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524246 is part sent why is part # 524245 also listed
had to change one of the parking light bulbs . once replaced could not get the lights (front and back to work).
check fuses seem to be ok.
My car was working fine, but now it isn't turning over or doing anything when I try to crank it, no light on, just won't do anything, please if you have any idea what might be going on
So there's a slow coolant leak about center rear of the engine block which drains the reservoir. And when the climate control is on, you can smell the coolant leak. Any idea on where to look for the leak? Or the source?
The clunk noises can be heard when going over any size bump or crack on the ground , it's like a clunk ,thump, almost pop noise in the front. The creeking sound I hear it in the rear from inside the cabin sometimes can't seem to figure out what it is. Also when I drive over 50 mph my car starts to shake a bit and the steering wheel also. When I slow down the shaking is light but noticeable .
my friend used an impact drill to unplug and plug the drain plug and now it leaks from around the area of the drain plug.
It stalls once the car has warmed up. I've also notice a weird smell from under the hood once it heats up. It stalls in forward and reverse. No lights are on the dash and no codes have shown. I've had the MAF sensor replaced. the throttle body cleaned and the ECU reset. Before resetting the ECU, it would actually go dead but since resetting, it just stalls but does not die. Dealership says they have no idea!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
Leaking oil at the Oil filter housing.
Ihave a 2003 Infiniti g35
I keep having a problem with code p0011 check engine light... Every time i go they replace something in that same area? Is this common or am i being ripped off. Its costimg me so much money.. Pls help me..
2003 coupe g35 mt, starts and idles but after a min. Dies, everything on the combo meter stays on. Used a scanner, i got these codes p1212, p1610, p1612, u1001. Any info is appreciated
need to rev up the engine to red line to get car to move.
is this a transmission issue?
The tcm broke where the solenoid plugs in . It's a common problem . I found a 2004 re505r transmission. Will the tcm out of it work in the 05 re505r transmission . Or is it vehicle specific .
Car is not blow hot air and I think that happen went I use a/
G35 2007 Sedan : Replacing the drivers side window switch panel. I have the part and looking to how to replace. Do I pry the cover off that covers the switch ? I don't see any screws to remove. Thanks
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