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I have a code #P0332 and check engine light is on
starter works for about 8 starts then nothing. waiting a while then it starts again
2005 Suzuki Forenza wagon and the last few months the shifter has been really hard to get out of park and you have to jiggle the shifter and key to get the key out every time. Today however, the key is now completely stuck in the ignition and will not release.
I tried everything to get the key to release, finally I had to disconnect the battery and the key turned and came right out
My car is turning over but won't able to turn on it seems like it wants to catch it but it doesn't n what do you think the problem would be? People I've talked to say it might be the timing belt or chain.
I recently bought a small boat. When I went to haul it off I couldn't locate a wire tow harness. I just need to know if this vehicle was originally built with one or is this an aftermarket installment.
I was on my way to an appt, I noticed that the car was running hot and I pulled over immediately and shut it off to let it cool off. About 15-20 minutes after cooling I started again and moved 2 seconds down the road and it got hot again so I pulled over and shut off, I noticed while I sit there and put key on account mode the oil light came on. There wasn't any leaks or noises. My husband just put a new thermostat and changed the oil and coolant
I bought Suzuki Escudo three months ago.can not fully accelerates noicy,powerless pls advice
I have a 2004 suzuki forenza i would all year model engines is compatible?
Works fine accelerating through gears until it hits 4th gear then seems to shift back and forth from 4th to 3rd. Doesn't seem to stay in 4th gear steady. this happens at a steady 40-50 mph the rpm drops to 1700 rpm then up to 2100 rpm repeatedly unless I accelerate or decelerate. Noticed to have to add coolant once a week, no obvious leaks.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? warmer temp.
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
What is the BEST Fuel Injector cleaner to buy and use. Most EFFICIENT, one time use, cleans bad particles, wetness, oxygen (maybe), good for engine and makes a difference??? PLEASE, what is recommended???

**I had researched, read, reviews, and a mechanic friend said, "RED LINE (60103) Complete SI-1 fuel system Cleaner – Fifteen Ounce"???? Pour in the gas tank - done! ?????

Yes I found a crack in the Outlet Hose (top of the engine). The air filter box ==> Outlet Hose ==> to the engine, had a crack (opening) and I fixed it, [Engine Light] went out it's self, and the car runs great! Just want to clean some fuel and gas things now.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? after the Outlet hose crack/opening, engine sputtered, [engine light] went on. Found and fixed. ==> I just think there may have been some Oxygen, creates wetness, that got in the gas system...???
How long have you had this problem? a few days.
catalyst monitor is the last incomplete, no trouble codes show, how to get a complete so it will pass Ca. smog
I dont think the tensioners are getting the oil they need
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when it warms up
How long have you had this problem? a week
And when started it won't rev up you slowly it the gas and it raises up to 4.5 and falls on it's face
4500 rpms ,wt wld cause this ,spark plugs
If I put it on vent, push AC button, it blows warm air, every so often will blow cold. But I noticed when I put on defrost, sometime cold air will come out of side vents.
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