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The problem is constant. Especially early in the morning when the engine is cool. I have to wait 5 minutes before it moves. But it is able to reverse though. Once it's starts to move, the car is jerking each time it is changing gears automatically
When you put the car in reverse, the 2009 Honda Accord V6 makes a loud squeaking noise. Going to check the transmission fluid to see if it is low. Car runs fine in other gears. Engine has 72,000 miles on the car.
when you turn the left signal on no response. when you have the indicator in the neutral position and turn on the emergency flash only the right flash works
i drove my car about 1 mile and the temp gauge was on hot mark i would like to nkow what sensor i might need
When starting car on it hesitate to start but it does start and when driving it feels like it has a stutter like a jerking while I have my foot on the gas peddle
i bleed my clutch & greased gear shifter but it still wont change gears
This 2016 Accord slides all over in the slightest amount of snow. Is it thiscar or all Accords
How do you drain fuel tank and lines on 2000 Honda Accord ex v6 2door coupe?
starts won't accelerate
idles try to accelerate engine dies
engine runs but has no power
engine runs then dies
94 Honda accord no start need help locating electric ignition switch
I’ve recently had to get a couple jumps in the past week on my 98 accord. When the cables are hooked to the battery and I proceed to crank it up it makes a terrible grinding sound for a couple seconds. I have noticed the interior lights will get dim and go in and out. Please help
When I turn the ignition all the way to start. the car will crank. as soon as it cranks you let go of the key and it's supposed to remain in the on position where it stays running but it dies. When I turn the key to crank the engine starts if you hold it at the on position it will stay running but only while keeping the key held on as soon as you let the key go it dies
I'm changing my power steering line but the end part of the medal I'm having troubles with every time I tighten the bolt it just keeps popping out of where that line needs to go what am I doing wrong why doesn't it just stay in when I tighten it
When I held down 1 and 6 on the radio while turning the radio on, I got U210 7 L666 3
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