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but i can do that manually
Thanks casey40510 for your very useful answers. what is the purpose of the smoke test or why do you perform a smoke test? I just stumbled on another observation, when i try starting the car in the mornings the car will crank but wont start (meanwhile i have fixed the cold start sensor). When I pulled the ecu and exposed it to warm heat by placing it in the sun for about 10 mins and fixing it back, the car will crank and start perfectly well, pulsating voltage returns to the injectors and open up the nozzles for rich squirting of fuel into the cylinders. I think something is wrong with the ecu and please what is it? I want to attempt to fix the ecu instead of jumping at buying another ecu. What component is faulty in the ecu? Can you help?
I have an intermittent stalling problem on my 2002 Honda Accord. I replaced the ignition switch because I thought this was the problem, but turns out it wasn't. I have checked the main relay and it looks great. The stalling happens after the car is up to operating temperature. Sometimes it will start right back up. Other times I have to wait 10 or 15 minutes before it will start. Fuel pressure is good, and ignition system is good. Any ideas? Thanks.
- PJ
I'm trying to bypass the compressor because the clutch is going bad
Got my engine on an Accord 2011 V6 sedan with 130000km/81000mi checked and they told me oil pressure is only 45psi and engine needs to be changed. I was surprised since engine runs well. What is the acceptable pressure range for an older car and if the cylinder pressure is good, should I simply get oil pump changed? Thank you!
I have a 94 honda accord i recentley had a fire start in the dash i put it out but now my car will not turn off i have been pulling the fuel pump fuse to get it to shut off also my blinkers are not working everything else seems to be fine
I have 2000 honda accord 2.3 L . Grey valet key starts engine easily. Black reg. keys start car sometimes. Regular keys work for everything else on car that valet key wont. They only have problem when trying to start engine. They fit into ignition switch easily, but most of the time wont turn.
i went to jump my car and as soon as I put the jumper cables on the running car the panic alarm started sounding and will not stop.
When pulling my valves from my cylinder head, the valves got to a point where it was difficult to remove them without excessive force. When I pulled them out with force it would make a loud popping noise similar to a suction kind of noise. Either my valve guides are really good and tight or the valves I removed were bent. I would just like to know a little more about this circumstance.
First remote stopped working, replaced battery and still wouldn't work so I opted to locking/unlocking the door manually with the key. Then the front passenger side door stopped locking/unlocking with the driver door button. It has to be locked/unlocked by hand using the button on the door. Soon after the key won't turn anymore to unlock the front driver door. It still works to turn on the engine but if I lock all doors I can't unlock the doors. I don't know whether to take it to a locksmith or electrical mechanic. Any advice on where I should take it?
Radio cuts ove small bumps lights stay on when not suppoze to when you hit steering wheel lights turn back off or bang radio it turns back on
My battery is good, but clickit will not start good but Clerks
erratic shifting, loss of acceleration Diagnosis: needs to be rebuilt or replaced with used
I changed the vehicle speed sensor and turned on my car but the gauges still didn't work. What can it be then?
On several previous occasions. I've had no problem reconnecting our cell phone to the in-car system in our 2014 Honda Accord.. Two days ago, however, things changed. Performing all the previous steps, I keep getting a 'reconnection unsuccessful' error message and have had no luck in attempting to reconnect. Why? Thanks for helping.
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