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I have a 2007S40 Five cylinder manual transmission. What is the newest motor compatible I can have installed ? 2010 ?
The front of my S60 T5 2004 was damaged recently. Replaced the radiator, knowing the condenser was bad too ( couldn’t afford a repair ). Obviously, the ac isn’t working, and finally have the money to buy a new condenser. How do I know if I need a new compressor too? Oh, the fan runs all the time it’s on too. Is that a bad relay, or somehow trained into the compressor? I’ve read about a clutch, but haven’t got a clue??? I by no means what to do a disservice to anyone who is a trained professional, by trying to repair it myself, I just can’t afford it. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
About 6 month ago, the clock start giving problems, doing it's own thing! Everything else worked wonderful. Two days ago, I got into the car and my indicator and warning lights area were going crazy. Warning lamp in the center of the panel were yellow and there was a message in the text window: Something about the 'airbag that needs checking'. I live 1.8 miles from work, figured I will go to work and after work will take it to get checked out. When I got into the car after work - the whole instrument p[anel was black. The only thing I get now when I turn the key; check engine light.
I have a 2004 Volvo s40 T5 and have 6 codes and the transmission does not shift right. The first code is P02EB diesel intake air flow control motor , 2nd is C1ED9 No Definition, 3rd U3C91 No Definition, 4th U3413 No Definition, 5th P2600 Coolant Pump "A" control circuit / open 6th P0000 No Definition, I did the B4 Servo Upgrade for the transmission and it still shifts terrible and seems like it doesn't downshift right and like the shift points are wrong. any suggestions on what is going on. I have not been able to find anybody that has the software update as of yet but still looking. What fluid should I use for a transmission flush? Is there any way to have the transmission re-learn the up shift and down shift points? I am running out of patients on this thing. Thanks,
Jim K.
Can a bad transmission filter cause my 04 volvo xc90 to not move in drive
I have P0172 and P0455. PCV valve job already done, but I think I just need to replace tge Coolant sensor and Thermostat as sometimes the geat failed but comes on and work peoperly
It will go in reverse ...but will not move in drive
I had my battery and alternator checked for current and voltage they checked out fine
Engine would randomly start stalling before, adding fuel injector cleaner fixed the problem for a while, but now the engine cuts off completely. Car won't start unless foot is on gas when starting. Can kind of drive the car still, if foot is constantly on gas maintaining RPM, but once the gas is let off RPM returns to 0 and engine dies. Battery warning light comes on but I'm pretty sure the battery is fine.
Why won't my headlights turn off when I turn off my ignition in my 2004 Volvo S80? They are staying on even when I turn the headlights completely off with the key in or out of the ignition
The car is in Dive, but it wont move. Noisy when I shift back to Park. When I apply accelerator, the rev counter and speedometer needles move, but the car stays stationary. The car has 215 000 kms.
see i've a problem first with the gas pedal nex thing was a no start it all i buy a used computer same part #s but a din't work so i put back the old computer and din't work eder so i put the scanner and a gime a code U0073 something about pcm comiunicaton with the modules. See the car crank normali but a wont start
I can't find the fuse for the AWD to replace it. Some bonehead took it out as s joke and I have no idea where it is. There is no panel in the back of the drivers side where it is suppose to be.
Coolant seems to flow right through to Passenger back seat floor
when trying to fill the Coolant Expansion Tank with Coolant in 2000 Volvo S70 Sedan .
The indicator mileage put a sign tranmittion motor is low..but does not appear often .what it means
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