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Have a 2014 Hyundai Equus and I had put snow tires on the car (MN winters !) and have now had my Discount Tire folks swap the tires out for my regular all season radial tires. Do the larger tires go on in the back wheels ?
The right rear wheel is way out of alignment. While strongly accellerating or driving uphill (when more weight than normal is on the rear wheels) or hard cornering to the left, it sets up a strong vibration/shimmy in the steering wheel. The steering also pulls to the right when that happens. I recently had to have both front control arms replaced because the bushings were cracked and broken, something that should not be necessary after 53k miles normal driving. I'm afraid this repair will become necessary again if I leave this problem unfixed. What parts have to be replaced to enable aligning of the right rear wheel again, and how much will the repair cost?
Temperature kept fluctuating and now there are only random digital lines on the display. Is this covered under the warranty (even if purchased used)? If not, what is the cost to replace?
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