Isuzu VehiCROSS Questions

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what do I need to take off if anything to this ???

thanks chris
what kind of gasket is gone on the vehicle.coolent is leaking inside the engine.what needs to replace while replacing big is the problem.this car runs 7 km per it low or fine for this vehicle? engine light is not leaving me alone either.
how much to pull heads and pan then to pull pistons, bore to standard diameter, replace pistons/rings and reassemble the engine?
bypass the a/c pump
fan fell off and I am trying to put it back
Why does the main pulley belt drive of my isuzo crosswind XT rotates intermittently slow when i turn ON my ACU?
engine check light comes on
I have a starting problem where I only get one click and car wont turn over. Have replaced battery, starter {twice} positive cable, negative cable. This only happens on occasion and has been in the shop seven times. Since it doesnt completely fail they cant seem to determine the problem. I found the positive cable to the solenoid has a crack to bare wire and wonder if this could be causing my intermitent starting problem.
"ChecK T.O.D light blinking
My suv just started making a knocking noise as you increase the gas pedal,it's heard mostly when sitting inside the vehicle.I checked the engine's dip stick and saw no oil then I added 1quart suddenly it was full?? What can this be?
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