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What could cause speedometer to be off by 15mph on my 2016 nissan sentra sv when going 55mph s speedometer shows 40 mph
Twice i had a an new alternator put in my 2008 Nissan Sentra and both had a voltage regulator reading of 15.5. My battery light stays on although my battery has a full charge. What am I doing wrong when it comes to replacing my alternator or is it another issue?
Banging on top of instrument cluster causes gauges and warning lights to function briefly
The car acts like it doesn’t want to go when it is in drive. I sometimes have to cut the car off at a red light and then cut it back on in order for it to accelerate.
On my 2008 Nissan Sentra the current milage is 130000. Does the timing belt need replacement if the engine run smoothly
I am trying to smog my car. Cat. O2.monitors are set. Egr.monitor not setting.
When car changes gears it jerks hard
Happens all the time.the rest of clutch works.
When I put the key in it will not start my car I have to play with the key for a while before it will work it just started today
Replaced throttle body and reprogrammed mass air flow sensor and crankshaft sensor vapor purge sensor and fuel pump
My car's owner manual recommends keeping tire pressure to 35 psi, while the driver side label on my car states 33 psi. I am wondering what should I follow between the two.
Turned on air. Two miles down the road car starts running hot and sputters. Why
I can also hear a banging sound when shifting and the car wont move any further.
Check engine light comes on and off for Mass air flow sensor... it has been changed out for over a month but does something need to be reset? The light comes on and off but doesn't stay on. And probably non related but the air went out around the same time.
Do not have a trusted mechanic here what are some things they should be looking at if I take it in? What are some things I can do myself before taking it in (add refrigerant?)
does make a noise like something is caught in the door, but it's always been there just a few weeks ago it wouldn't go up on it's own?
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