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2004 Lexus LS 430 300K miles--transmission jerks when downshifting during deceleration (approximately < 10mph). The RPMs kick up when it happens. I've heard that a software update can solve the problem. I took it to a highly recommended repair shop--replaced #2 solenoid and new Toyota transmission fluid for $700 to no avail. Still jerks; very annoying. No leaks or noises other than "thump" with it downshifts....

Any help would be appreciated.
When driving over bumps it sounds like it needs new shocks, but a mechanic says it's not the shocks.
the hood used to close tightly. It no longer does. How do I adjust the hood latch or cable.
I had the unit repaired about two years ago and it was fine until last night. I tried again this morning but received error message again
my lexus won't shift out of park even though stepping on brake
The warning light is intermittent
My Lexus LS 430 navigation and controls screen is blank and is not responsive most of the time, though it starts working for a few minutes now and then and gradually becomes irresponsive. Sometimes it says that the external system is not connected. In the rare instance of working, it works for short periods esp when the car is either very hot or very cold. This is when I select my temperature, climate settings for next few weeks. I have heard simeone mention that it is the computer hard drive that is messed up and really the tiuch screen itself. Any proven repair suggestions and price fir fixing appreciated! Thanks!
heater goes to cold after a short drive adjusting the temperature does not help after car is parked a while it will work again then goes cold a short while
The vsc/off service light comes on and the a b s light as well. and the ! light.The shop changed out the timing belt and water pump.including idler , tensioner & hydraulic belt actuator.
I want the steering wheel to stay in one position of no movement when key is inserted in the ignition.
the VSC light came on 4 days ago. And the same time the car start shaking when I first start it. It's in the shop now and they told me that I have 2 coils that need to be replaced and 8 spark plugs.I read that the VSC has to do with the traction and skid control.
Please explain.
Trunk release button inside not working (Work only if you use the key
Gas door release button
Trunk light inop
No Brake light
No rear light

How long have you had this problem? today
My Lexus LS430 has 194k it is over heating on inclines. I replaced the thermostat and it is still doing it. Could it be that the water pump needs to be replaced ?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? going up an incline
How long have you had this problem? for awhile
Have replaced the transmission twice within 6 months - ouch - same problem. VSC light, Headlight leveling, engine rev's with gas but not in gear. Last week certified repair shop dropped transmission and re-set it saying that they needed to tighten harness and sensors ---ugh it's all happened again so that's not the solution! Help please.
My electric door lock will not lock. I even have to manually lock it first, then hold onto the door handle when closing the door to get the door to lock. The key will not lock the door from the outside (weird). Any ideas as to how much I will need to put aside per week for how many weeks before selling the car, because except for this problem everything else is fine. My insurance company said, however, because of the age of the car, that if I was in a wreck, it would cost me a bundle to get the car fixed because parts are just not made for 11 y.o. cars. Its a beaut though at 31K miles.
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