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Just started. Changed final Steve resistor still doing the same. Was cycling so I tried Freon but system is charged. Didn’t add any
I am looking to replace the engine and was asked if my car has a turbo or not.
If it does not have a turbo can i just buy an engine that does and it will work?
I have a ODM MONITOR that will not pick the scan on it............... How can I fix it................ Came on about two weeks ago............... Don't want to go to a BMW dealer.................. after I went through a Car Wash...........
Car is blowing hot instead of cold air. was working fine before until this happen. I am wondering if those over the counter refrigerant could seal any potential leak and hence a quick fix.
The dealership rebuilt the engine. They pulled the engine and transmission out in order to rebuild it. once it was complete I picked it up and as soon as I drove away I could feel the car shaking a lot. The steering wheel shakes, the car shakes bad and it pulls to the left.
I have oil leak it's on the front seal and coolant seal, the part is $100.00 labor is $2400 plus? Can I get this work done cheaper?
why, on occasions, after idling a few minutes, and then driving the car, a puff of blue smoke comes out the exhaust pipe.
I replaced the alternator, the battery, the Thermasta /sensor, the coolant sensor and the waterpump sensor. I also replaced the pulles, along with the dual filters. When I put everything back on it started like a champ and ran good. Soon after, it started having problems starting. It always starts just takes two times for it to turnover
Car vibrate when I start it and it shut off twice yesterday, there is fluid on parking pad don't know what it is but oil level is ok.I'm afraid to move it as not to cause any serious damage
I have the ship all the wires are intact looks like nothing broke off need to know ballpark figure on repair job
Do i have a leak. My oil seems to be leaving kind of fast.
hello i have a question about my 2006 bmw 750i is leaking engine oil and also white smoke come out of my right side of the hood the smoke is from burning oil about a month ago i give my car to mechanic to fix that problem i spend he said to me that it has a valve cover gasket problem i spend $700 bucks but its still smoking when the mechanic give me a car that night i start my car and i check the two light come up in my dash and one says that CHECK ENGINE and the second one is PARKING BRAKE MALFUNCTION LIGHT and also my car starts shaking and vibrating i guess he messed up my car and when i give to another mechanic he plug my car into his computer and he said that you have a MISFIRE CYLINDER 2,3,&7 AND ALSO YOU HAVE A TRANSMISSION COILS OR MAYBE IGNITION COILS PROMBLEM AND HE GIVE ME AN ESTIMATED TO FIX THAT ALL AROUND LIKE 7-8K TO FIX THOSE PROBLEMS PLEASE HELP ME ASAP GUYS THANK U...
Park ,but next day it work what wrong?
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