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I just drove my 2015 Toyota Prius 10 miles at 70mph in B. Will it hurt my car?
My car started, when going on the freeway and above 50 mph for 30 minutes or more, car would stall and reduce power. Got the red triangle with the explanation point. I had just replaced the big battery for $3000 and got new brakes for $500 both within the last 3 months. My car has 150,000 miles on it. Still drives when using the hybrid system aka below 35mphs. Is it worth replacing the transmission- I'm being quoted for $5000? Could I get some money back for the battery?
I have a 2013 Toyota Prius V that I bought new 5 years ago. I recently had the compressor go out on the air conditioner. I would like to know if this is a reoccuring issue with the Prius.
gas gauge busted.. Ran out of gas.. Car displayed check hybrid system.
went to dealer and confirmed gauge busted and said have to put gas and reset the car.
My Prius refused to start up but displayed a message on the dashboard saying:

"Check hybrid system. Stop the vehicle in a safe place".

What is the cause of this problem?
What is the solution to this problem?
How much would it cost to get it fixed?
My 2001 Prius just started a vibration, shimmy, shake when driving. It seems to happen when the transmission would be changing gears. It is an automatic. It is not affecting the power. Still goes up to 80mph. The vibration seems to lessen at high speeds and the longer it is running. If it sits for a few hours, the vibration starts out bad again. We changed the transmission fluid and it seemed to help a bit at first but the vibration is still horrible. Please advise.
I just wondered if having to have a brake readjustment and flush so soon indicated shoddy workmanship or is just something to expect? I may have to return to the repair shop where I got that done again so I wanted to check if it is something to be concerned about.
lower part of passenger side front fender has partly separated from body. Cost of replacement?
Car sometimes also has a tedancy to stall and shifts out of gear occasionally. And can take a couple times turning the vehicle on And off to get back to staying in gear so its mobile. In inverter pump coolant resevoir its so thick with that pink gunk that there is barely any coolant visible at all that is visible. Ac blows warm to hot at all times. Sonetimes get just barely cool for a few min. When just starting vehicle after its been sitting for hours. Also diagnostic codes p0505, p0446, p0442,p3191,c1249,b1811 and b1801 all are reading out. And yellow dashboard warning lights check engine maintenance req. Are always on as well as air bag indicater that is red in color. The clock spring i know is broken because the drive shaft had been replaced after snapping in half. But most of but not all of the time the large red triangle
as i am using this car and there was no problem at all,as today when i fill up petrol and after 8 to 10 miles running very slow as accelerator is ok if i accelerate its going ok but the speed became very slow and petrol consumption increase as its in 14 miles 2 unites of petrol drop which is not normal for toyota prius.
as when i speed to 30 its look like that speed of 10 to 15.
can you please guide me what to do in this situation?
When you try and turn the car on its louder than its supposed to be. It will turn on all the way to the point where the gears on the gear shift turn on on the gas but won't come out of neutral when it has jumper cables on it but when you take them off it goes back to not turning on all the way. Then it will not turn off or let you take key out until the car dies. It also says something about the transmittion parking mechanism and that the car has to be on a flat serface.
Just started last night, the gas motor came on in town, and it made the car feel as though I had a flat tire. Each time I start it now, it runs very rough for a few seconds up to about thirty seconds and then smooths out again and runs normal.
I hear a noise from the brake actuator for a few seconds when I first start driving and again after I shut the engine down, and get out of the car. is this the actuator making that noise? is it normal or does it need repair? thanks
Speedometer stays at 0mph when driving on the highway. Red break light also comes on. The car seems to be okay when we first start driving and when we’re driving in town. It’s Not tracking the mileage either and possibly the gas bars.
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