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the rear backup camera is showing a grey screen when the car is put in reverse. The navigation system screen does function

my truck is always a smooth ride. this morning as i was driving to work i noticed it was very bumpy. weither i am on level or bumpy road. also the height of my truck appears to be high even though i have it set on N. any suggestions. thank you

i have a check engine light on and this is the problem stated, air mixture pumps.

There are 4 lights that stay on my instrucment panel that say VSC track , VSC off and wavie tire tracks and check engine.

My door cannot be unlocked. Please help

There is this weird smell sort of like an electronic burn suddenly coming under my driver seat when I turned on my engine. Also my speakers won't work. Any solutions?

it and it made a weird loud noise could you please tell me what the atp temp. light is and what steps do I kneed to take.

clock ticking and sounds like you here water sometimes.

Need to know if this is a Air Bag Switch that's needed.

when symptom first started it was random but became more frequent over time. The Stereo has no sound and the indicator beeps to all of the buttons, stereo and touchscreen no longer work.

cost of timing chain and labor

just had it inspected at Lexus

The dealership that services my car tells me that there is a leak on the passenger side of the radiator and recommends replacement. How do I verify that there is a leak and is replacement the only solution and the cost they have given seems very high. What is the norm to replace both parts and labour in my zip code 08550

Started doing it with people sitting in back but does it all the time on any rough road.

I have been quoted $3300.00. Is this average or high

The cap was missing and water got into the brake line. Will this be a costly exense

Entire undercarriage especially rear end (Axle) differential is rusting away as it sits in garage, has original miles of 39000. Wheels are turning to powder, it looks like. Toyota nor Lexus will not back their inferior materials and product, I would not recommend to anyone to buy a car from this manufacturer. Their dealer thought it should have been replaced, they refused both wheels as well. It was compared to a 2001 same model at dealer with 150,000 miles this ones undercarriage still had the black paint ion the axle, mine is rusting away, will have to be replaced costing excess of 5,000. already replaced 4 wheels, and a water pump all at less then 40,000. Junk this car is DO NOT BUY ONE!

We have an 04 GX-470. Most of the time the fuel gauge and the range readout work OK. However, sometimes, the fuel gauge works, but the range shows 0 miles, or they both don't work - fuel gauge shows empty and range = 0. My wife says she thinks she's seen the gauge = empty but the range still showing xxx miles - I haven't seen that.

We've been to 2 different Lexus dealers, paid for diagnostics at both and gotten no fix. In fact, they have both said they can't find anything wrong. But thanks for your money......

To my way of thinking, these would both get their initial information from the same source - some sort of sender unit on the fuel tank. However, as both gauges do not always go out together, I'm inclined to think that this probably isn't the cause. I would think that the range readout comes from some calculations done by the onboard computer.

Anyone else experienced this? Is VERY frustrating as we regularly drive from Phoenix to Sacramento.

I have a loud clunking noise after stopping and then starting again.