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Hearing a clicking sound coming from underneath the dash. Doesn't do it all the time, but thinking it started back clicking during the night, because battery was dead the next morning, so it must be pulling the battery down. Connected charger to battery and clicking sound got louder for about 5 minutes, then stopped and the battery charged it up. Every time I've carried it to to be repaired, it will not do the clicking sound. Wife drove the car for 3 days, car was fine. The fourth day got into the car and the battery was dead again. Hope you can help.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It doesn't make any difference when
How long have you had this problem? About 3 weeks
slips out of gear then when you turn the car on and off a couple times it'll go into gear but when it hits hits second gear but mostly third it slips out of gear and won't engage again also engine is making squealing noise reverse works fine but shifts hard in reverse and 1st
will start on eather than run fine
The 1993 Audi 100S we own has been run for a long time and needs some love, instead of getting the engine and transmission rebuilt what newer options do we have that'll line up with the current set up.
It just started happening. the car seems to be running fine. why?
the cat do not want to start and if it start the engin turns anticlockwise please help
this car do not want to start at all please help
possibly from exhaust system
car started right up after sitting for 2 months. gas pedal seemed stiff, and broke when pushed. Now it starts at wide open throttle with no pedal. I bought new cable but can't locate broken one under the hood or by the pedal. thanks for your help.
I looked online but couldn't find a simple illustration of the engine with lined labels or something similar.
my ac unit wount cool down does anyone know how to recharge the ac unit? please help i'm a poor college student
all the time
I have done a coil test and get no reading between the secondary poles ( meant to be .75 to .81 ohms)nor the coil outlet and the secondary pole (meant to be between 10,000 and 11,000 ohms). I find it strange to get no ohm reading at all. It did get a yellow spark once at the shops but I still couldn't start it.
Do they fail in stages like this, there have been times lately when it's done this but letting it sit for half an hour cures it and away we go again. Strange!
I am at the no return stage where I have cut the old boot off (it was had it anyway) and unbolted the rack both ends and the oil lines. Do I undo it from the colum, the are two cap srews by the look behind the vacuum brake servo under and over the alloy housing for the colum. These look like they would release the whole rack which would come out like an odd tee shape, one with a very short leg. Then I could see that the boot would slip over the rack easily.
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