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they said it's not possible to alignment my car because for that reason.

At start up engine surges 1500 to 2100 rpm
Throttle body replaced and relearned still the same problem surges
My 03 Nissan sentra gxe will crank but not start.
When I put the obd scanner on it, it shows that it linked to the car but will not retrieve any codes.
I'm beginning to believe that I have an ecm issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
This happens even at very low speeds (less than 20mph). I do not have this problem as much when making right turns or braking (only when conditions are really severe). Tires are 4 months old, but not snow tires. Could this be a problem with the alignment? Or something else? Do I need snow tires?

I did not have this problem last winter.
I hit a curb at about 20 miles an hour all four tires went over the curb the front end was knocked out of alignment almost a full degree on both sides the shop did the alignment the steering wheel is level there's no vibration and the car drives straight even when braking however it makes sort of a woo woo woo helicopter noise at 58 miles an hour
Mechanic recommends replacing rear struts due to age of vehicle. I just want to be sure that the vehicle has rear struts and not shocks.
I recently just got an new thermostat put into my car for the overheating to stop but it's still doing the same thing .
Coolant isn't staying full but I don't see any small leaks. Car do hesitate to crank up when it actually do it takes me a couple of times for it to fully crank ..what else could be wrong with it . I haven't been driving it since then and this was 3days ago ..
My name is Barbara Boykin and contact number is 870-329-0429. I was not aware of a recall notice on the fuel pump for a 2002 Nissan Sentra. On March 14, 2010, my vehicle caught fire and completely burned caused by a leaking fuel line. The police report number is 10-00000897. Please review this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Nothing. Just need to know if i could use a 94 nissan sentra 2 door car for my 98 nissan sentra 4 door car??
front struts replaced on both sides. Is a wheel alignment required
My ignition is stuck in lock and will not budge I've giggled the steering wheel the key I've tried everything!! The steering wheel moves freely but the key will not turn!!
while driving the car seems to loose power and runs very slowly, at other times the car runs normal
When I have to brake very hard, ie an emergency stop, think kid ran out in front of you type of stop. Once stopped, then starting off again, I have very poor acceleration for approx 30 seconds. Does the ABS lock the brakes so hard that it takes a while to get the pads moved away from the rotors, or can this be due to something else?

The car has approx 47K miles, is mainly driven on short journeys, work to home is approx 4 miles, and is a 2010 model 2.0s
changed fuel injectors resat each one 4 times checked it without plugs and no fuel goes in cylinder. put it all back and cylinders fill with fuel when i try to crank 1993 nissan sentra base model 1.6l engine
on my 2006 Nissan Sentra automatic, the rpm s are revving up high when accelorating and it takes a minute for the car to gain speed
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