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button to open gas cap door doesn't work. can i manually release door from the trunk?
I was driving down the road and it was like it popped in neutral. In all gears no traction. It just revs up
gotten the manual showing all engines but not the one I have. can not determine where the crankshaft position sensor is located. can you perhaps suggest some places to look
It acts like it want to crank but want.
the car cranks good runs good but when you put it in drive and give it gas it tries to die and starts spitting and sputtering if you feed more gas you can get it to go but has began using a lot more gas to
just installed a new radiator.
Valve cover gasket replacement . Would you use a molded rubber gasket?
lleve al auto a ponerle las pastilla nuevas de los fenos y cuando salio tiene las luces de ANTI LOCK y TCL encendida, cuando loenciendo en la mañana estan apagadas y despues de caminar unas millas ambas se encienden
Just put new pads all the way around now bad grinding sound from rear when brake and also all the time after releasing brake driver side tire also leans in on top didn't make this noise before pads where changed any help in right direction
My traction control light is on I looked online it said it could possibly be that but tried multiple things but it still flashes any help would be great. Thanks
I fixed the pan added oil but won't start
All of a sudden everything on dashboard starting flashing. There is a small red indicator that looks like a battery where clock is located. Car stalled and won't restart...dead battery?
I just bought a 2002 Mitsubishi diamante LS from a friend of mine & his daughter has ripped the stereo & amp out leaving only the wires exsposed I just need to know if it matters what year of diamante I get the amps hook up plug out of
I put a new torque converter and and transmission pump
The car was running fine it started put put like it was not getting gas and I was pressing the gas. Put a brand new battery in had the oil changed .It has been sitting for a few years and wasn'the being driven
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