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My 05 envoy has bad air suspension, Its bot staying inflated and its driving me crazy! Can it be changed to standard suspension and if yes will that be a hard job to do?
Fluids on garage floor by drivers front tire.
2004 gmc envoy sle 4.2 4wd,178,000 Miles with p0410 code for check engine. Three of the most expensive items have been replaced & there is n 30Amp Maxi fuse on the side of the battery. I took it to a mechanic & he hears a sucking sound but noticed that the 3 main mechanical devices were already replaced. NO CHARGE??? Is there a fuse or a block fuse behind the seat & if so how do I find out if they are any good?
I know how to check the regular fuses.
i replaced the entire fuse box and its not turning over. mechanic saids the computer needs to be reset.
2006 envoy xl abs and brake lights stay on. No difference noticed in braking. Traction c9ntrol lights were also on but new fuse seems to have kept them lights off but don't know for how long. Had scanner hooked up and would not communicate with scanner so no idea what problem is and where to begin. Suggestions?
it makes a sound as soon as you start it, then it stops.could it be the waterpump?
2000 Cadillac DeVille DTS when I put it in reverse or neutral the car thinks it's in drive when I shut the car off in neutral it acts as if it's in neutral and rolls backwards and forwards when I push what could be the problem and what is the cheapest way to fix it?
There is a knocking or tapping noise that goes faster with accelerating and the transmission is slipping sometimes won't go into any gear unless I shut it off and restart the truck.
Not hearing anything. Added stop leak and oil and then went to drive and white smoke coming out of rail pipe.
rear air stabilizer failing to stay inflated if vehicle sits idle for a day or more. once vehicle is started the air compressor inflates to proper level. what kind of estimated cost of repair should I expect and how urgent is it to get this fixed.
PO-455-evaporative emission system leak. Also PO496-evaporative emission system high purge flow .What does this mean as far as parts and price to repair.
the driver preset "settings" change all the time. Mirrors, seat, radio. I'm not sure if it's the window controller in the left door panel or not. I heard GMC had an issue with water getting in and causing some issues. I lost one key fob and went to the GMC dealer and they gave me a new set and programmed them for me, not sure if this is when the problems started or not. next thing, the original radio came with am/fm, cd player and cassette. I got a new one with a 6 cd disc option, but the security lock must have been set and the GMC dealer said he couldn't install it. I got the radio from Ebay. I would think the unit should be able to be "unlocked". Hope you can give me some fixes. thanks. Dennis Q
No signals on my controls (original & remote starter
very poor and sluggish performance, sounds like it is chugging or misfiring on one or more cylinders. have just replaced plugs and fuel filter
Unable to turn on the ac or heat. Fuses are good. Power to module. Blower is kicking on, but does not blow hot or cold to front or back. Can not change where air blows (unable to adjust). Module DOES light up when the headlight turn on.
Do I need to replace a switch or the entire module?
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