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today when driving went in to 3rd gear it was like a hard movement with a jerk. managed to get it out of third gear when i got home , but now it is completely stick, The car is 2006 and manuel
what could be the problem that it is not starting.
I bought a 2004 s40 and need to buy an oil pan due to a crack. how do i know if the car has an oil level sensor?
parked car went to start could not turn key past # 1 position, also will not shift out of park
The thermostat was recently replaced. The car has 204k Miles. We have had dogging in the car post thermostat replacement, but not consistently.
2002 V70 AWD will not go into reverse. Will not permit reverse even in neutral. Fluid is up to level but shows brown on dipstick.
Inconsistent sometimes though; My XC90, 2005, takes a while to produce a stabilized sound when ignition is turned on, as if engine is gasping for air to keep it running as it were. Eventually picks up and never repeats until the next time I'm to turn on ignition.
I'm looking for an old car, to play and tinker with. Which would be more dependable, and easier to repair myself?
I have had volvo look at it but they can't find anything wrong. Fuel pump is new, crankshaft top dead center sensor new, camshaft sensor new, throttle positioning sensor new, fuel pump regulator new, spark plugs new, timing belt new, battery new, fuel pump relay new
Can't remove the speed sensor. Sway arm is in the way
The car starts just fine, as soon as you release the key it dies. I checked at the coil, and it has power in the "key on" position. All the cylinders are getting good spark continuously. I cracked open the fuel feed line at the injector rail, and the car has fuel pressure with the 'key-on' position however no residual pressure or fuel at all when the key is off.
Volvo recommends at 40K, needed if 40K accumulated in 16 months?
The car did not appear to have any mechanical problems before it died. No smoke or odd noises.
I changed the thermostat. The water pump is pumping water through the engine.
The problem started after a particularly cold period. The vibrations have decreased but it is still apparent. Also recently noticed some oil leakage under driver's side. The oil is the color of the motor oil, not transmission oil.
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