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We moved. My home preset has old address. It's a preset button. How do I edit preset buttons? I can't even figure out how to delete it.
Dealer does a multi-point check during routine 75,000 mile maintenance and recommends several types of service such as throttle body. How do I know if any of these repairs are necessary as long as the car is running fine?
I own a 2008 Toyota Prius. A couple weeks ago I was driving home from about 45 miles away. The check engine light came on and the red triangle. The car kept going slower and slower, until it would not go at all. The lights and everything electrical worked fine. I had it towed home. The only trouble code I got was P0080 and the info screen showed main battery. So I did some research and saw I could test each cell of the battery. The videos I watched showed them getting 7.51 volts on almost all the cells and 6.?? volts on 2 or 3 cells, so they would replace those cells or charge them themselves. My battery had mostly 6.?? volts cells, 5 or 6 at 5.?? volts, and I think 4 or 5 cells with 7.01 or 7.14. So I figure most the cells were bad. I bought a rebuilt hybrid battery for $1200.00, put it in the car now the gas engine won't start. I drove the car around the block, but because the gas engine won't start it ran down the hybrid. Whats going on? I hope I really needed this rebuilt battery, or was it something else the whole time. HELP!
The energy panel has come up to stay and shows charging when not idling on the battery.
center console has full power
I want to know if is there a connection to charge the hybrid battery on a prius Toyota 2002 if so where can I get one
MG2 replaced with new one. Reverse moves forward and drive moves backwards, so Polarity is reversed. I have racked my brain to figure out why. The only thing I can come up with is the stator itself isn't wired correctly. Any ideas?
When I turn on switch on it shows a battery and a car with this ! In the middle
What seems to make the problem better or worse? i really dont know because i havent be able tu get it going
How long have you had this problem? i just bought it
I just bought the car battery wasn't good so I bought a new one when I turn on the switch it won't start just on the screen says internal system not connected
What seems to make the problem better or worse? dont know havent be able ti turn it on
2010 Prius, 70000 miles
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No prob, "recommended"
Just saw dash warning light today. In May had full service, oil change, air filters, wheel alignment/tire rotation, brake inspection and complete fuel and throttle body service, fuel system cleaner and intake system cleaner.
Why is air not blowing
The humming sound is very low and only noticeable when it is very quiet....noise seems to be coming form the back
the info screen keep switching itself over to the power management the car trying to tell me something? Also, it may be happening the whole time I am driving it, but I cannot hear it until I am stopped at a light........there is a "clucking" sound.............?
Dismantled dash, replaced evaporator core. Can only use cold settings, no change to temperature when increasing the temperature via MFD. Diagnostic codes show air handler servo fault codes.
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