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Right front tire sounds like it is rubbing on something. And my stearing wheel is wobbly and pulls to the right??? After about 5 minutes the rubbing sound goes away. The wobble of the steering wheel is less as well...
I've checked all fuses, both door panel boxes and under the hood. I keep positive cable disconnected, soon as i touch the battery with it lights start flashing. There was one time they went off with all doors shut and when i opened driver door to get in and drive it down the road for a check lights immediately started to flash. It sounds like my hazards are on, they're not. But that clicking sound they make when they are on is what I'm hearing and is real strong at the fuse box under the hood.
I have a 2007 Honda Accord SE 4 cylinder. When I turn on the car and turn the A/C all the way up, the cooling fan on the left hand side is not working , The right hand side is working perfectly though. My car is now running hot when I drive it. I have checked the coolant in my car.
I'm looking to purchase this used vehicle and in the pictures it appears to have a belt. But everywhere else says that it has a chain.
My power windows won't work and my radio light stop working.
I curbed a couple of my rims the other day, and now the edges are "burnt" and a bit worn away. There is a yellow streak on one of them, and simply rubbing it won't do the trick. If I apply paint remover to get the stain off, will this damage this rim? It is aluminum alloy machine finished.
Smog check test
Car does not crank. The battery is good but when I turn the key I do not get any engine sound or a clicking sound. I have tried my extra key with the same results.
This problem just happened a week ago. I removed the battery head for hours but no success but the radio channels are working. when I press the eject botton, it will show Xm No signal
I disconnected my battery and now my alarm goes off and my car will not start I tried everything I don't have the alarm remote how can I fix my problem and drive my car please help I googled it and a friend came to help we tried to unlock it with the key we tried to reset it how Google said but nothing is working and I have to get to work
i accidentally installed the positive and negative cables on my 2007 honda accord ex 4cyclinder and now the car wont even get any electrical thru it
my Check engine light turned on about 3 months ago and stays on when I start my Honda Accord ex. The day after the light turned on my Honda began to lag to the point where it became unable to drive. Every time I press the gas my transmission slips and sounds as if it were in neutral. I also noticed my tranny was leaking under the front end of my car. When I add transmission fluid my Honda runs great but then it leaks over night and slips again. I checked the error codes and they were P0070 P0740. Help please
VSA, ABS, and Brake System warning lights are on. I went to Honda dealer and the evaluation came up with the replace of the ABS/VSA module.
radio is black screen and no power but fuses are good
2004 Honda Accord LX 6cld
Driver side , put it from reverse to drive then I heard a snap and I'm pretty sure it's my CV shaft just wanting to make sure I have a picture but can't post
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