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Truck had no spark. Before it died it was running rough missing and trans jerking kind stalling but drove fine. Checked my distributor it looks fine.

Just put 300 into it and it will crank over but wont start

In my 2003 Dakota 3.9 L V6 , I have coolant slowly leaking from one of two bolts left side, front of engine near crank pulley. I had to add 1/4 gallon coolant to my overflow 06/09/17. Then again I added coolant on 06/16/17, when I noticed a leak under my truck. Today(06/17/17) it leaked again and added coolant.

Runs fine thru 1st, 2nd & third gear but that's as far as it goes. Running highway speeds is really hard on gas, not to mention the extra wear on the engine

I already changed the idle air control valve it did not fix the problem. I checked the code for the check engine light and it asks for a part that is not even in the vehicle.

New plugs, wires, dist. Cap, rotor, fuel pump, filter. All changed. Very low original miles. Thank you

I do not have ac compressor is bypassed.. heat works well-- problem is the vents start blowing hot air-- even at night when it is cool outside, at times it does not happen - same happens with wipers, they are working fine the next minute they stop

When the AC is running water drips from under the dash on the passenger side, Why?

Everytime we make a turn in the truck it makes a noise and it is hard to turn. So could be my powersteering pump or something else?

Just started after changing plugs just started making loud noise after taken up road when parked cut off n back on

ive replaced the IAC, TPS, and crank PS already and nothing has worked. Ive got gas and a spark so I really dont know what it could be. 1/2 the time when it cuts out, the check engine light comes on and sometimes even the brake and ABS lights will come on. Usually once its cooled down for 20, 30 min, it starts right up, just not for long till it cuts out again

after replacing everything in power steering system pump,hoses rack and pinion and pulley air is still gettting in the system and bleeding the system doesnt work.

Truck runs great but after 10 miles it starts jerking and looses power. So i have to pull over. It doesnt shut off and check engine light doesnt come on. Let it sit for 20 mins and its good to go for another 10 miles. Any ideas?

I have a friend with a code reader and it came up with P0133 for my truck. I am having a problem figuring out what this code is for. The dealer will not help me at all.

Pop cluch to restart new plugs cap and rotor gas treatment .problem getting worse last 3 weeks

leaving a vehicle for 3 days at a dealership seems a bit MUCH when a recall is noted to consumer and dealership does not "SCHEDULE" appts for this work

I just changed my solenoid and it taps when I'm at idol. I have no tr codes.

My engine is rebuilt but my sending unit is the original. I don't have coolant in my reservoir but it's not running hot.

Glowing white and black smoke periodically

Check gages light came on and coolant overheating smells like smoke

getting check engine light code p1494

No spark no tart power getting to coil all fuses are good

My Dakota has a bad ticking coming from the engine area it seems like its a lifter can I adjust it or is that what it seems to be ,it idels rapidly when its getting driven for a few,check engine light comes on


howdie pullin front diff out anything need to know about doin it just askin all help is good thk,s again

What sound does it make

Low idle as well. And from time to time my transmission cooling line pops off...i clamped it several times but still finds a way to give me trouble. Any advice

On occations, the motor is cold, my eng. light stays on, po442 (EVAP sys., small leak detected). My gas mil. dropped alittle.

I just replaced the fuel pump the splice was not corroded it gets spark from the distributor but it just cranks and cranks if fuel or starting fluid is put into throttle body truck starts but doesn't stay running although it does backfire. It had been stalling out occasionally then went to the gas station put some gas in it drove home then wouldn't start.

Yesterday, in Petersburg, I can't get the gearshift to release after pressing brake pedal very hard.