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The window wont stay open that is above the back door, it almost seems like the compression is low., because the window comes down slow
Car hesitates on acceleration, hard starting. Replaced fuel filter, rebuilt trans, new IAT MAF and MAP sensors. Replaced spark plugs, checked for exhaust and vacuum leaks.
I've replaced the water pump, coolant resvoir, radiator cap, radiator and thermostat plus used the Blue Devil pour n go and it still runs hot
Now, I tried cranking and it won't stay on. I have to hit the gas a little bit to keep it on. I made sure my cams were in the right place when I put the belt. Crankshaft also. I'm really frustrated and I really don't wanna remove all stuff I already put back. Lol!!!! No leaks, only a ticking noise every maybe 5-8 seconds. Thanks in advance.
This just started two weeks ago thot it might have been low so we put some trans fluid and ran good till two days ago drained trans and fluid was burnt so yesterday changed filter now this

Car gets warm and sputters after second gear gets worse the farther you drive
94 rodeo is locked in gear in 2 high and 4 high won't move but in 4 low it will drive but makes a terrible whinning sound. What to fix this?
replaced the Vss and the speedometer and still nothing
Only the headlights work no other lights already checked fuses
What could be the problem & what would be the fix??? DUHHHHHHHH
The car sprung a leak at the back of the valve cover and the timing seems to off a tiny bit.
I just got my car back where they replaced the Fuel Pump, Fuel filter and fuel regulator. As soon as I got it home, check engine light came on with the code P1311 and P1312. Should I be concern? Im assuming it is related to what was just completed as the check engine light was not on before. Tried to reach the original mechanic about it but I have not received a response for 2 days.
have a water pump from a 2002 trooper will it work on my 2004 rodeo
Engine turns off when I slow down or steering becomes strong when I slow down. If not allowed to steam for about ten minutes in the morning, it won't accelerate well, and will consume more fuel for the rest of the day.
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