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No spark what do I check next?
I replaced my PCM with a rebuilt one. Original code is gone now I am getting P0443. It will only code after it reaches normal temp. & I switch it off. I can drive it all day as long as never switch it off with no code. I have talked to the supplier of the rebuilt unit several times trying to make sure it wasn't there unit. The first one they sent me fixed my electric fan problem. How ever I was getting transmission code & my transmission would not take off in low gear. I sent this one back & they sent me the second one which is coding P0443. My original computer was burned out due to fan relay going out. I still have it so I reinstalled it & I don't get the P0443 code. I think it may be a bad computer again. Help I am lost
Had tranny an fuel pump recently change
Have been having my distributor breaking an cant seem to find out why until i look up timing chain symptoms an seen that i have alot of the same things going on
Slow take of , no power in gas pedal won't go over 30 mph and stalls at stops
I feather the gas pedal and sometimes have to restart it before I can get it running. It only happens when trucks warm starting.
I recently put in new MOOG ball joints and tie rod ends. The tires (good year wranglers) are about 6 mos. old.
riding smoothly down the road then a slight vibration starts and gets worse. If I quickly come to a stop and start again, the vibration is usually gone. It may happen again down the road or not for a few days. When I stop during the heaviest vibration the whole truck seems to shudder.
When I push the overdrive button the transmission will not go into overdrive but it lights up
What does A.I.R stand for? I.e. with a.c. without or with A.I.r.
Truck goes in reverse but when in D, d1, d2 it does nothing but rev high rpms with no movement. Thought is was bad tranny, dropped pan and no metal shavings in pan so reassembled and put new fluid. Ran ok but a bit rough for 2-3 days and then issues came back with not dropping into any drive shifts. So checked code manually with the on/off 3x and on again watching light blink and only got code 33 and then the code 55 end of codes.
just need access to valve cover bolt #4 on passenger side bolt is strip and need to repair have no room and the only way i see to get to it is by removing the A/c accumulator to have a straight shot to bolt hole to be able to drill out and tap
After I cut my truck off. I I lifted my hood up and seen a lot of condensation on the Accumulator
My 2003 Dodge Dakota 3.9L 4x4 ignition seems to cut out and then resume at all speeds and even when idling. This will happen at different times.
Gas gauge stays on E has for years and the other day it worked for about 10mins. Now back to E. All other gauges besides rpm work.
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