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When I go to start my car it won't turn over. It just chimes at me. No lights come on. It finally comes to after I try a couple times.
My car lights keeps coming off and on n my radio coming on by itself I keep hearing a ticking sound trying to see what it is
Just wondering why my mother in laws car won't charge the battery, it happens continuously, we have a new battery. Alternator has been checked.
Anyone know how to reset this? I tried disconnecting the battery....didnt work.
about a month ago my chevy sonic got disel put in the tank. When we noticed what happened we drained the tank, flush the gas lines, cleaned the fuel filters, throttle body, and changed the spark plugs. The vehicle will start now but it sputters and chuggs. We are losing oil but no leaks. Is something clogged.
How do i get air out of my cooling system to get the proper flow
I charged the battery and boosted the car , starter will not turn.
Vibrates and feels like it will stall when idling in drive. Sounds like a diesel.
The ac blows cool air as I pick up speed but as soon as the car idled warm air blows out

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Put in gas
How long have you had this problem? months
2 months ago, my Chevy Sonic 5 speed manual transmission had a recall repair of the air intake that caused the brakes to lose power brake assist. Now having same issue again. Could this be the same problem or did this problem cause another problem?
Just started to happen.
My gas cap makes a loud pop sound when I start my car
Or to actually fix the real problem because my check engine light is on and won't come off
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