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The compressor works and it has freon. All of a sudden, it stopped blowing cold air.

What cause it to lose power after driving for about 30min

I changed the alte but today when I drove it the battery died and gages went crazy

How much coolant do I add to the system?

All other lights work properly. I've taken apart entire dashboard checked all wires & connections & there is no visable wire damage. Changed out every 10/15/20A fuses with new ones. Also changed out both bulbs for brake/tail light & checked those connections too & the fuse for it still blows when turned on.

iv recently put diseal in my tank but ive already drained it and drove it .

Camshaft sensor had been replace a week ago. Transmission fluid was drained and put a new fluid. Sometimes it's leaking . I hear cranking, and slipping while driving . What seems to be the problem? I am still driving my car for work .

98 rodeo from Washington Maryland, I'm looking to buy another car. There were no leaks or clicking noises from the engine please respond quickly I'm needing a new car ASAP

I m driving all of sudden it's like I loosing power as
If I was missing on 2 -3 cylinders.
Lacking power when give gas

My car wants to stall but it don't once car gets going it's ok then when you come to a stop it wants to but dont

My transmission will not drive forward at all the it will only go in reverse how do I fix this problem

Started after installing a new radiator

Light stays on breaks work fine

How to add transmission fluid

how do i get abs light off and what do i replace next

No oil was in the antifreeze , I put more water in and it ran right out what looks like the bottom of the engine. Is there a freeze plug down there or something easy to fix ?

I travel over Donner Summit frequently and the weather conditions can get hairy!

starter will only work when the underhood relay is removed and hot wired.

has poblem in drive positon but when shift into second gear itdrive.

The fluids leaks at the bottom of my car whenever the AC gets cut on why is that?

Feels like my clutch is slipping won't pull itself up a hill hydraulic clutch standard

it occured after timing belt was replaced

The check engine light came on on my 1999 Isuzu rodeo we went to auto zone and they read it with the scanner and it said the EGR valve so we replaced it and the check engine light is still on so we went back and it said the same thing so we replaced it again and still the light is on so we don't know what to do please give any suggestions on what we should do.

My house burned down and the car key was in the house. I need a away to crank my car and drive it. Even if that means changing the ignition out

A pudder of antifreeze is found under the front of the truck See antifreeze leaking from the bottom back of the engine where it connects to the transmission

The main computer ECM went out on my 2003 Isuzu Rodeo. I found a compatible one on ebay but it needs to be reprogrammed. My mechanic can't do it, I can't find a dealership of any kind who can do it (I live in Dallas), and specialty foreign car shops can't do it. I'm out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

car slows down as if braking engine drags to a stop. it just started happening also battery has to be recharged. just started after cold weather snap and 1st snowfall

I tryed this a couple of more times but still nothing .just got back from auto zone and the batery is 100% good.

Also did oil change while the truck Ben sitting for almost a week trying figure out why it won't start

I bought a starter this wednesday the starter went out yesterday I been changing starters for three weeks now can it be something else tearing up the starters.