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Checking on purchasing a 2005 Mercury Montego with 80k
we have put an new oil filter, and oil in, we have put a new senor after cleaning the one that was in there, all these things because my car has been idling when it's damp/wet outside. The first time was when it was really hot outside, my car dies at stop lights and stop signs after idling. it shakes badly. we're really not sure what the problem is because no one has been able to get a code.
If I plug it back in the fans guit and temp gauge goes up
It still has power all dash lights are on i tried to start it an nothing it didnt turn over or anything all the seats locks an everything still work an the shifter is stuck in park its like the security system is not working how can i reset it or what do i need to do please help me if you can thank you
Just bought the car used. the passenger air bag light is on. What do I need to worry about? Are both air bags disable? What could be the causes? Would this be an expensive fix? Is there anything I can do or try?
Trying to wire in a single din stereo wired the big plug up but have no power
this is the second remote system we've had installed. the first one did the same thing. worked until it got below 30 degrees
The blower motor is working however there must be some electrical relay issue because the blower motor will not blow ..
This just happened blower motor just quit blowing however I checked it in the blower motors Goods just not getting power what could be the problem
Sounds like something is dragging under the bottom possibly rear driver side. After reaching 35+ miles you can't hear it anymore until you slow down. Also sounds like the rear brakes are scrubbing, any ideas on what it could be? Balljoints, rotors, etc???
Recently my Montego would turn over but not start. Had it towed on a flatbed to Lincoln/Mercury dealer thinking it was the fuel pump. Turns out it was the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) which I was told was under recall so there was no charge. What is the PCM, where is it and what is its function?
It sounds like a chain rollin around in my tire when I turn left it really makes a noise & even when I'm drivin down the street
When I turn on my headlights @ night my dashbard lights go out.. & my stereo lights & my gear shifter lights
i had auto repaired catalyst convertor, alternator, power steering, battery. repair person is saying i need a computer and should go to dealership the cost at auto zone is 500.00 for part. the cost at dealership is 1200 hoping you can help me know what to do.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? the man said it needs a computer it says alternator is not talking to battery
How long have you had this problem? just got all new repairs
I reset it with the Engine Check-Up function, it says ok, then I drive for awhile, light comes back on and off, just started this problem, 2 days ago, Oil Full on the dipstick..please help!! 2005 Mercury Montego 120K miles
Sometimes it doesn't act up, but other times it will do so a lot. No codes in system. Mostly does it when ac is on. I am a retired Dealership Tech.
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