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Car starts on first key turn only past of the time. Sometimes it will start on the first turn, sometimes on the 8th turn, as high as 142 turns but it will always start. Hear a clicking, cleaned all connections on starter and battery
My car makes a whooping noise that's very noticeable over 20 mph, and the last 4 times I've driven it, it seems to be getting a little louder each time... I suspect it's some kind of tire issue because the noise speeds up as I accelerate, but not sure exactly what it is.. The noise stops when I apply breaks.. I think this noise started after I made a 5 hour drive, and a week or so later, left my car sitting for a few days while on vacation... Not sure if that's relevant.... Also know I'm in need of rotors/break pads in the somewhat near future and wondering if that might contribute to the issue at all?? Thanks in advance, hope this info helps.
How to find the door lock code for a 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. We’ve never used it before, I am a third party owner, we were never give the code.
why does this happen?
we have a 2006 Lincoln Zephry which we had to have a key made. Maybe these cars have chips allowing them not to run with aftermarket key ? NO FIRE...or computer problem?
Whenever the ABS get activated / hitting a large pot hole, I lose brake pressure/power and the pedal sinks to the floor before having any stopping power. On dry road, the brakes works perfectly fine and would not know there was a issue. The problem only occurs once the ABS is activated.

I once slowed down and let go of the brakes right before I hit a large pot hole and I still lost the brake power as described above. On a wet/snowy road once the ABS activated.. the ABS did it's job and when I hit the brakes soon after that, I experienced the same issues.

I need to turn off the car and restart it, then pump the brakes for them to get their pressure/power back. Once this is done, the brakes are "normal" again. If I pump the brakes after the ABS is activated, I do not get the brake power back unless I restart the car and pump the brakes with it in park.

I do not have any lights showing once the car is started "check engine/abs/ect..
I was listening to my cd and it just shut off and went to radio so i tryed to eject it and it read cd error
Tryed to put freon on a 06 lincoln zephyr and it won't take the freon
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Its worse because it blowing hot air
How long have you had this problem? A few days
checked the HID fuse its good, the plug in the bulb has 4 pins how to check for voltage there what values should it read and does no voltage at all mean the light ballast is bad?
Transmission not shifted
can i get air conditioning to go lower that 15c
Do the Lincoln zephyr have a navigation DVD base CD that can be bought to access the DVD player?
Ordered a replacement PCM that is ready for installation and has been flashed. Need to have old PCM removed and the new one placed on
car as well as a "Parameter Reset".
I have almost 120,000 miles. What can it be and how much do you think it'll cost me. Thank you
It started as a little noise when you were at a stop and turned the steering wheel. We had to strain to hear it. Now you hear it clearly whenever you turn the wheel. We just bought the car used
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