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I got ready to open the hood from inside the car and the cable seemed to have broken and now the hood is stuck closed and I cannot open it.
Has done this 3 times - March, July, Sept 14. Driving at speed the car suddenly starts to lose power and then stalls. Turns over good but won't fire, like it isn't getting gas. First 2 times I had it hauled to the shop. By the time they could look at it it started just fine. Did diagnostic and it said the car was running a bit lean. But that was the only problem. They reset it and the engine light went out. This last time I got somebody to take me to work and at lunch time I had someone take me back to my car and it started just fine. Engine light still on because I can't reset. The car isn't trust worthy and winter is coming. Don't fancy sitting for 2 hours at 20 below. What would cause a car to stall and not start for a few hours and not give a problem code?
When I turn the key off, some power remains on. The A/C lights only and not the A/C, remain on. Also the power to the power windows is still on. So my battery is drained by morning. If I jiggle the key a little bit till the A/C lights go off, then the battery is ok the next morning. Is the ignition lock cylinder bad or the ignition switch? What need replacing and what does it cost?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Jiggling the key to turn off all power
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
When I turn my A/C on it only blows hot.
why does cd changer blink and not work
I changed my spark plugs and a day later I started to have the problem what can I do to fix it
also new fluid lots of movement in rez. bleed air on pump an rack
Trying to locate the body code to replace the steering rack
need instructions on how to remove turning signal switch
Put it in drive engine running car does not move
all the time when at a stop or driving slow
At first cut off cool of and then start up
Now want start at all I am told I need
Computer help me

It also has a rough idle until warm completely, After warm, it runs ok.
seems to do this after driving around thirty minutes.(Did show speed sensor code)
While driving car dies randomly?
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