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changed the oil and filter, need to reset the light

Crank by door

I have an infinity i30. My service light comes on and off all the time. I'm in a smog check zone and I can't pass smog with this on. How does knock sensors affect my smog check?

my car cuts out like its not getting gas especcially when you go from park to drive and dies

move key and that time press the gas then car start, no gas presser no start?

Is there something wrong with the fuses maybe

why are the OBDII monitors not ready for smog check?

The car sounds like it's about to turn over but doesn't. My son drives the car and is the only one who has the "magic touch" to start it. The dealership from which it was purchased has looked at it and "supposedly" fixed it, but the repair didn't last. Is it possible that it needs a new starter? I've read the check engine light is a common problem. What to do?

How much Will it cost?

ive checked fuses connections

Issues with clicking near kick panel fuse box when car is running. The clicking seems to kill or draw power with each click.

Has 90,000 miles I have a 99 Infiniti I30

My heatee is not blowing hot air

Ever since suddenly dying one day all my car will do is click click click...

My car was running good until the cold weather started n now I'm stuck with no car n no way around town n no money to oay for guess work, what do I do

The wipers will turn on again when I turn off car than start it again, it will turn off at times

How do I extract it out when its snapped off?

Auto auction listed as structural damage. Dealer says it was a fender bender no visible signs of damage. Drives well. Should I buy?

Lock the door from the inside. The security light came on for 10 secs then went off. I disconnect the battery and tried starting but not working. What fuse can I take out to deactivate the whole alarm

The ABS light is on, the brake's antilock l is not operating as it should.

OBD2 shows no code; however, the car still shows Catalyst Not Ready. The car has been driven for more than 300 miles.

I can jump start but when I turn the key off and try to start it every thing is dead

this problem started after i had the oil changed. the shop cleared the codes and checked an o2 sensor. it had an o2 code bank 1 . was working fine before the oil change. i have used the shop for years but it has them stumped.

up in down in temperature

I just had filters replaced two weeks ago and still shutting off ....trying to smog car eont pass ...the tech said to drive car 50-60Miles since car has been sitting for about 2 years.

A not working heat blowing all the time

i wanted to know wether the safety parts of 2000 infinity i30 like airbags,seat belts and the sensor system could fit in 2001 infinity i30?(any responce would be appriciated)

I cannot locate the air flow sensor. Please help !

Driving home abs, air bag and maybe a few others lights all came on , huge loss of power. Then it started idling funny . It died and the battery went dead. Tried it a little later ran normal for a minute then same problem.

The code is p0110, which is "intake air tempoeratue circuiot malfunction. I cannot get my car smogged until service engine light is off.