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Rattle appears to be in valve train and misfire is on number 3 cylinder
not often just out of the blue
Here clicking sound when brake is pushed
When I use the turn signals left or right, the light blinks on and off but there is no sound (clicking).
This is preventative. I am trying to avoid problems.
ran fine for two days after filling tank third day got almost down the street started to run rough then would not start.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? trying to start
How long have you had this problem? 3 days

What seems to make the problem better or worse? anytime
How long have you had this problem? off and on past 3 years
Low idol stall, stall out if not on gas
Stalls, low idol
As I press brake, I do feel ABS system reacting through the pedal
I was trying to hook up some led pod lights to my reverse lights and they stopped working, I noticed a blown fuse so I replaced it but it still doesn't work.
It usually happens after its been driven awhile then shut it off. It won't start.
I'm driving and everything Shud down in my 2006GMC Canyon. I have to open the hood and push on fuses and clicks and turn key then it turns on.Some mechanic told me I have to replace the whole fuse box. What ese can I do?Only ignition fuse loose.
code is both parts work together
engine light on,nothing else works.
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