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sometimes when i turn on the car it starts but many times is doesnt the n i keep trying and evenually it starts
Problem started after the belt snapped but did the needful now my car is leaking oil and some is coming to exhaust which is causing blue smoke and clogged DPF, I was told turbo pipe need replaced which was done & DPF done .
Car came from garage last Friday on Monday car light came up of oil level low which clearly indicates problem not resolved.
Car taking too much oil & leaking 5 ltr a month. On average 100/1200 km run.
What could be the problem.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Kindly advice
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
I have a 2011 C70. Until I figure out what caused the top to malfunction, I want to disable the alarm. I tried removing fuse # 15 (F15 4/59 Convertible Roof Module (CRM), C70 30Amp) but it did not work. How else do I turn this off?
How long have you had this problem? a month
2 owners, clean carfax
The sunroof will not open properly
my cover for the headlight washer cover broke
I have an awful noise that my usual shop cannot identify. They said they put a stethoscope to it but no luck.
It's like a grinding type noise that happens as soon as I turn on the car. It's not always present but it's noticeably worse when I'm on the highway and let off the gas.
It sounds like it's in the front of the car on the passenger side.
Had brake work done. Mechanic said boot was leaking and undercarriage needed to be replaced.
Sometimes when I press on the accelerator the car does not accelerate. Eventually it kicks in and works. This is an ongoing problem.
does motor have a timing belt or timing chain?
the headliner has fallen, the brackets have come loose and headliner torn
I am charging my 2012 C30 with aCtek 7002 charger, it's making a sizzling sound, is that normal
Cost 176. $44.00 for oil and filter, the rest $ for labor
A/C takes 5-10 to blow cold air. System is fully charged and works fine after 5 - 10 minutes
park assist isnt working properly
My 2001 Volvo s60 starts very well but when I put it in gear it cuts off immediately
I have a Volvo XC90 awd 2004 T6 or T8. The transmission fluid was recently changed cause it was over 178000 miles and I just had the oil changed and all fluids checked, which I keep up with regularly. My vehicle was running great except their was a leak in the radiator so I was having to put coolant in it more frequently so, I just had the radiator replaced and a coolant system flush and their was also a hole in my power steering fluid hose cause it was rubbing up against the belt so I also had that repaired. Now my ac isn't working right. It blows cold air when it wants to but it won't blow cold for long. It still blows air but it is very hot air except today when I turned my vehicle and ac on it wouldn't blow any air out at all yet all the buttons work. So we added freeon to my vehicle and it didn't fix the problem. Also, after I turned my vehicle off and back on, when it wouldn't blow any air before, the ac started working again blowing cold but only for a few minutes and it started blowing hot again. Please help me!!!!
Yes I have just changed the spark plugs in our 2000 Volvo v70sc and after I changed them it wouldn't start so please if you could help me because I need to have it up and running by August 3rd so that way we can go to Ohio for our family reunion
block, turn it off, do a little shopping for 15 minutes or half an hour, sometimes it takes several tries to restart it. sometimes I have to wait up to half an hour because I think I have flooded it?!
On start up ac clutch engages then 5 seconds turns off and doesn't come back on. Checked all fuses and relays good. Freon is correct. Original compressor
The brake pedal hisses intermittently when the car is running. sometimes depressing the brake causes it to start, sometime is causes it to end.
I noticed that occasionally hitting a small bump will make the alarm sound. Now the alarm wont go off. 2nd time to dealer with this problem. They are running diagnostics today but I can bet they will come up with a reason to try to charge me $$$$$. I love my car but I am soooo frustrated
My car, 2005 S60R, threw engine code P0088 high pressure. A few days later it stalled on the highway, and would not restart. After sitting for a few days it started and ran for about 1 second, then stopped. Now will not start again at all. Trying to figure out if my fuel pump is bad, or if it is the PEM or pressure sensor on the rail? How do I determine which is bad so I don't buy unneeded parts?
Have a loud rattle in the rear of the car. 2007 Volvo V50, change rear breaks and hardware and it still rattles
Clean pcv system
got a car that won't pass the smog evap test, large gross leak, want to do a smoke test but i was told to close the vent solenoid, problem is i don't know where it is or what it looks like

heard its called the vent valve, and unsure if its called the evap shut-off valve

if you search up on google on how to close vent solenoid for evap test you will see the instructions
pump is working, fluid added to car drips out by drivers side tire
I push it in but it will not seat properly
Shift into park warning on dash, key didn't want to come out of ignition, was forcefully removed.
I change my orifice tube which was clogged up and tried to recharge the system it would only take about 8 oz and it seemed like the system was too full or it wouldn't take it at all it was only about a half a small can that I put in it which was 12 oz so it was a little less than the whole can the AC did get cold while I had the throttle revved up but it wouldn't take any more than the little bit in the small can how do I recharge my system all the way

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