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My passenger door will not open from the outside. I can open it from inside the vehicle.
From time to time there is an SOS light on the board . What it means?
Cant start car
My fan is stuck on foot position. Fan speed works, temperature works, A/C works, but I get no air from vents or defrost no matter what I try. Also, air from rear vents on back of center console is cold only. What door actuator or other has malfunctioned?
Engine runs but makes a loud racket that sounds like loud tappet noise but revs up easily. Noise is near the front end. Just got the car in a private deal, has 105k mi, found steel filings on the oil filter when performing an early oil change. Am told that engine is shot or nearly so and this is a recurrent problem with this v8 model. Prior to this only heard an occasional burst of tappets (3 or 4) intermittently at cold start up - never when hot. What do you suspect? What recourse?

PS, model year is 2001, not 2000
What temperature does a 2001 X5 bmw 4.4 liter over heat
back wheels are tipped in causing inner tire wear.
I’m planning to buy a 2003 bmw x5 with 190k mileage. Other than that and a broken front bumper, I did not see any problem when i test drove it. Is it ok? Any possible issues to get ready for?
Error code P1093, car runs fine, disa valve cleaned, MAF cleaned, upstream O2 sensor in bank 2 being replaced soon 2004 BMW X5 3.0i 120,000miles
2006 BMW X5 3.0i. Rear wiper motor literally broke into pieces presumably as a result of struggling against ice. No problems with the rear wiper motor leading up to this failure. Ordered a used rear wiper motor and installed it. Still doesn't work. Checked both fuses as good. There is power at the plastic connector for the wiper motor assembly and the ground checks out good as well. I don't believe there is a relay for the rear wiper motor. All other aspects of rear hatch work fine (defroster, lights, locking mechanism, washer pump). I cycled the wiper stalk at the steering wheel with still no operation of the rear wiper motor. At this point I suspect it could either be a defective used rear wiper motor or possibly a defective switch at the stalk. I see no burn marks, smell nothing that would suggest an issue with the circuit board at the wiper motor itself. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
hi. 2001bmw x5 e53, i replaced all abs sensors when i did the brakes.. now abs light is on but was not on before. i plugged in scanner and code was A5 breif power interuption. scanner was unable to turn off light. i bought a new car battery, when i turned on the car for 1st time with new battery, both abs and brake lights turned off, but as soon as i drive off they come back on..
turned off car and same thing happens, abs lights go off but turn on as soon as i drive away... please help... is there a way to reset this?
I have a broken window in my 2003 x5 BMW and the only windows available to me is the same window but from a 2010 x5 e70
Transmission revival time
Coolant fan comes on as soon as start the engine 2-3 minutes later the amber warning coolant light comes on then 2-3 minutes later the amber light changes to red and the screen says to shut down the engine. I opened the hood but the wasn't that hot, what's wrong?
We need an extra car for teenagers to drive. Drives great, but concerned it will become a money pit for repairs?
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