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It just started and happen every time I drive it and return home.

My trunk won't open using the button at the back and I need to replace a burned out breaklight. Where is the latch to manually open located?

rather than lock ourselves out of the car accidentally we would like a spare & key w/remote door opener. how much is it?

Changing transmission fluid.

I would like to buy this kind of car and would like to know

The lights, radio, dashboard lights and everything come on fine. But I have to rev my car while turning it on or it turns right off. Problem happened this morning when I tried to leave for work. All my fluid levels are fine. Please help .

Other doors work fine, both with fob and key. No sound from rear actuator

I got code c1116 at an auto parts store

sound is loud while idle sounds like metal chattering.

I would like to know the basic steps to changing the serpentine belt on my versa, i.e. do I ahve to take wheel and fender well off or can I just loosen the tensioner...

My gear shift gets stuck in park and sometimes it can take a few minutes to get the button to push in for me to shift. I have read other forums that it could be a solenoid issue. Are there any solutions or recalls for this issue?

while driving there are short hesitations in the gas flow as though there is a stoppage and the gas is not flowing through smoothly. Every day say 3 times in 10 miles.
After reading the manual, it says do not add cleaners and there is no fuel filter.
So what is the next step?

Just started, car has been sitting for couple months.

I have spoke to some people say there is enough room if it is transmission and engine are separated without taking it out of the car

My exhaust is rusted, and after a recent accident the exhaust split, the accident was to front of car only. Please quote cost for new exhaust plus fitting.

I was going to fast and needed to turn I guess I braked to hard but then all of a sudden my hand brake light and ps light came on and I couldn't steer or stop. Luckily I was able to get to the side of the road and just rolled until I stopped. I turned the car on and it came right back on with no problems. It's fine it 3 times in the 1 1/2 I've had the car. Idk if braking hard is causing the problem or if something else is wrong. Can someone help me please?

the problem just happened. this is the first time

The lights came on and never went out. I have been having problems with the electrical system since I have purchased my vehicle. Is there a place that I can take my car to or do I have to find a dealer?

When I put key into trunk it won't unlock or open the trunk does Nissan have a keyless entry or a latch inside car anywhere I can't find one???

How much is it to replace the power steering unit if it goes completely out.

I drove from CA to AZ & had to stop after 235 miles to refuel & I used cruise control driving the speed limit the entire way. 10.6 gallon tank x 40 mpg = over 400 miles. I got more like 22 miles per gallon. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK. AM I MISSING SOMETHING???

Bulb keeps burning out and was having it replaced when person doing repair informed the light bulb housing is melted and needs to be replaced.

I can't access the drive/serpentine belt through the top or under the passenger front tire.

Rpms drop to below 600 car will vibrate and has an audible loud humming to it.