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What can be the cause of my infinity consuming more gas then normal, also when I add fuel my gauge moves up slowly not sure why any help would be greatly appreciated
I have a 1999 infinity i30 limited fule pump not turning on changed it nothing the car carnks but won't start the antitheft light flashes then when cranking it stays on solid???
P0725 OBD-II Trouble Code: Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction
I’m trying to replace the bulb for my brake lights but can’t find out where it is or how to remove it on my 1997 infinity j30
Then the rubbing sound repeats on turns. Sounds as though something is rubbing. On long stretches once goes a few miles OK
then make a turn either way it starts the sound again. Rubbing Sound
Blows cool air when heater is on
Blows cool air when heater is on
Everything works but no heat
I could not find the key to our I 30 this morning, so I used the spare key. The car refused to start (battery strong, kept turning over and over), and I tried a number of things (locking and unlocking door using key, removing the fuse for the security system, waiting and then replacing it). Nothing worked. Eventually, I found the other key and the car started right up. I would like to know what is required in order to use the spare key---otherwise, why do we have it? Thank You
I need to Kno how much it would cost me to have my Infiniti I30's engine be put back in correctly after it was removed to put a new transmission in everything is done except for a few different belts and engine the engine is in sideways and don't Kno how to fix this problem need to find a mechanic that is reasonable with his prices because I'm on a fixed income

How long have you had this problem? A few days
But it doesn't crank all the power seems to be lost and I repeat the process of moving the cables and power comes back on then as soon as I try starting the car it does nothing.
changed the oil and filter, need to reset the light
Crank by door
I have an infinity i30. My service light comes on and off all the time. I'm in a smog check zone and I can't pass smog with this on. How does knock sensors affect my smog check?
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