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Both interior front door grab handles have broken off in my 2005 Acura Rl. Can they be replaced without getting the entire doors changed? And what's the cost to get it fixed? The mileage on the car is 112,000 miles.
I just had major work done to the car, like timing belt, water pump etc. and no longer have any noises or leaks.
Thank you for your help.

Beverly Archie
I have a Acura RL 2005 and my ac doesn't work, I've replaced the compressor and still no ac. I Only get warm air. We've checked the fuse and there's no problem. Not sure if it's a electrical problem. Thanks in advance!
Restart is easy and sure with no problem. It has 92k miles and has been maintained well. No sputtering, no rough idling before nor after restart.
my lights on and i need to replace at least 2. how many are there. 3 i think?
My 1999 Acura Rl transmission was slipping when it goes to 4th gear. I have the transmission serviced and it worked perfectly but a couple of months later the rear seal was leaking and the transmission I was told had to come out to fix that problem. Not long after the rear seal was fixed it started to slip again. I read in a forum that the computer can be reprogrammed to fix that problem. It doesn't slip all the time, mostly when I start at normal speeds up to 40 mph and sometime it stays in 3rd gear longer before it shifts to 4th gear. I just think it's some issue that can be resolved without replacing the transmission. Your feed back would be greatly appreciated. I live in Marietta, Ga 30067 area.
about how much to fix srs that stays on
Does this hurt to drive the car
the problem occurs intermittently
Where is the fuse box
Recently had episodes where key turn did not start car without jiggling the ignition cylinder.
I've tried moving the shifter out of park and back to park several times. I tried starting engine and turning off again also several times. I've tried adjusting the steering wheel, which moves freely.
This is the first time this has happened.
The sunroof works..None of the windows will work and the fuses are good... what else can I check..
My 2002 Acura Rl will sometimes not crank shortly after I have tun
Turned it off. the engine turns over normally but will not start. It will
Start after a few minutes. Any ideas of the problem.
Thanks, Mike wilkinson. Car has 212,000 miles. Thanks, Mike

I try changing fuse but I don't know what the right one is I try looking at the panel but it doesn't say
who can do this why did thios happen howmuch will it cost
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