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The coins are us coins. They accidentally fell into the gearshift when I was trying to grab some change. I’m concerned that it might damage my gearshift in the future. I just want to make sure everything will be fine. I won’t do anything if everything will be fine, it’s about 32¢ in coins.
This is the first time it happened there was no warning lights that came on it just died in the middle of the street. Now it won't turn over
Hi I’m getting a problem of people bumping their head on the open tailgate on my CX9....I know the obvious question is how tall are these people
when I start my car the 4wd light comes on and does not go out. This started a month ago. I was driving slowly on clear dry pavement and pulled over to the side of the road into an area that was covered with an inch of snow. After a brief stop I pulled back onto the road and the light came on and has remained on.
when I turn off turn signal and than reapply brakes the brake lights work.
2010 cx-9 will drive normal then suddenly lose power and start jerking. The more gas you try to give makes it jerk worse. it still runs when you pull over and will drive in manual until, for no reason starts driving normal again.This is the problem when i take it to the dealer. they drive it around the block and say it runs fine. no warning lights come on and its not overheated. its at the dealer again because it lost power in the passing lane of a busy interstate.I'm expecting the same answer from them since it was driving normal when i dropped it off.Can anyone help?
No noise. Merchanic looked over it abd found no fault.
Within the last month during very cold month when I needed my heat the most, I have noticed that my front blowers and defrosters have not been blowing. I thought I was doing something wrong. Oddly enough the heat does blow in the back row. When cut off the rear there is no sound at all that to indicate that heat is blowing in the front and no heat is felt from the vents. I have adjusted the temperature and still nothing. I have to physically wipes my foggy windows to drive. I searched online and I am not the only one with this issues. Why has there not been a recall?!
The navigation display has gone to half its original brightness , very hard to see display. Happened while I was driving two days ago and checked brightness setting and reset to original default no change.
The car was running. I pulled out the dipstick to check the oil. The car died. It will not start back. What could be the problem
Also my bsck up camera is it suppose to beep when you get close to something?
When i crank the car it dies not start and there is ni sound at all
Need to know how to change altnator in my mazda cx9 2007
the airbag light on the dash started blinking and continues to blink off and on while driving
My car is throwing the code that this O2 sensor needs replacement.
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