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When the engine is cold, should I let it warm before driving?

Took to local Jeep dealer, tech says it normal, it's the throttle body calibrating. However, it wasn't making that sound when I purchased it last November.

will start with remote start , if you keep trying it starts

Key will turn on car but won't come out ignition.

How to change fuel filter

I got my old changed last month. Since that day the engine light came on.So I drove that day and that night I went to the store.On the way back home the car engine just died. I waited about ten minutes tried to start and it started up.until today I have to go through the same thing. I can't go on the express hlghways.Because the just die.This happens​ each and every.Most thee time in the morning it will not start. Eventually it will.

the rear p/s wheel bearing and both alex have been replaced

light is on and engaine light came on and 4 wheel drive light came on no power

While driving. For extended periods, but not constantly. Local mechanic unable to help.

I went to the store got back in the car it wouldn't start on the dashboard it said no bus

It just won't work we have tried everything

Issue began with car not starting; appeared to be battery problem (battery was 3 years old). Upon turning key to "ON" position, dash would go crazy. Starter would not crank. Jumping battery seemed to work. Replaced battery. 5 days later, same issue. Now, nothing electrical works. Battery is fully charged, but dome lights won't even come on, key or no key. With battery out of car, ran a connection from an external battery; same result. No power to any system in car. Would this be caused by a faulty TIPM?

Is there a recall on this? Dodge states this is a common problem.

be replaced is it a fix i can do or do i need too take it too the shop and if i need too take it too the shop can you tell how much and a good shop in my area..phoenixville.19460

selector is working fine just only have heat coming out of far left ports

Very dangerous in traffic.

When you step on the gas pedal it hesitates during acceleration. Does it sound like fuel filter needs changes or spark plugs?

After reaching 40 miles per hour, transmission starts jerking. Happens more often once car warms up. Mechanic said it was because of unmatched tires. Ours are same size, just different brands. We don't believe this!

No check engine light on. Car drives perfect until i stop at lights. Feels like its going to shut off. When drive its fine. Rpm drops to 500

I had a thought about my dome light filling with water during a heavy rain. Maybe the drain tubes aren't large enough to handle that much water at one time? I wonder if replacing the drain tubes would work? Has anybody tried?

Want crank after oil change 2 thottle body sensors do I need two change starter or crankshaft

Take off throttle body hose oil n the air filter

After it the throttle body was replaced it started but why I cut it off it didn't start no more an why was oil n the air filter compartment

It happens mostly when I am traveling above 50 mph and when I slow down to around 40, and then speed back up to 50.
Sometimes it also happens when I am beginning acceleration. I have 60,000 miles on it.

Both those lights come on & am unable to drive. We've tried disconnecting the battery for hours, & would work fine.BUT, this has happened 3 times, Is it a Fuse problem?

no diagnostic codes show. it only stalls on steep hill and not on level ground

I bought this car in October of 2015. In November we went on a road trip and among other issues I noticed the cruise control doesn't function properly. When you are cruising at highway speeds and climb a hill, it'll down shift and the RPMs will shoot up to 5,000 (this is understandable it is a 2.4L engine) however, my issues is coming down hill. No matter the speed, no matter the distance as we are coming down hill the vehicle will not shift again to lower the RPMs. You have to physical dis engage the cruise control, wait for it to shift (when it does it shifts hard) and then re-apply the cruise control. I had a friend follow me in another vehicle told him no matter do not change your cruise control. Normal flat land we would stay an average of 2-3 car lengths, going down hill we would get 7-10 car lengths between each other. So who knows how fast I was actually going.. anyone else have this issue, or any hard shifting transmission issues?

When I go over uneven roads I hear a popping sound like fromo the rear end. i hear it when I turn the steering wheel.

When I drive my car for a few days my antenea keeps coming loose. How do I keep it tight?

I notice it when i cross over speed bumps. Only then,