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New clutch and bearing
Any ideas
Just happened no warning
When I turn the key past on it cranks and keeps cranking but doesn’t start. Only lights that are on are the engine and electronic throttle system light
Just started before thermostat was changed
Driving to work i was on freeway at a dead stop RPM.WERE 8 NOT MOVING some smoke getting ready to get off road when I turned blinker I lost all power no brakes no steering glide down freeway then my car was on fire also leaky front windows my insurance paid off car and now I don't get one in return I'm looking my job cause I have no money for another down
The inside light keeps flickering on and off. I replaced the alternator and battery per when this happened before that is what I was told it was. The lights are still flickering on and off and it runs the battery down. The cruise control also acts funny and speeds up at certain times. The abs control and various lights flicker on and off. I took it to the Jeep dealership in Greenville and they advised that I would have to wait until the car stopped working per when they hooked it up to a machine it didn't give a reading anything was wrong. Lastly, the inside car light only comes on when I open the door. It no longer works when I try to turn it on.
when we start the car, all the lights work as they are suppost to work. as we drive the traction control, 4 wheel lock and the abs lights are on. When this happen, the cruz control will only work between 35 and 40 mph.
I have a 2011 Jeep Patriot sport 2 wheel drive and it's been giving me an ABS and a traction control light the lights come on and then go off and come on and then go off probably 10 or 15 minutes between coming on and going off each time it's been doing this for about a month now any suggestions would be great thanks so much! I thought by changing out brake pads front and back that would help it's got about 120,000 miles on it and it has brake shoes on the back and I changed out everything all the way around but I did notice on the back driver side I do have a leaking wheel cylinder I believe, didn't know if that might be the cause or not and I have not changed it yet!
2.4, 5 speed standard trans and about 139,000 miles. When first starting it on a chilly morning it fires right up and runs great. The issue is if I try to give it any throttle at all it wants to die until it warms up just a little. After it's warmed up it runs great. Only thing I have noticed is the temp gauge hardly ever gets to the middle point so likely needs both thermostats replaced and coolant flush. This jeep is a recent purchase and in the pile of paperwork from the original owner I don't recall a fuel filter replacement. Any ideas?
No issues with driving it.
My jeep wont turn over. When I attempt to start the engine it only hums but wont start.
And when I make a left turn I hear water swishing
grinding noise in rear 4x4 light come on( tho 4x4 was not being used ) light had a question mark over it , what does this mean
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