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the dealer price is $208.00 to replace fluid...does that make sense ?
My 131,000 mile Lexus GS 350 (3.5L V6) is losing oil. First noticed this summer in NC. Brought car to Toyota dealer, was down about 2 qts. Checked it in about 1,000 miles and was losing more. Drove 2 1/2 hours to Lexus dealer. They put car on lift and showed me that they could not see an oil leek. Did full oil change (told me the Lexus dealership had used synthetic oil, not regular oil as needed, just before I went to NC). Seemed ok when I checked it at 500, and then 900 miles. Now was way down again. There is NO oil leak in my garage. I do not see blue smoke. What should I do next?
seems to be passenger side only
The light came on after I had been driving the car for about 50 miles
After resetting code it comes back in 40 . I know the shift solenoid is in the transmission pan located at the valve body is only one clip two electrical plugs the part is $200 and I want to make sure that I get the right part.
I changed my headlights in January, unplugged the battery in order to do it myself. After reconnecting, had to reset the seat memorys, power windows, that normal stuff. But since then, sometimes the thermostat above the navigation reads the wrong temperature, or will read in Celsius while the thermostat near the odometer reads the correct temp. Also, the A/C won't blow heat, will not blow hard, and no matter what directional setting, will only blow out of windshield defroster and a little out of the middle vents. Air works and but for the first 30 seconds to 1 minute that the car is on, it won't allow me to turn on the A/C. The windshield defrost button will just blink. Also, if I have the A/C running and turn the car off, when I turn it back on, the A/C is back off. Toyota told me I need a new thermostat and coolant flush but my old Mazda dealership I worked at that new very little about Lexus said it sounds like Toyota just wanted my money and it doesn't seem like the problem is the thermostat.
Error message read "Shift solenoid C performance or stuck off"
Here is Video of whats going on. The rpms drop from the corresponding rpm to speed when the vehicle slows down rapidly 10 mph or more. The rpms basically go down to 500 rpm and bounce up to the corresponding speed. This car is new to me

this is a 2010 gs350, when driving I get a sound (howling) from the front end that gets louder the faster you go. sounds like it has mud grips on the front. I have replaced the tires and checked the hubs (car has 85k on it) hubs feel good and noise doesn't seem to change under a heavy load or in corners. car drives fine and struts look good (I don't see any leaks in them and car rides good) any ideas on what else to look for? before I take it to the shop to get racked over the coals
Make the car feel like it's grabbing on and off. Is this normal?
When I put my heated seat on ( it has 3 settings) with in a few minutes or less than a half mile it drops to setting 2 or medium, then the same thing to 1 or low. Then it shuts off completely. This is all in less than 5 minutes . I have a 2004 Pontiac with heated seats, I set it high or low & it stays on, whatever I set it at. No problem whatsoever. This can't be normal to have to keep putting back on over & over again. Need help please !!
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