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my 2007 xc70 died and i am waiting for a road side assistance. the engine seems to be extremely hot. Anti freeze fluid is full.
when the car was idle right before it chocked it was coughing.
All lights came on before the car died.
i just started the car, and the car started fine.
what the heck is wrong?
The interior fan comes on after the car is turned off, but not immediately. It only happens occasionally. I can correct the problem with turning the ignition on and then off again. What is the possible cause?
occasionally the high beam switch doesn't work properly. it will if I hold the switch on. it just won't stay on. it does this then the problem goes away and I'm not sure what causes it to start or stop.
Rumbling noise during acceleration. Only 3 out of 4 mounts were replaced by mechanic, causing imbalance.
Hi, My 99 Volvo is throwing this code. The car runs great and then when pressing the gas peddle it goes to 10 mph. What could this mean? Is this a dealer only issue? I would rather fix this myself.

when you put in the key, it turns on the pannel when you turn it once but when you turn it to start the engine it wont turn
pinging warning noise on constantly, and using release button not making a reads parking assist needs servicing.
my 1996 volvo NA 2.4l non trubo 5 speed
Drove fine until I changed brake pads now is erratic driving after reaching 40 mph
window will not go up
This issue just developed on Friday (November 3, 2017). Will open and close with as normal, but will not remain open until I am ready to close it. I have never had this issue before.
Key gets stuck in position "I" and will not come out,
I've heard there is a cable from the shifter to the ignition that might need replacement?
It is definitely not the button sticking.
mostly check engine light comes on first start in the morning. Engine fumbles at first start.
How to do it yourself 2007 Volvo s80 fuel rail pressure sensor A circuit
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