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Need to be replaced having problems with fan not turning off po118 issues smell of gas fumes. Ect.

I have had some problems with the ignition switch not wanting to turn

I never use speed control so I dont think thats it. Could it be what controlls gas flow or idle air by pass valve in 1999 car. When first cranked drove sluggish.

I bought a whole new control panel and still have the issue.i check the 30amp fuse and Its good.all i can rhino of it being now is a resistor or a relay

The wiring harness is dry rotted

It seems as if something is blowing the regulator in the alternator. Any suggestions I've tried every thing I can think of. Please help

I have never heard of this before , she ended up hitting a guardrail when the wheel locked up . The damage can be fixed but not sure if I should fix the car if I can't figure out why the steering wheel locks up . It happened 3 times already the last time she hit the rail

If you just attach sensors will a car still run

I replaced the vss beacause my car was skipping and jumping around the car only has around 43000 miles on it so the trany wasn't the problem so my next guess was the vss I replaced it and now my speedometer will not work

speedometer and cruise don't work

I had the spark plugs, spark plug wires, valve gasket replaced. Still having a problem. There was oil all over spark plug boots because of valve gasket leak, put new spark plugs in before leak was fixed but my mechanic fixed the gasket and wires and didn't replace spark plugs because they were new. Still having a problem. I can start up a hill fine but at a certain point it just bogs down and won't accelerated, i have to take my foot on and off the gas to get the car going again. Same thing when I am driving at 65 mph. It will be fine then suddenly drop speed. Should I just replace the spark plugs again? I don't think that is the issue. Also the check engine light comes on when it happens and then turns off. Otherwise the car runs very well it only has 160k miles on it. I have had it for 6 years. Also I had this problem a while back then it stopped after cleaning a small piece of foam in the air filter system. I don't think that's what stopped it because I did that again and it didn't change this time. It actually started again when I had the struts replaced and got a regular oil change. I let a broken strut spring go for a long time so the rear end of the car was sitting low for a long time and now it sits up right. Don't know if that makes a difference but thought I would give all details.

air and heat blower>???

I had broken the key inside the tumbler but was twisted so I couldn't get it out, I bought and replaced the cylinder but now the new keys will not come out of the tumbler/cylinder. and can not move gear shift out of park

no ]effect still same problem, any solutions ...please help !!!!!!!!!!

this has been happening since the car was almost new. Love the car, like new but for these darned lights.

Replaced the thermostat and checked the vacuum valve above the gas pedal. It seems to be working, but still no heat?

I have a 1999 Mercury mystique, it has a very hard to start if it starts it stalls if I am able to keep it running, there is no check engine light noted lights on in the dash, as soon as the thermostat starts to move the engine fan turns on feels like it stays open loop, and no check engine light help me please?

The fans inside are flowing thru the car for heat, defost or a/c, could this be a simple matter, should I check the fuses?

Out of nowhere, our A/C stopped working in our Mystique. Did some testing and then some research online and came up with replacing the blower motor. Did that and it's still not working. What else could it be? A/C & heat not working at all, no problems before today and the car has only been driven on highway the day before. Tested switch & power & they were fine.

From idle to about 2800 RPM's the 4 cyl has almost no power or torque. Once it gets above 2800 RPM's it runs very impressively.

It drives fine, but when I slow down and to turn or come to a stop it idles up and down and then cuts off. Changed the fuel pump run good for a 30 minutes. Check engine light is on as well

no acceleration dies when when accelerating unplugged some of the mass air sensor low idle sensor nothing changes motor

I have already replaced the thermostat, and it does open. I can feel the radiator hose getting hot water, but the radiator remains cold, even when the engine temp gauge is pinned and there is coolant boiling in the engine. I don't want to have to do one then the other if possible.