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I try to start car. Does not try to start at all. Tied to jump start, but noting. All of the interior and dash lights are strong. The key fob works. I have no idea
P1434, 10775-2A17DMTL system fault ((hex) 2A17 stored Mil), 140 (hex 8c)
B140 column Y-direction left
what does all that mean?
I have a bmw x3 e83 2010 model 3.0d manual transmission with a total mileage of 44,300 km on the clock the problem I have now is the 4x4 light, airbag light, abs, and brake light all together lights in the panel board and i have an increase engine noise in the engine. i have change my transfercase servomotor 2 years ago and also my steering angle sensor and have reprogram it by the bmw dealer here in Philippines.what would i do to have this lights terminated in the panel board? i have tried to taking off the battery terminals and place it back and turn on the engine then all the 4 lights appeared again then i move the steering wheel lefmost and rightmost the 4 lights went off but after i drove the car again the 4 lights appeared in the dash board with increase engine noise. what can be the solution to my cars problem? thank you very much! waiting for your reply!
2004 BMW X3 just had new battery replaced, wouldn't start so we had it towed to the mechanic and they replaced the starter. The car ran fine for 2 days, and now won't even crank. The selector lever and program display shows "S". Any help is very appreciated!
When I turn key to position 2, temperature rises to maximum and then won't start the engine when I turn to position 3. Any idea? Thanks
Installed new belt but its loose and squealing when RPMs
reach 2...why
On my BMW X3 W83 in vehicle registration document written model X REIHE,it is OK?
Question is not more details!
BMW is from US,2005 year,2.0 Diesel,110 KW.
BMW X3 skidded in Ice and bottom hit a high sidewalk, setting off driver
airbag and damage to wheel.
2006 x3 not cranking at all. Battery fully charged. Sudden problem no symptoms or warnings. Tried starting in nuetral. Made sure its in park. Tried jumping and let charge one hour. No click or nois at starter when turning key. Tried shaking car. Tried locking and unlocking several times. I only have one key, key needs battery for auto lock. No abnormal noises or starter noises lately, only brakes are starting ti go slight grinding. How can i troubleshoot to get it started?
key turns on and lights come on but no starter noise
We noticed our 2008 BMW X3 was not holding antifreeze.. so we assumed a leak. We drove the car which was running fine to a Meinke garage to fix the leak. The next thing we know, they had to tow it to the BMW dealer because the timing was off so bad it wouldn't run. Meinke says they didn't cause the issue. Notes from the BMW say the timing problem was caused when Meinke removed the Vanos adjusting unit. Advisor at BMW said Meinke should pay for repairs. Meinke just called and said that the advisor was incorrect and the BMW general manager now agrees with Meinke. Your thoughts? Bill is now up to about $4000
Mechanic said I must have hit something on the road and caused a ding in the right rear wheel. He said that I might need to replace the wheel not the tire.
Just bought vehicle and after 180miles engine light came on. Manual said echiast valves. Car drives fine. Is this an easy fix.
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