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As I press brake, I do feel ABS system reacting through the pedal

I was trying to hook up some led pod lights to my reverse lights and they stopped working, I noticed a blown fuse so I replaced it but it still doesn't work.

It usually happens after its been driven awhile then shut it off. It won't start.

I'm driving and everything Shud down in my 2006GMC Canyon. I have to open the hood and push on fuses and clicks and turn key then it turns on.Some mechanic told me I have to replace the whole fuse box. What ese can I do?Only ignition fuse loose.

code is both parts work together

engine light on,nothing else works.

what to change coolant how much dose it hold

Not running hot has good compression

Truck shook a little and died and now turns over and tries to start but won't! Fuel pump? Has 120000 miles on it! Worked perfect all day! First time in 5 years it wouldn't start! 2012 model. 5 cylinder

What is code p1d10

Cabin floods whenever heavy rains occur; cannot find source of leak. Have seen reports of brake light above rear window leaking, but there is no evidence of water damage on ceiling or sides; fabric covering looks good. Lots of water damage on floor. Appreciate any help.

I need to have my Pontiac smogged for registration.
The check engine light is on.
Can you do this?
Open Sunday?

4 wheel shifter won't work. Truck ran out of gas while idling. Truck acted like battery was dead. Put fuel in jumped truck now electrical 4 wheel shifter will not work it is stuck in auto 4 wheel selection spot

changed crank and cam sensors checked coil packs new plugs checked injector plugs for power and tested injectors with tester all fire disconnected cat converter pipe incase plugged up engine cranks back fires every once in awhile then cranks on no start out of ideas help


While I was driving on the freeway, the engine started to smoke. I pulled to the nearest gas station and the engine wasn't overheated (I checked and it was half way) the oil spit out to the side of the right tire and towards the underneath of the truck. Even got on the tail gate and inside the back of the truck. Filled the engine with nearly 3 bottles of oil. Checked to see any leaks and started the car, the engine was not leaking. Started it up just fine, drove barely a mile and it stalled on the freeway. Car still turns on, didn't blow the head gaskets. Just the oil leak. The oil splattered on right side of the vehicle underneath by the tire. How can I fix this?

Ok so here recently I've had numerous problems with my '06 GMC Canyon Z71 (non-4x4) it all started with the right outer tie rod becoming loose. I replaced the tie rod but now it feels as if none of the axles are attached to the truck... for example I can be going straight and it feels as if the rear end is twisted... like it feels as if the rear driver side tire is getting considerably more power... I have noticed that the transmission fluid CHECK housing is loose and can move freely... wanted to know if this could be a problem as well... or if it could be the problem...

my canyon is using coolant. I took it to my local garage they pressurized the cooling system to 17 psi he said it dropped to about 8.5 psi and held there. he could not find any leak, he checked the oil and the plugs and there was no indication of oil. does any one know what may be wrong.

checked solenoid under dash that engages a hole in shaft for shifting position; it works... no light of position of gear on dash board screen. I'm thinking it won't start because it is not thinking it is in the park or neutral position. I just don't know what to change to fix this. ???The module on transmission??

truck is cranking almost sounds like it is not getting any fuel.

I unhooked the battery to clean it and when I hooked it back up the 4x4 will not work the push buttons will not light up

Took it to the dealership. to repair the right brake hub and ABS sensor was 710.00. Everyone says that was too much. They charged me 3 hours of labor.Brakes started making noise and ABS fault/traction light would go off and on. Also has 270,000 miles. I don't doubt it needed it just wondering about the repair cost.

Doesn't surge until engine is warm. Idles good. Plenty of power. Not detectable on tachometer during heavy acceleration. Very noticable when reducing throttle upon reaching steady speed.

My four wheel drive stopped working. I noticed that the harness going to the transfer case was rubbing on frame and corroded. I then replaced the harness and the 4x4 started working again. My issue now is I made the mistake of turning on the vehicle while the harness was unplugged and the Service ABS and Service 4WD warnings have shown up on dash and 4x4 doesn't work again. From what I have read, this may have "locked up" my TCCM. Is there something that I can do to reset this or is this a dealer fix only? Thanks.

T-case encoder motor has been replaced because it wouldn't shift,it shifts to four Hi and four low and back to 2 wd with no problem but light flashes and the front actuator doesn't engage. Was able to control actuator with scan tool but won't engage on its own. Checked light blue control wire at actuator with dvom had a fluctuation in voltage from 8 to 10 codes are being set.

I recently bought a trailer and when i hooked it up the running lights came on the signals work but when i push the brake only my truck brakes flash not the trailers. Do i have a bad trailer light converter box?

There are many people having this problem. Is G M standing good for any of this?

turn signals and brake lights do not work. Checked trailer with neighbors vehicle and everything works on trailer. Turn signals and brake lights function on the truck.