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Replacing clutch have never pulled front wheel drive transmission
Grinding noise heard when in park and neutral. Now the key won't turn over.
Have 06 Sentra SE_R. It shifts 1,2,3, then to overdrive. Turning 2500 rpm at 65 mph. Is this right
I have an 05 Nissan Sentra 1.8L with about 130xxx miles on it. I replaced the spark plugs but still isnt getting spark. I seen that you can buy the entire ignition coil or you can buy just the ignition boot. Would it be better to replace the entire ignition coil or just the boot itself?
No dipstick and no info in the owners manual. Only thing is the type which I was able to buy on amazon. Drained out about 24 oz from drain pan and added about 28 oz. Car continues to make a whinning noise when idle and whem accelerating at high rpm over 2500. Any info will be nice.
2013 Nissan Sentra

Fuel cap is not loose. Also I cannot scroll through the dashboard other indicators.
2015 push to start sentra cranks alot before starting sometimes i have to wait a bit before trying again for it to start
I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra with a CVT transmission. I did not know that a CVT transmission took a different type of oil, so I have been putting 5W-30 oil in my car when I am not able to get an oil change. I know I have added at least 3 quarts of 5W-30 oil to my car. I have noticed that the car makes different noises such as knocking when I turn the wheel, and it is hesitant to shift gears when I am changing from park to reverse or drive. Is there anything I can do to fix the damage I have done? Or is it too late?
It is now written consult the dealer on radio screen
I Recently Purchased a pre-owned Nissan Sunny 2015 Base Model (Automatic transmission), I noticed that there is no engine temperature gauge, m afraid that what if temperature was usually higher than required and I even don't know about it, that way my car is getting damaged and may lead to serious consequences,
We just wanted to change transmission fluid and filter wanted to Know how much it would cost a car repair person to fix it
Why it have lot of miles
Replaced temp sensor and water leaks. Temp Gage goes up fast when I turn right . No heat except rare occasion at idle.
they said it's not possible to alignment my car because for that reason.

At start up engine surges 1500 to 2100 rpm
Throttle body replaced and relearned still the same problem surges
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