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going down road no reading on speedometer no other problems in the cluster.
It just turn over want start after replacing the fan assembly
made alarge pop the other day and radio was off next morning my battery was dead
I have a 2006 Lexus GX470. I started to get the P2445 code at startup, which would make sense if the secondary air injection pump was failing. I Learned this is caused by the secondary air injection pump. I installed a bypass that fixed the issue for a short while and then the code began appearing during my highway commute. Usually about 10-15 min in. I removed the bypass and I still get the code intermittently during driving. I though the ecu only looked for this during startup? When I get the code I pull over to check and erase the code with my code reader and then the issue disappears for the duration of that trip. What could be causing this and how can I fix? I sent the bypass unit back to the manufacturer to be tested and I have not heard back from them yet but the vehicle acts the same without it. I'm confused as to why the code would be thrown during a commute and how to fix it?
I have sent the computer (located under the passenger seat) in for repairs and it comes back with a clean bill of health. Then I tried replacing the front display screen but the problem persists.
Funny thing is, the backseat screen works just fine, no rolling and all functions work.
Actually the front screen controls work too, you just have to catch them as they roll by!
Haven't found anyone with a similar problem??
04 Lexus gx470 is blowing hot heat from left side of vehicle but takes 30 minutes to get warm from vents on right side & then it's still not as warm as left side. The fan is blowing good thru all vents. Checked & made sure radiator was full
My 04 Lexus 470 comes to stop at light then when I let off brake to take off it jets or clunks like someone is bumping me from behind.
burning smell and also a whining associated with acceleration. No visual smoke. drive belt looks good
fuse keep blowing shortly after it is replaced
What would cause the air suspension compressor to run but not lift vehicle?
The clock and outside temperature display are not working. Could it be just a burnt fuse? Where is the fuse located?
the rear backup camera is showing a grey screen when the car is put in reverse. The navigation system screen does function
my truck is always a smooth ride. this morning as i was driving to work i noticed it was very bumpy. weither i am on level or bumpy road. also the height of my truck appears to be high even though i have it set on N. any suggestions. thank you
i have a check engine light on and this is the problem stated, air mixture pumps.
There are 4 lights that stay on my instrucment panel that say VSC track , VSC off and wavie tire tracks and check engine.
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