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The battery keeps draining and I have to jump the car. I have recently replaced the battery but the electrical drain persists. Also, when I turn the car off the control display stays on for about 10 minutes after turning the car off. The radio cuts in and out.
I wo?uld like to have all my headlights replaced one time how much would that run me
My water pump has a hole where a pipe is supposed too fit into my alternator. But my alternator has no place for a coolant pipe how can i plug off the hole
I was vacuuming the car out one day and then I just didn't start car seems to not be getting fuel already change the relay battery is fine... I don't get it. Can someone help?
I was told I need a fan motor for my bmw
Blowing out hot air from the air conditioner and defrost on the coldest
Bought a new battery car starts up goes a couple of miles and shuts off completely DSC light comes on and check engine light
It happens often
The screen ain't coming on or the two front seat want move
Emergency mode light on won't stay running
I was driving on the highway, then the oil light came on, I went about 3 more miles to the next exit because it was dark and rainy I could not pull over on the highway, and almost made it to a lot when the car shut down. I went into the hood and oil was all over the place. no coolant leak at all. just oil on the engine. tried to start but didn't start, tried to turn over then when I tried starting too many times battery started to die. car never over heated, no coolant on the engine. is it possible car went into some safe mode, computer wise? car also will not come out of park into neutral.
Replaced all 4 obd sensors, both ccv
Clean both exhaust manifold ports replaced the battery and all spark plugs also gas cap
All monitors but secondary monitor will not complete
I put the right grad but from a off brand service station an my car started running very bad after I can smell raw gas I have these cods 363. An 1347
What is generator fault
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