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no cruise, lost engine power, check engine soon
Will not illuminate either on automatic or manual headlight position when the switch is moved to those positions.
Driving: message came on, truck shut off
2004 GMC envoy SLT. Blower motor would only run on high and stayed on even with key off. Changed resistor. Lasted 5 minutes and same issue. Changed blower motor and another new resistor. Now the blower works for like 30 seconds then shuts off for about 10 seconds then starts again. It does this on every setting except high. Dealer thinks digital control module or possibly a faulty resistor.
I am being told I need to replace all the sensors on my vehicle. How many is all?
Light comes on and dings, then go off every 5 minutes. Power never goes down.
Put oil in still says 0 can hear fuel pump running so don't think fuel pump again
i have an 03 gmc envoy xlt v8 and 02 chevy trailblazer v8 can i replace the envoy ac compressor with the one from the trailblazer
No air at the chest vents. Sounds like a humming or a grunt.
Gear shifter. Shifts into gear without pressing break.
04 envoy v6 ran out of gas after I put sum in car it gave me a p0300 error and runs very crappy with the check engine light flashing
When you put the keys in the ignation and turn the key it normally says driver 1 a few days ago it went to unknown driver and the windows lock and will not unlock and the doors lock to and you have to lock and unlock the doors bye hand. Also my radio is affected as well. What is going on I need answers. Pls help.
The fuse to this keeps blowing before it can. Read the codes what do i do what do I check
Occassionally I lose power to the driverside door. My speedometer and rpm was going in and out for awhile now both of them do not work. Could it be the fuses?
Bought GMC with AC not working they told me is something simple
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