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Nissan Versa hatchback 2008.
I have a 2011 nissan versa it was in the shop for 2 months because the ground wire was broke an it fried my battery an fuse box so the put all brand new in then went to get my car it had to be jumped started an i had the battery tested it failed so they gave me a new battery been driving it everyday an started everyday it sat for one day an went to get in it an wont start battery is died i dont know what els to do can you help me
Suddenly battery dead. Jumped off, head to battery store. Car died when I turned wheel
It is cold for a while and then compressor chips out & doesn't come back on
But If I turn it off for maybe like 30 secs or so and turn it back on it runs again
It just started and happen every time I drive it and return home.
My trunk won't open using the button at the back and I need to replace a burned out breaklight. Where is the latch to manually open located?
rather than lock ourselves out of the car accidentally we would like a spare & key w/remote door opener. how much is it?
Changing transmission fluid.
I would like to buy this kind of car and would like to know
The lights, radio, dashboard lights and everything come on fine. But I have to rev my car while turning it on or it turns right off. Problem happened this morning when I tried to leave for work. All my fluid levels are fine. Please help .
Other doors work fine, both with fob and key. No sound from rear actuator
I got code c1116 at an auto parts store
sound is loud while idle sounds like metal chattering.
I would like to know the basic steps to changing the serpentine belt on my versa, i.e. do I ahve to take wheel and fender well off or can I just loosen the tensioner...
My gear shift gets stuck in park and sometimes it can take a few minutes to get the button to push in for me to shift. I have read other forums that it could be a solenoid issue. Are there any solutions or recalls for this issue?
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