes straight to the floor and no idling noise at all.
I want to know which bulb is the low beam and which is the high beam because I turn my switch just once and it turns on the the two inside lights which are not bright at all then I turn it once more and the outside light comes on once which I believe is the low beam and when I turn on my high beam the 2 inside ones that were not bright at all turn on really bright this time. So are the low beams and high beams separate or together is a main question and if they are together do they go on the outside part of my headlights lamps ? This is all so confusing hope someone can help please
have a 2000 bmw 323I. When it got cold the thermostat froze and the car over heated. The next day I drained the water and filled it back up drove the car for about two months ran fine I noticed that the temp wasn't reading right when the car ran for an hour it would still read cold then when I had just started the car some times it would read hot. So I decide just to be safe I would replace the thermostat. So I did, I started the car to check for water leaks. Then I drove the car around town had no problems. How ever as soon as I hit the high way to go to work the car over headed. I did notice that the electric fan was not kicking on but I don't understand why it didn't over heat with the old thermostat But after I replaced it now it is
I just bought a 2000 bmw week had it not even a week no problems till yest3rday when it was time to leave work car wouldn't start I called the one I bought car from and he swears it never done that before
I opened my radiator cap and there looks like no coolant level? Just purchases the car
i see only one place and it says atf only also manuel has no discussion about it anywhere
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