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While i'm driving the hatch back (trunk) will make a clicking sound like it is unlocking then re-locking. The open door light on the dash board comes on and of as if the door is open. I have had to pull over and shut the trunk. It only happens while the car is running. It's not like the trunk flies open all the way it just opens enough to make the open door indicator on the dash board to come on and off and it rattles and its annoying.
How many motor mount does a 2011 nissan versa have
I have a 2009 nissan versa hatchback. The fan still works but only on the highest setting and the heat works but the AC doesn't work, it just blows warm stale air. What would the problem be?
Does a 2017 Nissan Versa S only get a front wheel alignment? When had a 2010 Nissan Versa was told it only could get a front wheel alignment and not an all wheel alignment, as the back tires can't be aligned. (And No spec's could be given in the read out.)
I noticed it on a Oil change, that I smelled Gas in the Oil. I haven't had any problems out of the Car. Just concerned that it will mess it up, it has no problem passing emissions.
2008 Nissan Versa 1.8L 6speed tranny. hesitation when throttle, held between 1800 and 2500 RPM. The check engine light has never come on. The hesitation is not noticeable in 4th. thru 6th. gear, as RPM is usually higher. Scan check used but no history of faults in system! The hesitation has become more noticeable over past month, to 6 weeks. The fuel economy has decreased slightly to 26 MPG for the last 2 tank fulls, from 28.5 MPG. Mixed city/highway driving. Highway speeds do not seem to be effected, nor do lower gears with higher RPMs?

It’s making a very loud grinding noise when I brake . I spoke to a mechanic and they advised me that I need my drums and my brake shoes replaced for my Nissan Versa 07 S Hatchback but I can only afford to fix one at this time . Which one is more important to fix ? My rear brake drums or my rear brake shoes?
Driving for about 30km then the red light comes on the dash. Radiator will lose water. Just replaced the thermostat, flushed the radiator and redone the head. Also replaced the radiator cap as a last resort, still the same. Both radiator hoses get hot. Car loaea water due to spraying anti freeze out.
I think the bolts connecting the cat to the manifold might be lose sounds a little loud.
I only have 47K miles on this car. I have an extended warrenty AND also would lik to know if this apparent transmission problem is common on all Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and other Japanese cars.
car jerks slightly occassionaly. other times runs perfect. checkk engine light oly came on twice. both times same reading. it's done it once since the tune up
Nissan Versa hatchback 2008.
I have a 2011 nissan versa it was in the shop for 2 months because the ground wire was broke an it fried my battery an fuse box so the put all brand new in then went to get my car it had to be jumped started an i had the battery tested it failed so they gave me a new battery been driving it everyday an started everyday it sat for one day an went to get in it an wont start battery is died i dont know what els to do can you help me
Suddenly battery dead. Jumped off, head to battery store. Car died when I turned wheel
It is cold for a while and then compressor chips out & doesn't come back on
But If I turn it off for maybe like 30 secs or so and turn it back on it runs again
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