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My climate control does not light up

Problem just started and car was shutting off

Car shakes when stopped, in gear and is worse when the AC is on. Have replaced multiple parts, had throttle cleaned, done tune up, etc

I have a 2005 Envoy Denali with 5.3. After filling with fuel the other night it would not restart. After sitting for about 2 hours it restarted and died again 15 minutes later. It keeps doing this. Once it warms up it will shut back off then you have to wait a couple hours and it will restart for a minute then die out again. We have replaced the spark plugs, air filter, canister vent, evap purge valve, and ignition switch. The battery, alternator, and starter were all tested good. Is it possible the fuel pump is over heating?

Have a misfire on No.2 cylinder

Every time last couple days

what can be done to fix this , how do you go about reprogramming the problem

My husband pulled up to assist me when he went to put it in park he couldn't it was in neutral and would not budge. I have no idea how it got onto neutral. This is the first time this has happened.

Already checked the fuse and it's good can't find the manual bottom to try that

I was told tranny was only used on that model year

I had previously had been emailing some one there and did let me know I had to do the reflashing of the suv and fix my throttle body but are you open saturdays

There isn't any sound coming from on star either.I recently hooking up speaker box and to factory stereo it played fine for few minutes then just went Solent now a lot of other things in truck acting up issue this all related

The fuse for the power seats overheats and at times the seats won't work. I have fuse out so it will stay in one location. Is this a possible short? If so where should I look for it.

Please help

I can't get to the fuse box because the rear driver swat is locked in place

The entire back of my vehicle had stopped functioning. I replaced the regulator on the window a couple yrs ago, and it looks like it's out again, but this time the back door/gate won't open either... Every where I've read shows they know there's a problem, so I was wondering if they issued a recall on them or not?

All my fuses good

My gas gauge is always on empty . Even when my tank is filled . I fill my tank use a trip meter because the gauge doesn't work .

When it's started the light battery light goes off and when I turn my truck off the battery light stays on

the wind broke the visor and all that was left was the brakelight

so I replaced battery in 2 keyless controllers and tried resetting like directions on you tube did not work cannot unlock doors with remote also my rear door does not lock and the wiper does not work either I unlocked rear latch by hand after i did that wiper stopped working at all and the rear back door will not lock even when I lock the doors with the lock switch on driver side door it only locks 2 front doors and 2 rear doors not the rear door

I switch on the car after that turn on the AC , but the air not come out and the compressor switch on.

Could problem be the fuse

Driver seat will go all directions except forward

Recently dash lights come on when we start to drive and the heater stops. We have had the vehicle 3 months and we're getting ready to get a mechanic go thru it.

Got in the car this afternoon and started the engine. After idling for about a minute it shut off. I restarted the engine only to find it idling very hard (it wasn't before). I started to leave the lot and the vehicle seemed to be jerky when trying to accelerate. Shortly after the engine light began to blink. I got the car home (about 2.5 miles) and turned then engine off. At this point I became aware that the blower fan was running on high without the key in the ignition.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the double post, in another thread I posted as my car being a 2005 Trailblazer, my car is a 2004 Envoy. I can't figure out how to delete the other one.

My daughter left a car seat warmer plugged in over night and my battery was dead the next day. I jumped the vehicle and it fires up nice and smooth and sounds like everything is great, but the car runs for about 1 second then shuts off. My key fob will no longer unlock the car or do anything, the locks won't engage or disengage when the button is pressed, the stereo won't turn on.. The dash reads Unknown Driver instead of Driver 1 Driver 2.

I tried the 30 minute reset procedure, but I may have done it wrong, because there is no SECURITY light that flashes or even comes on for that matter. There isn't a Check Engine Light on, or any indication that something is wrong, the car simply starts and shuts off immediately. I have two keys, neither of them work.

So far I have tried to put the ignition in the on position, let it sit for 10 minutes and turn it off for 5 seconds and try to start it. That didn't work, so I tried to do that 3 times over, but one thing was missing from the instructions that I followed: the part where the security light blinks or turns off after 10 minutes.

Also, Does anyone know which anti-theft system this vehicle has?

Had battery replaced now seat controls and mirrors won't work where is the problem

2004 envoy uvx std, this model as roof the moves . The message I have on my dash tells me roof is open.
Dealer tells me I need a new motor. GM no longer makes this part and no part out there.

Using gas like crazy. Also battery goes dead for no reason by the time I get it to the shop no codes..but nothing on just goes dead overnite.bought 2 new batteries. But I need to no were the ECM GOES