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Have pump no evo on new one, can not get old evo valve off.
the oil light comes on/ when idle up it goes off
push button light does not come on,defroster doesnt work
Suzuki vitara 1.6 jlx on a p reg i have dash lights ..the engine doesnt crank over and no starter noises ..thanks
No dash lights and engine doesnt turn over no noises ...good battery..cables on tight and right way .checked fuses and seem ok
Car starts and idles okay, but as soon as I press the accelerator, it 'bogs' down with no power. The fuel sending unit seems to be functioning fine. And when a code reader was used on the car it said fault 440 emission. I was told this same fault could be a clogged fuel filter as well. In addition I hear a loud "hissing" noise when I put the vehicle in gear, but the hiss is not present while vehicle is in park or neutral (hole in vacuum line to transmission perhaps?). The car has 360k km on it but has only started acting up in the last month or so. Suggestions?
I was on my way to an appt, I noticed that the car was running hot and I pulled over immediately and shut it off to let it cool off. About 15-20 minutes after cooling I started again and moved 2 seconds down the road and it got hot again so I pulled over and shut off, I noticed while I sit there and put key on account mode the oil light came on. There wasn't any leaks or noises. My husband just put a new thermostat and changed the oil and coolant
I have an 02 Suzuki xl7. This thing is a pain. This morning when I turned it on, it made a very loud screeching noise. I work about 10 minutes down the road and it was pretty much a constant sound all the way there. I've heard this noise a couple times before, but usually just after heavy rain or very very cold out. On my lunch, I started it up and it was there again, and as I drive it i noticed a slight smell of burning rubber. As I drove it back to work there was no noise. Again, after I got off work and started the car the noise and smell were there but the noise went away after a moment, but the smell stayed. I'm afraid to drive it anywhere to findout what it is. Any ideas?
What causes oil leak in 2008 Vitara
what fuse deactivates door locks
2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara. When I turn the light switch to auto mode, all dash lights dim out to almost no light. What's odd is when I fill the fuel tank, the dash lights up bright for about 20 seconds and return to almost dark dim.
The car has 85,000 miles. There is no clicking sound when car id idling or not moving. After driving for approximately 10 miles the clicking sound begins and the clicking increases faster as the car goes faster.
DLR dash light comes on so I know they aren't regular low beams. Hi beams work normally.
I bought Suzuki Escudo three months ago.can not fully accelerates noicy,powerless pls advice
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