Isuzu Ascender Questions

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it will start up and you can drive about 2 miles and the truck will cut off -lost of acceleration, engine light and the other engine light with a down arrow comes on. At that time the vehicle is non responsive.
Some times stop for a few seconds
It knocks and also sounds like water pressure going up and down when I stop. That solution above was given to fix a knock as well and I was wondering if that was the case. Just a temporary fix.
Ran low fluid change filer on won't shift into 3rd gear
We can never get the air in the rear to come on, be at AC or heat. And if the air does happen to come on and we need the AC it is not cool air that comes out it is hot air.
My car keeps running hot.
Where is my knock sensor located
The switch thay controls your bright lights, and windshield wipers is going bad in my 03 chevy trailblazer need to know if i can use an 04 ascender
"stabilitrak off" light comes on and car will only do 5mph. turning car off, waiting a minute, then starting it again fixes it for a while. disconnecting the battery was tried also.
Its a light on the dash board that comes on with a wheel frame an a wrench on it wat does it mean.
2004 Isuzu Ascender
Does not respond to any of the controls for the AC or heater
When it is in drive it won't go but put in reverse it goes
Promo code says running too cold
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