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I have to replace the hand (emergency brake cables on my 2011 Hyundai Elantra because of rust. How to do it?
Car seems to rev up but won't go till I take foot off gas for second then will go
Have a new blow motor under the dash and still not working...Lights on the nobs come on but nothing coming out
I applied breaks and felt weird vibration break pettle. Car wouldn't stop and I slid into entersection. I could've hit someone. Could it be brake pads or disks? No warning lights came on. I'm an Uber driver, now I'm afraid to drive and I need too. Please help!
Stalls at idle sometimes and in slow traffic. Sluggish acceleration
Had a dead mouse in the duct area... Need to deoderize. Where would I spray Lysol into???
Every time car is idle for more than 5mins . Has coolant and not leaking any
So when I go to fill my empty gas tank, I can only get about quarter of a gallon in before it starts to overflow and I have to waiting for it to drain into the tank to continue filling. This has caused me to only put $10 in at a time as it would take 20 minutes to top off the tank.
P0036 code is coming up how do I fix
Every time I put gas in my tank and then I put the key in the ignition and turn the key the engine sounds like it’s trying to kick in but it doesn’t hold. I have to keep turning the key on and off before it kicks in. Once I get it started it’s fine. I never have a problem starting it up until the next time I get gas. What are somethings that could be causing this.
Whenever I turn my fan knob on any other speed but high, it turns off. Is this an issue with the switch itself, or is there a relay or fuse that needs to be replaced?
dealer suggested this service. only thing slight knocking when engine running and exhaust smell
2006 Hyundai Elantra with 70,000 mi. (driven 5,000 mi/yr) no highway driving ever. 7 months ago, Mechanic advised motor mount(s) are breaking down & need replacement due to normal wear and tear. Driver has noticed car sometimes 'feels unbalanced' on sharp turns. Been going to this Hyundai dealership for major repairs (e.g. timing belt etc.) or when parts specific for a 2006 are only available there (as well as mechanics who work on Hyundais 90% of the time) for 7 years, trusts mechanic. What should this repair cost on average (parts & labor)?
Hi, I have a squealing noise from one of my belts when I start the car and when it is cold out (it seems). **The belts are almost new, replaced August 2017. *It is NOT the Timing Belt, new too. Any ideas, lube or quick fix???

A friend, who is a former mechanic drove with me yesterday and said to: "Use soap and lube the belt"??
My questions is would it be wise to buy a car with that many miles even though the 2nd owner said car have no problems.
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