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Ran diagnostic and only O2 sensor popped up. All sensor lights come on unexpectedly while driving. Recently replaced, plugs, wires and coal packs. I would appreciate any help I am stumped.
the radio fuses appear to be ok, radio not working , no warning bells when lights are on
It's key won't push down to start thecar it like locked up or something maybevthe tumbler I can't even turn it in the. Acc position to take the cylinder out I have the keys and it's a brand new ignition about a year old
Since then I've done 2 oil changes, replaced oil filter, new filters, drained and flushed radiator fluid also buying new reservoir cap for it, new cat converter, tune up, new spark plugs, etc....I fell in love with this car the moment I layed eyes on her. I take care of her, wash and wax her, dont drive her far til I get her in tip top shape or as best atleast and I selling her is out of the question. I refuse to give up on her. Theres one thing that shes been doing and I would really love and appreciate it if someone can share the knowledge they know and help me out.

Okay so shes automatic and when I drive her at a high enough speed where shes suppose to shift into gear...she matter how fast or no matter what. My friend thought for sure it would help with the gear shift once the exhaust and cat converter were fixed but no. She stays in first gear and the last time i tried to drive on the freeway(i really didnt want to but i had no choice) i got off at my exit and smoke came from hood and acceleration was slipping. I could still press on it enough tho where it would move very slow but no faster then that. Where the transmission dipstick is at there was fluid on floor beneath car. Not big spots/puddles but half dollar coin size spots. Im assuming driving the distance i did while she was in first gear is what caused all of that.

Im also guessing and kinda hoping it has something to do with a censor or idk something that isnt too drastic or where someone basically tells me shes not worth putting anymore time or money into her cause that would break my heart. Sorry for writing so much but please hmu with any other questions! Thanks.
rad fan won't turn on until temp. red lines why
PSI should be 180 psi
car overheats at idle
ITt would have a slightly high idle that would slowly go down as you came to a stop. From about 2200 rpm to about 900.
Car still idols high for a period of time before going down sometimes this doesn't happen doesn't matter if it's hot or cold what else could be wrong
The engine is in sideways.
The window is completely gone. Is there a lift up type for my sc2 saturn? If not all the parts and the window
My car starts and revs fine for only a few seconds then tries to die out when I give it gas and spits and sputters when I put it in gear
My rpm gauge when start and drive is between 2 and 3 how can I adjust
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