Mercedes-Benz GLK350 Questions

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here's a link to the part, can someone please help me figure out what this is ASAP
I see a light kind of indication on the rpm
Service indicator lights keep coming up on dashboard and have no idea what they mean. Ex: a3 - 25 days, a3 10 days etc. Also a25.
How do I find meaning for codes? Is it oil change, standard service, etc.
Could not start the car yesterday the first time it happened
Has 100,000 miles
The center console has a black material that covers it. It scratches very easily. I want to get it fixed or replaced
Instrument cluster is completely dead. Gas gauge and speedometer not working. Fuse or replacement? How much will replacement cost?
Battery ok no head lights. Interior lights and radio
Seems to happen when engine is under a load and has not shifted to a lower gear. Very annoying and troubling.

Please give me an estimate of tire replacement
Model 204
pops up almost everyday. WHY?
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