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I know some cars have Windows that drop about an inch when you open the doors like Mercedes and I would like to know if my Volvo does that to? I have a 2004 Volvo c70
i had an accident in which my front suspension was to be repaired along with other physical body damage. After getting my car back, immediately i noticed the brakes were squeaking and there was a grinding noise, it was not aligned,there was violent shaking on the passenger side (where the damage occurred) so much so that the seat was shaking visibly, a loud whirling or humming noise also coming from passenger side under or near wheel and tire area, and since taking it to a shop, there are now hot spots on the rotors, the brakes need replaced, the struts are leaking and the axle installed was faulty and not OEM (neither were any other parts DESPITE ASXKIGN 4 TIMES FOR THEM TO BE) NOW insurance company is denying any of the damamge is caused by the axle being faulty after they made me driveon it that way from july to september?
This happened suddenly. 9ne day it was fine next morning air conditioning in my volvo c70 stoped working and blows hot air.
Replace fuel rail sensor. 05' Volvo S80./2.5. awd.
It happens when I have been driving over two hours. No warning
I hear a whirling noise when the car is in neutral/park or when the car is stopped. The noise seems to go away when I accelorate.
2004 S 40 1.9 turbo Volvo Check engine light Code 64.
Come on for a while then goes off. When i first start the car it fumbles.
I upper catlelactic converter was replaced. Waiting for an O 2 sensor on order to be put in.
The message appeared 2 days ago and I can't use the media screen to do anything else.
The message says to service the car. I can't get it to go away, and it is preventing me from doing anything else.
How do i see what my vehicle message is? I already clicked on the left tip of the blinkers. Still won't tell me what the message is. It just scrolls then goes back to the same message
You have one vehicle message. Help! This happened once before. Took it in , can't remember what they said or did.
Was running fine. Parked it, battery went dead. Replaced the battery now it cranks but won't fire. Was told it is probably the immobilizer and will need to be reset. 240k miles

The light display in my v70 2009 used to cvange from black back ground to white o e when theres light ( like in the morning) but now it doesnt. It just stuck at the black background even in morning
No noises, coolant and oil perfect, timing belt is near new but the compression in all 5 cylinders is down to 45 psi? I have never herd of all of the cylinders of an engine losing compression at the same time? any thoughts on what may be the cause?
Regards Gosh.
Found 2 issues while checking out a clean 1 owner S60 I want to buy.

After extensive examination by me, we took the 5cyl auto trans T5 S60 to a local repair shop. They ran a long computer diagnostic and found nothing and verified the car's computer was not reset. Next, it was put up in the air and suspension, engine, trans examined, and everything I couldn't check on the ground was fine. The car is super clean and has many maintenance records, there is nothing suspicious. Yet on the way back, stopping a few times on steep hills, the car rolled back as I took my foot off the brake and was moving to the accelerator to move forward. It was as if it was a stick. I don't know if it would have kept going because instinctively I hit the brakes. Sometimes it didn't happen.

I've never experienced an automatic acting this way. Researching this, some people have various explanations for it, including HSA, but I think they are guessing. I called a trans mechanic that I know that is very good, but he doesn't touch Volvos and had no information.

All automatics I've ever driven can hold themselves on an incline w/no braking. Can this be normal on this car? If the computer shows no issue, like a low idle or bad trans sensors, what can the problem be?

The mouth of the dipstick tube where the plastic handle sits had some surface rust and the top of the dipstick may have had a touch of rust too. The oil is due for a change. Condensation? Anything serious?

Should I hesitate to buy what is an otherwise very clean S60?
The radio/media screen is broken. Can it be replaced? One of our kids hit it and we cannot see any information anymore.
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