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going normal then goes into 4 wd
My a.c. was blowing cold air, but not very strongly. So.j recharged it and the air was colder but still hardly blowing, so I replaced the cabin filter and only blows HOT air!
Today I replaced the cabin filter for the ac. As blew cold just didn't blow hard. After replacing filter a.c. only blows HOT air
I have a Jeep compass 2018 and I'm wondering at what mileage should the oil must be change, since it has 5k miles an no change oil has turn on the display
Jeep jumps when you tramp on the gas and when driving along tried to get it fixed but they do not know how to fix it
On a 2010 jeep compass the abs traction light on code says abs pump low voltage is there a way to check the pump its self I know power and ground good at module.
no one was in the car at the time
2016 Jeep Compass only 40,000 miles on it just bought it within he last 6 months used. The throttle control warning light came on one day while driving and I did not know what the light was. I googled and it’s the electronic throttle control, does anybody know if this is an expensive or easy fix ? I continued to drive it because it only came on that one time, but now it acts super crazy if u drive it and the check engine light is also on now so I have not driven it.... what to do ???
Bulb seems to be melting
Just replaced catalytic converter and still have check engine light on as well as four wheel drive that keeps coming on why would the four wheel drive light keep coming on
my 2013 jeep compass sport(60000 mi.) had a one year old battery in it, then a few weeks ago while not running and only playing the radio for a short time, i had to get it jumped(2-3 different occasions) because the battery was dead. i took to a alternator guy and he said to replace the battery(which i did) and now after one week it is showing some same signs of starting hard-like a near dead or drained battery- dashboard "battery" light occasionally comes on and today it sounds like when i start the car -its like a scratching sound. but after it sits for a hour or so it will start right up??
Dealer said spark plugs should be replaced and fuel injection nozzles cleaned. It has about 30,000 Miles on it. Can I do this myself? How hard is it?
The problem occur when I turn air condition on only....its like a foil paper noise...
My throttle malfunction light came on and now I can't go faster than 20 mph. I've kept regular maintenance on this vehicle. Why would this happen?
i have a 2007 jeep compass. i was told that Sept 2017 the extended recall period for rusted rear sub frame ended. but i was never notified of the recall - nor was i notified of the issue 2 years ago when the front end sub frame rusted out. if i was not notified of this, can i still get coverage? i understand that dealers by law must inform owners....
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