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I drove through a mid puddle in my 2014 Jeep Patriot. Imediately afterwards it started running rough and louder, and sputtering. The problem hasn't gone away at all. No lights came on and everything else is fine.

just came on 7/20/17 looking for steps to reset . checked emergency brake not on, added about a table spoon of brake fluid, have no diagnostic equipment 45 miles away from a service center 74 living on SS. back yard mechanic in to my 50s.

the alarm works, I can also lock and unlock as well.

The abs and 4 wheel drive lights come on and it feels like the brake on the front left wheel slightly engages

2013 patriot 4cylinder 2 wheel drive...Started sputtering then abs and traction control lights came on and it started running smooth again....any ideas what it could be.

My gear in park but my dash says neutral

Suddenly loss of ability to accelerate.

Started with lights on occasion then would not go. Sensor? Or transmission? Try to take off from stop would big down and not go forward more than a few feet then big down again.

air bag burns

It happens often, it's always to the left it veers off then back to normal for a little while then it repeats.

I have removed the wheel, caliber and the center nuts but can't get the rotor off.

why are these lights on and how can I fix it?

Every time you drive it

shifter was locked in park position. could not get it out of park. turns out that a small tab can be popped out of right side of shifter console and a white plastic 'lever'type can be pushed up or down (not sure) which releases the locking mechanism on the shifter. i am also getting an engine light that goes on. and the display is not corresponding with the actual position of the shifter.
what is the problem called and where can i take it to get fixed. and how much will this problem cost me. i understand that the part is a 'shifter sensor' that is bad, broken, or out of adjustment.

Taction control light is off once i start after i start driving more then 30mph the traction control turns on why??

what do i do to turn it off? i've restarted my car several times and it seems to not be affecting me driving but i dont want to continue to drive if its bad. if you could please let me know what i should do in this situation

I want to get a car wash but concerned about the antenna

Not sure if it's the altinator or if it's an electrical issue

Replaced the primary, it was stuck, closed. Also heard the system needs to be flushed or burped.

The sound occurs when i press the gas pedal even in park.

My jeep over heat in the highway

It will start with the remote, but it doesn't continue to run, I have 2 remotes the same thing happens regardless of which one I use. The truck will start with the key.

So first, I had my oil changed at meineke yesterday. I've never been there before but I couldn't get in with my mechanic so I just figured I'd do it quickly. Things were fine after that, I drove to work and when I got off work 7 hours later I started the car and it went into drive; drove maybe 10 feet forward and appeared to stall out. Which I thought was odd since I didn't fill the tank(stalling is occasional due to charcoal cap which was already addressed and a common problem). When car stalled, I let it sit a minute and turned the key; it just made the starting crank sound like it couldn't turn over so I held it past for 15 seconds, did that a few times and nothing happened. A friend came to try to jump me since battery light was on, nothing happened since battery was tested and good. AAA came and towed it, my mechanic looked at the car(very trusted guy we've been using for 6 years). He said fuel pump was bad. He changed the pump and started the car, now all lights on the dash are on. He is keeping the car to look more into after the long weekend to find the problem. Does anyone have any idea what this may be or have any of you with the jeep patriot experienced this exact problem after changing a fuel pump? Thanks in advance for any input and advice- just trying to figure out what I'm getting into cost wise.
My car is a 2007 Jeep Patriot 2.4L automatic. 119,300 miles.
repairs done;
I've had the car two years(my first car, I'm 19). Summer of 2015 I had alternator replaced. December 2016 I needed upper tie rods replaced. Other than that I can't think of any problems fixed, always passed inspections, oil changes always done timely. It's always been a good car, I just can't figure out what it could possibly be.

Sound cuts out and I turn it off and it works for a short time and sound cuts out time after time !

It came up with crank position sensor fault so I replaced it it then come up with timing Chane fault so I replaced the timing chain and now it is coming up with throttle body fault but it seems fine it's like the computer is bad and making the car run really bad why might this be ?? It happens all the time and doesn't go away

Driving in the rain and ABS and anti-skid light came on. Cruise control will not come on

ithas been running a little hotter than normal. changed t/stat 6 m0. ago it helped for a time but doing it again. dont want to take any long rides till resolved

subsides little when driving. No trouble shifting (auto trans) , no leaks. Any ideas of what it could be. A/C also died. Could they be related?

I bought this vihicle brand new and have only owned it for a year and 3 months. My lights come on and the key remote works, nothing was left on for it not to start. It makes a click when I turn the car over but nothing else happens. Please help

I checked out other 2014 Jeep Patriots and their transmissions purr, mine sounds very noisy. This started a few weeks ago, at about 25K miles.