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I have been hearing a whirring noise for some time now. I just had the tires rotated and brakes replaced, (Rotors and Pads) and still hear the noise.
It's just leaking fluid out somewhere all over my exhaust and smoking and I don't know where it's coming from I check the pan the pan is tight but no leaks around the pan but I'm not sure if it's coming from the front seal or a rear seal
I was told that I needed new brakes and rotors. Engine sounds like it wants to turn over but just won’t catch
2004 toyota salara 5 speed wont go in any gear, but starts right up
Last night driving home. The oil, brake and check engine light came on. Then shook and would only let me go like 10 mph. Shook then died. Now it won't start. My keyless entry won't unlock my car. I have to us the key its self to get in it. I don't have the money to fix a major problem. Does anyone know what it could be.
Car was totally dead, when ignition key was turned no response on dashboard or click or crank. Replaced Battery still no response when ignition key was turned on dashboard or engine cranking.
The manual says 90,000 miles or 9 years
How to replace the convertible top motors in a 2007 Toyota Solara SLE.
on my 2002 solara convertible:The drivers side power window and antenna both stop responding at the same time. Back windows and convertible top work fine. Are these two things related or separate problems.
This problem happens all the time
put it in neutral it stop
I drove somewhere and back up into a parking lot turned my car off and came back to the car 5 minutes later to turn the vehical on and the key wouldnt turn period but the wheel was unlocked i lift the steering wheel while trying to start it i turned the steering wheel while trying to turn it but can not get it to turn
The light continues to flash when engine is turned off and I’m outside the vehicle. Will this cause my battery to wear down. How do I stop the flashing theft light
I have a 1999 Toyota Solara SLE and i try to change the radio but the colors code was different then the internet i can not get my radio speaker to work and what is the color code for a Toyota radio 16808
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