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6 month s
Truck sat for 2 years and ran fine. Trued to start it. No power to fuel pump. Changed all relays and fuses still no power to fuel pump.
It is located at the bottom of the timing chain cover and the top of the oil pan!
I put the 03 sincurs on the 97 pugs wires new
When i got into my 2002 Dodge Dakota today, no one had driven it yet today. I got to a stop sign and the truck kind of lunged forward and it acted like it was gonna die. I waited a min. then started to drive and it died. It wasn't doing this the previous day. Why? As i drove around town I noticed that it seemed to go away after I had been driving later.
what weight oil is in the 5 speed transmission? on my 1999 dakota sport
4 cylinder NV1500
And what kind of oil and how much to top

Coil won't fire
I just bought a 93 Dodge Dakota Le it has a 3.9l v6 Magnum and it will turn over and it has great compression but it won't​ get power to the coil I just replaced the distributor cap and pickup coil and checked to see if it has any bare of broken wires anywear and there ain't any and it's still doing the same thing
It turns over but won't start. Have replaced the PCM, distributor cap and rotar, ignition module, ignition coil and crank sensor. Still no luck. Thoughts or ideas?
Idles high can be driving and it loses power cant get above 20 to 30 mph has a loud whine
When the truck is at idle it is idling any where from 400 to 800 rpm.
This just started happening when i put in a new brain because my dash gages weren't working
Backup lights don't work. I replaced all the blow out fuse and bulbs. I even replace NSS. Still dont work. I don't think it has a back up light switch for I looked for it and didn't find it. All light works except back up light. Help.
I replaced all ball joints on the front end.Passenger tire is slightly turned to the right. How do i fix it?
I turn on headlights and only get the parking lights and rear tail lights. High beam switch does work and headlights come on in high beams. I have checked the bulbs and they. I also have no horn and have replaced the horn relay with no change. Also defrost blower motor does not work. Friend who was using truck to move said that he blew the horn and the lights horn and blower stopped working.
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