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front suspention noisy and drops low when not running.what coud be the problem is it other tipe of shocks.

Arriving at my home I could turn off the engine and the radio and windows won't work.

And where could I get that installed

when I filled it the last time, I noticed it was showing smoke from under the hood as I get on the interstate,

It would come on suddenly like a siren, then taper down, up and down a few times. This was about an hour after I had driven it, keys out, and all locked up!?

is it true and where is it located ? could same one answer this for me please.

Hi, I own a Mercedes-Benz 2006 R350 78, 000 mils on it and when I drive it my transmesionis going up to 2nd gear only, if anyone can help I appreciate

I replace the left front wheel bearing and i don"t remember seeing a counter on the outer CV joint for ABS and my ABS light is on i reseted and comes back on saids problem whith wheel bearing,

It's seems to happen first thing in the morning & is worse in warmer weather.

It is the main computer for the engine.

I need to replace the fuel filler door. Color of vehicle is black

Leaning to the right (passenger Site). Don't know what could be. Maybe is the air lift system/front and rear?

The brakes tail light left is on the dash monitor but not for the right side.

Had a local replace my dead battery and the vehicle has power, but the dashboard doesn't show the transmission indicators, the ignition has no life, not a sound when the key is inserted.

Today I accidentally locked my keys in and now I can't get in what is a strategy to unlock it or what can I do?

check the amp and all fuses still wont work, everythings turn on but no sound.

Changing the lamps did not help. A regular mechanic looked at it and said that it might be that the circuit board that the bulbs go into is bad, OR that the control module is bad and is not activating the lights. Worse case, if it's the SAM module, what range of costs am I looking at? And how do you tell if it IS something more minor, (such as the circuit board,) or the entire SAM module?

all 4 air bags are new so I know not leaking i am getting visit repair shop any thoughts.