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when driven down road my jeep hesitake and seem like it want take gas
First time he replace the switch it fixed my brake lights for about a month. Now they are stuck on again. So I switched out the part for a second time because it had a warranty and it did not fix it. I ve checked the fuses. All the brake lights work and turn signals when used. I did read that a code could have been sent to the TIPM and needs to be cleared. However if I did not need to do this the first time, then why would I I need to do it a second time. Last but not least I did check to switch with a digital meter and it is good. What else could it possibly be?
Sunroof had leaked into interior, radio was also not working, changed fuse and that corrected the problem but the same solution did not work for AC.
It’s been a hell of a time with my 2017 Jeep Patriot. I have had the Jeep in the dealership over 20 times since last August 2017 when I bought it.I had to get an attorney to help me with getting out of the pat. Now for the past 2 months it’s been in and out of the dealer once again for it stalling out while driving. While in traffic or at lights I have to put the pat in Netural to keep it from stalling on me. Has anyone had heard of this problem?
User's guide does not mention how to do this.
Driving and heard a grinding noise, pulled over and my alternator had somehow snapped off and was just sitting near the engine. The belt was off but fine. No power steering or water pump so had to leave it on the side of the road. How could this have happened?
Automatic 2018 Jeep Patriot won’t accelerate in drive but will I’m d1. Put it in d1 drove manually shifting to d1 d3. Stopped put in drive m drove around the block. Reversed into my parking spot n put in drive n once again would not move
When I'm driving the car will turn off after a few minutes I have to turn it back on and will drive like normal it's a Jeep Patriot 2011
Replaced transmission, new clutch kit w/ release bearing. Was was working fine then noticed it get not as smooth to change gears parked then later went to shift into reverse to back out of parking spot and it dropped into 4th gear and won't shift out. Clutch working fine and will stall if released. Shifter will wiggle up & down slightly but will not move side to side. Any ideas? I was trying to find info on symptoms of possible broken shifter cables?
Added freon now my air is not cool
Battery is good radio light windows work but when I turn the key it won't start
They would come on and then stop, but now, I have to hit the wiper switch to get them to stop.
It’s been at his shop now for three weeks and he says he can’t figure out the problem . Before we did the tranny he tested the battery and starter and advised me to get a tranny after I did the transfer case . With still no sound no nothing the vechile is just dead
Seems to be a plastic piece broken off so the panel does not stay attached to the seat.
cleared fault code for catalytic conv. and made an appointment as it is still under warranty. if the check engine light is still off when it goes in, is the fault code still stored? I will be charged if there is no fault recorded
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