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2008 e350 4matic sunroof fix cost
interior wood strips coming loose on dash, doors and in rear seating. issue does not include areas where power seats and locks are controlled. MB says ongoing problem with MB convertibles in southern states but not willing to fix it

How long have you had this problem? For 3years haven't changed nothing yet
where is the auxiliary battery location on my 2011 e350 sedan. Thanks
Is this the transmission?
It started declining when I had my transmission flushed at 47K miles. I now have 65K miles and all of my regular maintenance has been done. Nothing else seems to be wrong with the car.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? my avg gas mileage has been going down 24 now down to 19
How long have you had this problem? one year
It just happened while driving on the freeway
The mechanic is saying that the fuel tank has only one open hole for fuel plumb. The other hole is capped. We need to replace the tank since we can not just replace the plumb. The car smell gas and will not start without spraying fuel injection. I can be reached at 770-851-1014. Thanks a million!
This has only happened 3 times since owning the car but when I shift from Park to Drive the transmission does not go into gear. The front screen says D but the engine just revs. Last time this happened it took 3 restarts to make it engage Drive.
I have a 2015 E 350. My auxiliary battery malfunction alert came on, so I ordered a battery. I was shipped a small battery about 3 inches long and I have no idea where or if it goes in my car. Any ideas?
Auxiliary battery malfunction light is on
I have a 2007 Mercedes E50 with 80k miles the dash say I need service D
Where is the problem and what causes this. How much it will cost me to have it repair.
What do you mean by P0422
My a/c isnot blowing cold...i. Checked to see if freon needed to be added an it was full..
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