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I have 42k miles on my 2014 awd sienna with run flat tires. main part of tires have 3/32 of tread left, but inside edges of all 4 tires are worn to steel belts. Toyota service manager tells me it is a common problem with run flat tires. I know I need new tires, but would like to know what caused this wear.
Similar to an electrical motor that won’t work
No power in the van since I disconnected and reconnected the battery
When i turn the key to start my car it takes some cranks b4 it starts, it seems like its not gonna start but it does . Also i feel like a dry kinda feeling while driving as if its low in engine oil, & also power window sometimes wont go up have to give it a minute b4 i try again as well the "D" for the gears wont light up any more but the others do.. hope i have been clear, with my description
Came on at 5000 miles. Cannot "erase" with OBD2 scanner.
Drive cycle?
Seat belt frayed & needs to be replaced in 2nd row seat in back of driver, how much will it cost in total
Sounds like it is coming from upper rear of motor on passenger side. Water pump and timing chain/gears replaced
There are no more details
Timing chain or belt on 3.5 motor & recommended replacement? on 2009 V6 Toyota Sienna
Toyota service person indicated that I have dry timing belt. Do I need to replace it?
The car has 60,000 miles
I have new tires on this vehicle & I am getting steering vibration starting at 65 miles per hour. The problem also occurred with my old tires. Could this be an alignment problem or maybe a front strut problem. It has the original struts on the vehicle. The rear shocks have been changed recently.
The water blow back to the reservoir
The other night while driving it I heard this horrible metal scraping sound and ever since then every time I start it it immediately dies I cannot keep it running.....
seems not to engage at start or jerks and jerked at 65 mph
I have several alarms since the tire pressure alarm stated ... check engine light, abs brake alarm, now brake alarm ... the abs and check engine light were intermittent at first ...
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