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the problem occurs intermittently
Where is the fuse box
Recently had episodes where key turn did not start car without jiggling the ignition cylinder.
I've tried moving the shifter out of park and back to park several times. I tried starting engine and turning off again also several times. I've tried adjusting the steering wheel, which moves freely.
This is the first time this has happened.
The sunroof works..None of the windows will work and the fuses are good... what else can I check..
My 2002 Acura Rl will sometimes not crank shortly after I have tun
Turned it off. the engine turns over normally but will not start. It will
Start after a few minutes. Any ideas of the problem.
Thanks, Mike wilkinson. Car has 212,000 miles. Thanks, Mike

I try changing fuse but I don't know what the right one is I try looking at the panel but it doesn't say
who can do this why did thios happen howmuch will it cost
Don't know how to remove old studs
i havent checked the fuses yet could that be the problem i already turned off the auto mode on it it still does nothing at all
This problem occurs every time I start my car.
It did this a few months ago and the mechanic replaced the fuel pump and filters but now it has done it again and the mechanic can not figure out whats wrong
Pulled out all fuses and theye are intact. The cigarette lighter and additional charging station in center console are not working and just not the key fob stopped locking my door and turning on the antitheft. The car does need a battery that I'm getting tomorrow but it has needed a battery and never had any of these issues..what could it be?
Changed plugs ran fine the. Starts at act up again
I checked all the fuses and came up negative...the screen will not pop up so I can put the code in
going to buy new car?
Help please?
looking to buy do not want headaches
Only the horn works,no other power?
Why want car start?
Battery and alternator both. Good but does not charge
Not charging altenaror test good and new battery
Buick Enclave
Toyota Highlander
Toyota 4 Runner
GMC Yukon Denali
Chevolet Tahoe
oil.360,000 miles what is wrong and can it be fixed?
Thank you
I think its my valves and seals.
360,000 miles on car?
GPS System will say door is open.
Will ask me to make a U Turn going
down the freeway. How much to replace System or to repair.

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