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We noticed our 2008 BMW X3 was not holding antifreeze.. so we assumed a leak. We drove the car which was running fine to a Meinke garage to fix the leak. The next thing we know, they had to tow it to the BMW dealer because the timing was off so bad it wouldn't run. Meinke says they didn't cause the issue. Notes from the BMW say the timing problem was caused when Meinke removed the Vanos adjusting unit. Advisor at BMW said Meinke should pay for repairs. Meinke just called and said that the advisor was incorrect and the BMW general manager now agrees with Meinke. Your thoughts? Bill is now up to about $4000
Mechanic said I must have hit something on the road and caused a ding in the right rear wheel. He said that I might need to replace the wheel not the tire.
Just bought vehicle and after 180miles engine light came on. Manual said echiast valves. Car drives fine. Is this an easy fix.
Yellow brake and 4x4 warning light is illuminated also im hearing a clunk when i take off. It feels like i have a gap to where my backend is having to catch up this is the second time my yellow warning light and brake has came on in the last 2 weeks . I also am hearing a screeching noise from the back . Brakes maybe ? Whats your advice on my dilemma ? Thx Leah S.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
My car was parked and got hit on my rear passenger door. Now my lights are on, and my work is saying they wont cover the repair because its not related to the accident. I am going to get the codes pulled tomorrow, but is there any way that this could be caused by the impact?
Battery went dead. Jump started and let run. After this the problem occurred. Don't know the corrilation. I read it may be a reprogramming problem.
I was advised this needed to be replaced and wanted estimate and If I should ONLY use a BMW dealer for repair
Letf turn right trun Abs lock
When I entered the freeway on ramp (it is quite a tight round curve) the 4x4 indicator lamp flashed on for just a second & the car shook a bit, it stopped when I straightened the wheel & accelerated.
it happens when i am stopped and right when i start it up and at random tomes while driving
bought a used bmw x3. one side has a non dynamic xenon .The original is dynamic xenon that works. Non dynamic will not turn on. Can they work together ?
Some where gas line sucking in to much air
How do i know if they changed it again?
i had the same problem and they told me they did it again with a recall the 2 of 3 timing chains . Can they recall again?
Two days ago one of the machinists told me they change 1 of 3. How i lern the truth.
For how long last to change again the chains?
How much is it cost? What else they need to change? Is the bmw only one authorized dealer.
The problem started to day and there was smell and loud humming noise.

The mechanic said my front differential locked and I was checking to see how much this cost to fix.
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