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I just had the mass airflow sensor replaced when my wife picked it up the air wassent working
If I disconnect the battery and reconnect the air will work for a little while then the compressor will shut down. What needs to be replaced.
What part do i need to buy for a 2012 Chevy Sonic with error code P2076 - intake manifold tuning (imt) valve position sensor/switch circuit range performance ?
It seems to happen most often when I am just going along a normal speeds on the street. All of sudden I hear the door locks go off and on again. At the same time, it appears that my transmission shifts gears. All of this happens at once so I can continue driving.
My Chevrolet sonic 1.6 LS automatic 2013 is idling rouge, but if I press the accelerator it stutter a bit till 2000 rpm, then it revs fine and well. I did replace the spark plugs, but it still idle rouge. The car have 25 647 km on the clock. the engine light is flikkering and the ABS brake light is also on. Please help me ....
When I am going over bumps I hear a rattling in the front end the struts are good the ball joints are good I was thinking bad transmission mount there is alot of play time n the tranny moubt
When trying to crank the car it will only make clicking noise. All of the lights and radio will come on. When we jump it off it starts with no problems and runs fine. I've had the car tested and it always come back with no codes. I was told if the battery is bad, that it can still pass a diagnostic test because it was jumped off.
This would be a typical oil change.
Car was chugging while driving and idylling but no check engine light was on.
Now it came on and is blinking and the car shimmys when started
The slippery warning light is on also
had turbo,o2 sensoe, air filte,r spark plugs, gasket by oil pan, an oil change, air filter replaced in last two months
coolant hoses which need to replace (no# 539 , 534) i need this part from where i can find it please
please advise me

i need online order
When I go to start my car it won't turn over. It just chimes at me. No lights come on. It finally comes to after I try a couple times.
My car lights keeps coming off and on n my radio coming on by itself I keep hearing a ticking sound trying to see what it is
Just wondering why my mother in laws car won't charge the battery, it happens continuously, we have a new battery. Alternator has been checked.
Anyone know how to reset this? I tried disconnecting the battery....didnt work.
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