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a noise only when you push on gas pedal
mercedes stated smell was from turbo leak
There is one tire that is a little low yet the other ones are ok.
This happened after parking the car for about a week. i realized rear lights where left on. I have jump started the car, restarted and reset command...but unfortunately , during one of my jump start activities i mistakenly reversed the polarity of the terminals. Everything works fine but vehicle wont start. I have airbag srs malfunction display, left turn and brake light signal display,etc. Dash display also blinks when i attempt to start vehicle.
When I attempted to start the first time it started and went off after about 10 seconds- the command displayed "anti-theft protection activated" . It has been two weeks now, I changed batteries in keys, reset the command, jump started but vehicle wont start. There is a constant clicking noise in the underhood fuse box which I identified as a relay. One time I tried to jump start and unfortunately I reversed to terminal polarity-wiper and fan were running till I disconnected jump start. command totally went off but dealership fixed that, command is working but still vehicle wont start. Dash display also blinks when key is turned in attempt to start
Occurs anytime standing in parking or running. Mercedes Benz that there're nothing wrong. But, I'm sure that there is a problem with the exhausting of the gases.
The engine light is on in my card . the code that i have when I put the computer is P008A
The engine light is on in my card . the code that i have when i put the computer is P008A
The car just had a minor crash and changed the front bumper and right headlights.

After 2 months waiting for the parts, all lights came on. The wheel speed sensor was changed but lights still come on.

Brake lights work well.
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