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I drive an INFINITI G35 and when I press on the gas the car makes a roaring sound and it smells of gas sometimes when I drive it.
While driving, my are all of a sudden started to rev high, speed dropped down to 10 mph. I pulled over, turned off car.
Started it back up, had to give it gas until it reached 3000 rpm's. I was able to creep along at 10 mph. Had to have a ramp truck come and bring it home. Any ideas? The car starts up no problem and I can also shift into drive. Then it just idles unless I give it gas and rev it up until 3000 rpm's
I have a g35 2008 Infiniti and my voice command is not working?
This is the first time
When I unplug the intake valve timing circuit bank 2 the car runs fine when I plug it in and it's misfiring
We got no sound after battery went dead
My battery went dead but no sound from my radio
Hi, my alarm keeps going off when i use my key instead of the fob to unlock the car. it continues, even if i start the car. please help. thanks.
I've only had the car for a day. It blows heat when I need the heater but the AC doesn't come out cold.
The garage said in order to replace the gaskets we need to buy the left and right valve pan covers as well
While stopped I hear nothing...but during take offs and during shifts it rattles...what could this be?
Smell of rubber burning after coil 5 change and spark plugs ..valve cover gaskets was done as well it is not rattling loudly anymore but it still gives a little jerk when accelerating.. Its been about 3 weeks .I have driven the car about nine total hours since repairs.
I just drove my g35 2006 that it needed wash fluid so I went to put some in & afterwards the warning light still is on
I purchased 2004 infinity g35x from dealer,engine light was on,they,said oh its just o2 sensor,we'll take care of it, a week later we pick car up engine light was off,we drove 17 miles from dealer and car cut off on highway,took to mechanic they said camshaft sensor bank 2,that cost 1500 to fix they said car did NOT have that problem when I took it home,tell me whos going to believe that,is there a way to prove fraud from what I just told you,please....I need a little help with this ,trying to explain this to my lawyer so that it make sense
G35 Infinity will not start (dead battery) every 10 days or so. Both battery (after charging) and alternator test as fine. Security light blinks without stopping. Vampire discharge?
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