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The whole car vibrates as if driving over a washboard. Fairly severe at 20 MPH, diminishes at higher speeds, but is still present. If I come to a complete stop the vibration goes away and may not return for several days. My mechanic has checked the suspension and CV joints. Tires seem to be properly balanced and in good condition. 2007 Solara convertible. 100,000 miles. 3.3L engine.
99 solara 140k. used the remote start, heard it start, then 6 seconds later it died as though the battery was dead. keyless entry was inoperable, etc. 12 hours later i used remote start, it instantly fired up. I drove it around for a few minutes then left it over night. 2 days with no problems, drove fine. Leaving work, while driving, it seems as though it literally shut off for a fraction of a second (radio turned off, ignition beeping, car jerked). next 2 days started up fine, no issues. This morning, dead again, didn't even start and then die like the first time. No cranking, just dead. Will try to start it when i get home from work tonight but I am very unsure what the issue is. I have not tried jumping or anything yet.
Live in Florida usually just need a.c.. now need heat. How to turn on heat? When I press digital for higher temperature it just blows air - not cold but not warm. I've been using seat heater which works fine but need warmer air
I was adjusting my convertible top hooks and the one on the left broke so I need to replace the latch and hook and I cannot figure out how to remove the old one and replace it with a new one.
No noise. Happens two or three times a week. Starts fine always. Idles fine always. Just driving, all is good, and then it falls on its face. Will not accept more gas peddle, but it will idle fine. Next start and run it's fine. No engine service light on.
No clicking but a hissing noise battery has power but won’t start.
I'm going to purchase a car TOYOTA SOLARA 2001 2,2 automatic transmission. Visited a mechanic and we could see oil flows most likely from the engine. But also this car has its steering rack needs to br repaired- And it also flows. How could I check the problem with its engine? And what kind of damage should I expect?
water under backseat
it will go up 2-3 inches when holding the up switch and stop. Then it will return to original position when push down switch

What seems to make the problem better or worse? just started having problem
How long have you had this problem? last night
1999, Toyota, Solara, SLE, 6 cyl.
99 toy solara v6
Exhaust leak at flex pipe. I know it's the flex pipe. I jacked the car up and could feel were the exhaust leak and noise was coming from.
replaced the convertible top vehicle will not start now, ran scan states ecm is bad.
not sure how long overheating for. still stars but when started it some smoke came from tail pipe at frist but went away.
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