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the tire pressure light is always on or blinking even if i press the button or try to calibrate the wheels. the tires would always fail to calibrate i dont know what the problem
My radio was turning and and off intermittently. Then it started making this craking noise. Now it turns on but doesn't make a sound? Does anyone have a solution?
after replacing the power windows master switch on my 2007 Honda accord EX, the windows work fine but now my key less remote doesn't lock or unlock any doors, what is the solution,
The engine has a sounds of over pressure, and over working.
I have a 2016 Accord Sport with 14900 miles. Purchased new in 7/2016. I have a rubbing or grinding noise coming from both front wheels while driving at low speed (5 to 30mph) the Honda dealer replaced the pass and turned the rotors but the noise is still present. They say the noise is normal, but I have never heard another newer Accord making this noise. I have the hondacare extended 80k warranty.
Intion switch is this true
A/C started to only blow hot air one day. Had it checked by friend and Freon was full and no leak. Then one day it was cold again for about 2 days. Then hot again. Then few days later cold again. Only thing I can see is it is real cold when it is cool outside. If it is warm or hot out is only blows warm air. This sounds like a screwy temperature issue.
Navigation and radio same system why doesn't radio work
First time this has happened. Can't get the key to release
I just replaced my axles with brand new ones and my car is still stuck in two gears when it rolled down the hill to the parking spot I'm in it was jumping like a bad axle acts like I don't have a cable hooked up to my shift handle but I can push my clutch in and it'll roll easy I let out on the clutch and it bogs down and shuts off like I stalled it what do I do I'm in a motel parking lot and they are already want me out of their parking lot is there a quick fix to drive this home
transmission acting up. codes po705 po706 po700 and po740 came up on machine used by autozone. What do they mean?
Topped off power steering fluid car again hard to steer.
I recently unhooked my battery to have work done on my car .Now that the radio has been reset the cd changer doesnt work .The button that swithches you to the cd player doesnt even acknowledge that it has a cd player .It was working before .
filled by daughter with diesel
I just got my tires rotated. Could this have caused the problem?
i changed the combo switch on the column the signal relay and the hazard switch the hazards work but not the turn signals
I checked the bulb.but there was no location to put a bulb
Headlights and break lights start flashing when car door opens and continues flashing even when driving
key stuck in ignition - but shifter button is missing as well
I had to climb out my window to get out my car and cannot get back in after only the passenger side worked. Now none of the doors, not even the trunk unlock. The power lock kept locking as I pressed unlock when I was inside. The fob won't unlock it or even "lock it" with the horn as reassurance. The physical key doesn't turn in any of the locks. I cannot use my car now for a few days because I can't get into it
I replaced the relay, bulbs are tested work good, with the hazard switch still won't
Exhaust broke off under the driver seat. Looking for a price quote for part and labor.
What could be the problem
Got an estimate with $520 for labor to replace timing cover and want to know if this is accurate
My brake lights are all coming on ok
The problem just started today. Currently, out of work I don't wanna buy a battery if that's not the solution. But I don't wanna take it to a mechanic just to find out. It's a battery. I do have a warranty.
replace distributor, ignition switch, fuel pump sensor. some days hear fuel pump kick in some days no fuel pump initiation
Keeps dieing on me dies faster when all my lights are one pretty sure it's something electrical
My car had hail damage several years ago which were repaired after filing a claim with my insurance. Up until 3 months ago I parked my car in the garage. I just moved to a place with no covered parking and now, everytime it rains my rear window leaks around the seal and is making the interior get musty. How much is this repair going to cost me?
Brake job was done at the same time, could this be the tires need to be rotated/balanced?

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