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How much for gas filter change?
My car is on but scream of my dashboard is dark I couldn't see anything
does the 2012 BMW 740i require wheel alignment on the rear tires?
I had connect battery wrong
After collecting back in please
The car does not see it anymore
And does not start
When you turn up volume it makes weird static sound
Move up , not back
Battery/starter/Alternator are good. I can go out first thing in the morning and crank it. Runs and shifts good. I turn it off it won't start back. Turns over but won't start
There's an empty relay socket in my 95 bmw 740i I plugged a wiper relay into it and it was the wrong socket and relay now car won't Start and can't find any info on the empty relay socket
How to replace fan velt on a 98 BMW 740i
I checked the fuses and still nothing happened
but i went to the bmw dealer and after getting a new 1 and putting it in im still getting the same code and the check engine light and i would have to try like 3 times to turn car on before it will stay on
I had bank 1 and 2. Code was 491-492. Since the repairs have been made. The Check engine light do come on. Meaning during start up it do not appear with he rest of the indicator at your dash board.
Replaced 20+ items on engine and it still runs rough as though it wants to stall out, it has left me stranded a couple times. The most likely problem is the timing chain rail is broken and maybe the tensioner and/or the gear and or vanos timing. Need to remove front of engine and replace problem...
When i purchase d my bmw they said the transmission was going out. My friend worked in his own bmw and said the transmission fluid and filter inly needed to be changed
The car has 223,000 miles on it and I have already replaced battery, water pump, and fuel pump.
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