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The fuel pump of Mercedes E350 sedan 2008 model position
Wood trim loose in Mercedes 2011 e350 on driver door and over glove compartment. Do you know a repair company in MD or Northern VA?
I was driving when my car completely cut out I tried to restart it it wouldn't start I took it to the mechanic shop you can smell gas I was told it is my fuel pump it was replaced but was told it is a much bigger problem they have to go inside the fuel tank and the cost will be 3100 dollars.
it's not under the seat
my dipstick keeps popping out and i hear bubbling sound after few miles of driving also engine has ticking noise people think its adiesel at times
The "auxiliary battery malfunction" appeared, so the aux battery was replaced. Still reappears every couple of days. Also, had the "cruise control inoperable" appear, but the next day it was working. Another day the automatic lights feature was inoperable, Next day it was fine. Do I need a new computer or an update?
Should also tell you that last January there was some sort of computer failure that would not allow the vehicle to shift into gear from park, with a red alert "do not shift gears, service required". Repaired: "M.E. was taking down can bus. Replaced M.E. and profgrammed."
I have a warning message on my dashboard indicated auxiliary battery malfunction, but I cannot located that battery
2008 Mercedes Benz E350 4Matic
2008 e350 4matic sunroof fix cost
interior wood strips coming loose on dash, doors and in rear seating. issue does not include areas where power seats and locks are controlled. MB says ongoing problem with MB convertibles in southern states but not willing to fix it

How long have you had this problem? For 3years haven't changed nothing yet
where is the auxiliary battery location on my 2011 e350 sedan. Thanks
Is this the transmission?
It started declining when I had my transmission flushed at 47K miles. I now have 65K miles and all of my regular maintenance has been done. Nothing else seems to be wrong with the car.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? my avg gas mileage has been going down 24 now down to 19
How long have you had this problem? one year
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