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My car just started stuttering kinda hard while sitting at stoplights. However, the check engine light is not on so no codes were thrown. The spark plugs are fairly new. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
Normally when you start your vehicle it raises the RPMs just a tad around 4 to 600 for about eight to 10 seconds and then gradually lowers to normal I will speed well ever since I disconnected my battery, I no longer have this idol advance at cold start
The AC blows hot air when the car is stationary
Ive had the new battery and alt checked they both check out good but gauge inside still reads almost no power. What could cause this?
I will be driving and when I go to shift into a different gear it will shift into neutral but gets stuck there. When I drop my car and turn it off I can shift properly but as soon as I restart the car the clutch is very hard to ouch and the gear shift will not go into any gear spot.
Ordered ecm online, programmed for my car, replaced the old ecm. Car cranks but won’t turn over. Started and ran prior to replacing ecm.
Wanted to know the drive cycle for 2013 Mustang gt.
Dash light icons dont come on right away light flashed fast and slow for the antitheft
I need to know which fuse to check because my trunk wont work.
In addition , the engine starts knocking when the AC is running .
can they align the rear tires? what else could it be? it takes about 3 months for my tires to be bald
Everytime I go to start the car, it starts at very low idle rpm, around 500 then bounces just above that then back down until I start to drive the it. Then the rpm's mellow out at around 1000, how ever when slowing down the rpms like to stick at around 1500 for a couple seconds. Not sure what the problem could be. I recently found out it didn't have a thermostat in, so I put one in then the car started to overheat, i took it out but it did manage to overheat a couple times. I did a coolant flush, and tried to pressurize the system only to find out one of my freeze plug were practically out. i put it back in and the car stopped overheating without the thermostat in. I haven't put it back in, due to the rpm issue and fear of making it worse due to more overheating.
I got a bottle of 134a and a hose with a gauge. I was trying to connect the gauge onto the low pressure service port but it wouldn't go on. Every time I press the gauge onto the service port green fluid comes out. And the needle on the gauge doesn't move at all.
Cranks well not start till bout 6cfsnks. Once dyltsrt fires up right away
When I turn the key on and start the car the gas hand goes to the correct reading but after 45 seconds it just falls to empty and the gas light comes on. Any suggestions?
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