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I was listening to my cd and it just shut off and went to radio so i tryed to eject it and it read cd error
Tryed to put freon on a 06 lincoln zephyr and it won't take the freon
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Its worse because it blowing hot air
How long have you had this problem? A few days
checked the HID fuse its good, the plug in the bulb has 4 pins how to check for voltage there what values should it read and does no voltage at all mean the light ballast is bad?
Transmission not shifted
can i get air conditioning to go lower that 15c
Do the Lincoln zephyr have a navigation DVD base CD that can be bought to access the DVD player?
Ordered a replacement PCM that is ready for installation and has been flashed. Need to have old PCM removed and the new one placed on
car as well as a "Parameter Reset".
I have almost 120,000 miles. What can it be and how much do you think it'll cost me. Thank you
It started as a little noise when you were at a stop and turned the steering wheel. We had to strain to hear it. Now you hear it clearly whenever you turn the wheel. We just bought the car used
Once the car stalled after it felt like it was not getting any gas. One we tried to restart it the there was no spark and shortly after that happened the battery went dead.
The first item that was checked was the fuel pump. That worked fine pressure was up to code.
A code showed that the crank sensor need to be changed. That was done.
Now the car starts and runs for about 15-20 minutes and dies. Again no spark. Then the battery goes dead. It is now at the second repair shop. Still no answer. Any ideas and have you heard of this happening in other Lincolns?
Thank you

This will happen at high speed or stop and go traffic speed. I shut the car off and restart which works for the immediate fix, but not the cure.
Hasn't been much rain lately but I believe this happens after rain. But the driver side area of my trunk gets wet. I've had to remove the trunk liner twice, and once found about 1/2 gallon of water under the spare tire. Tail lights are not holding water and are working properly. Trunk is always closed, and the rubber trunk seal doesnt look like it's bad or old. No sign of water entry just a wet trunk liner and trunk contents randomly. Any idea whats happening?
started makinf a weird noise only when i start my engine for the firt ten minutes then goes away, i took it to a mechanic and he tol me it was my "timing chain" asked him how much would it cost to fix and he told me flat out "its not worth it" i asked him how long will it take for my car to go out?. he said maybe 1 day 3 months a year, so if anyone can help me out and help me wit the noise like something is loose n rattling but once my car warms up it goes away, my car shifts well,runs smooth,no problems after i start it n start to drive , its just for the forst ten to fifteen minutes it does a weird noise , i wanna know if its worth fixing or if that is even the problem..
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