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After I repaired my differental, axals, and control arms, I still hear the clicking and grinding noise,what else could it be?
This happens most when I first start driving, but continues at about 30-40MPH
We recently purchased '06 530xi with 103,000 miles. In back of owners manual we found a note samtaring the car had AWD/DSc error AND ELV error. It was dated 1/6/16 with a note saying Do not buy this lemon!!! Of course we are now concerned! We have not personally seen this message. I've read online it could be glitch due to bad battery. Dealer did say battery was just replaced.. Any advice? Is it worth keeping or should we trade it in for another car.
About a week ago, my radio stopped working. It was on but no sound. The SOS with an arrow through it showed up on my display. No satellite radio either. Idrive won't do anything either. After restarting, the radio will work but still no bluetooth or satellite radio. Ironically, I had gone through a car wash the afternoon it started happening. I have replaced the Idrive once already. Thank you.
All of a sudden my car won't stop shaking. The shaking is worse when stopped. The car sits in the garage mostly and only has 64,000 miles on it. The check engine light stays on. I am not sure what to do with it if I should take it to the dealership since I don't have a regular mechanic? It's a 2007. Also, how long is it drivable for?
the car . This morning a message popped up saying low oil pressure could cause engine damage stop driving .First time I have seen this , I waited 50 minutes started car and no message appeared . I went to I drive and nothing showed for service . Nearest bmw dealer is about 40 miles away . Do you think I can drive there or is this was of the pop up messages that require you to go to a certified bmw service tech ?
My sons 2006 530xit wgn needed a new battery; when he managed to get access to the battery, he detected the compartment was full of water (obviously from the previous rains); we are told these particular models are known (not to us) for this manufacturing defect. Any solutions? Recall? He now has major electircal repair issues, including the onboard computer.
What does it mean
it smells like it's burning I have to add coolant maybe once a week..I can't find the leak I don't see anything leaking out. I'm assuming it's burning up as soon as it falls bc it's hot
it is running rough and the service engine soon light came on
warms up. The vibration starts like just an uneven, bumpy rd. then the further you go it gets worse and worse till it will hardly run. Now, after the car cools off it runs great until it gets hot again!
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