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i know it's near the actuator?

i have had others say that this 1997 volvo 850 monitors are hard to reset

the car wont go foward or backwards but can change gears

Any suggestions it has no sound or lights when button pushed

Plugged in gps and blew a fuse.changed it,worked for 3 fuse blown but not working

It happened right after I felt a click in clutch peddle it will engage in gear but won't bite it don't jump stall grind just idle with out clutch pressed

Have done everything to appease this code...even replaced the newly replaced Bosch 02 sensor with the Volvo preferred 02 sensor and still the light comes on. Can't smog it so can't complete the registration...have put too much money in out and now I NEED to know what the problem is!!! HELP

There are no lights on, on the dash. Once you put the key in the ignition it beeps until you take it out. All doors are shut.

Engine codes p0234 p0243 Will not idle

The disc makes it not run right it will run for a sec and then you have to start it over take disc and do it again how much to fix

I turn the key all the way to the start position & hold it there & after a minute or longer it starts but this takes 20 or more tries. I changed the mass air flow sensor 2 weeks & the car was starting great. Now the same problem is back. The neutral safety switch was changed 2 years ago & I changed the ignition. Any advice would be very helpful.

Checked bulbs and fuses all look fine. just the two middle bulbs on passenger side light up?

engine won't idle

Vehicle stalled and check engine light came on. Will start and run ok. Had codes pulled at local parts store and code is for fuel tank pressure sensor. I have been unable to locate this part on the vehicle. Is it possible the code reader was giving a generic code and I have a different problem?

My car does not unlock when I press the key but the lights turn on inside. Last time I drove it went in limp mode.

Is it possible to replace my ECM with one w/o security system? If possible, what do I need?

The car won't start. It makes a sound when I start it, sounds funny.

Doesn't do it if coming to rolling stop and brake pedal doesn't vibrate. Just a noticeable pull

It is a text message

Volvo dealer said it was water in gas...had gas tested both in the car's tank and gas station...both o'k.
Engine is completely gone...$17K plus
$1700 diagnostic and $13K owed on the car. Have complete service records from Volvo dealer.
What recourse...Volvo....other???

After towing, fixed cut timing belt and replacement of 2 bad nozzles, the engine doesn't start nor the plug shocks.

motor mounts have been replaced, plugs and wires also.

I cannot find information as to whether this model displays a "Engine Oil Low" message when the car is low on oil.

Seeing fluid on garage floor, but oil pressure and brake fluid look fine- what could it be??

It will struggle, chug a lot, and then shut down leaving no time to get to the side of the road. It will start up again right away. It's very random...

The hinges and lock are broken, and am wondering how much to repair it.... Can you help me?

Where is locate the Power steering filter

Cracked oil pan. Fixed crack, & filled oil. Tries to turn over, but won't start.

turned off wile running

Doing it more frequently. Replaced maf and map sensors. When we did that it ran fine for a day or two. Any ideas will be appreciated.