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No noise. Merchanic looked over it abd found no fault.
Within the last month during very cold month when I needed my heat the most, I have noticed that my front blowers and defrosters have not been blowing. I thought I was doing something wrong. Oddly enough the heat does blow in the back row. When cut off the rear there is no sound at all that to indicate that heat is blowing in the front and no heat is felt from the vents. I have adjusted the temperature and still nothing. I have to physically wipes my foggy windows to drive. I searched online and I am not the only one with this issues. Why has there not been a recall?!
The navigation display has gone to half its original brightness , very hard to see display. Happened while I was driving two days ago and checked brightness setting and reset to original default no change.
The car was running. I pulled out the dipstick to check the oil. The car died. It will not start back. What could be the problem
Also my bsck up camera is it suppose to beep when you get close to something?
When i crank the car it dies not start and there is ni sound at all
Need to know how to change altnator in my mazda cx9 2007
the airbag light on the dash started blinking and continues to blink off and on while driving
My car is throwing the code that this O2 sensor needs replacement.
How expensive is it to paint a 2007 CX9 Mazda?
vehicle is a SUV 2008 mazda CX-9
The LH tail light does not work, the tail light assy is good, I swapped with a known good part to verify. The RH tail light does work. Fuses were checked and they are good.
Check settings and read the manual. No explantion
My vehicle came with a receiver mounted on the back but no rv light plug. I installed a 4way plug by pluging it into the exiting wiring . Also installing a 7way plug to fit my trailers 7way plug.
Now I'm trying to install a brake controler on the dash but I don't know if there is a factory installed plug in for the controler under the dash or I need to run new wires to hook it up ?
Itemized estimate for transmission that includes detail like: parts, labor, teardown, fluids, core, seals, ect. Then states at the bottom does NOT include shop charges and taxes.... What are these vague shop charges? & why not list the estimated shop costs in the estimate?
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