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The blower is not working in my Saab 93 whenever it was working after I would turn it off it would click 10 to 15 times, usually when I would turn the car off. What could be the cause of the blower not working now
Had pvc valve replacement kit done. Was told car still leaking oil from front timing cover gasket and oil pump seal when rechecked.Mechanic informs me needs new new timing cover gasket and oil pump seal .When starting car have noticed black smoke for a minute or so. Noticed oil under the car when parked.Car 2 quarts low on oil after sitting for 3 days.Hesitates a little upon starting.Info center check displays ok.Car has been well maintained with regular oil changes. I use 100% synthetic oil and change performed every 5,000 miles. Car has 105 k miles. Problem started right after driving from NC. to through mountains in Virginia and West Virginia. Had PVC valve replacement after the trip.
Gas gauge reads empty when tank is full. How to repair and is it expensive?
The passenger seat in my saab convertible 9-3 2003 will only recline so far back before making a clicking noise. The seat is controlled by power, it can move in all the other directions. But can only get to about an 90 degree angle. I took the seat out the gears appear intact.
pump warrantied so got a second one still power steering fluid is leaving reservoir and engine oil rises. No fluid in rack and pinion boots, power steering works for less than a minute, no leaks.
several hairline cracks along bumper
SID on top of dash is not lit up. It is a black screen as if power is off. Im not sure what or where a fuze would be
I am getting a check engine light
Stereo is not working either
Does the amp1 effect windows and sunroof as well as the stereo?
my mechanic cannot find the code. Stability Control failure is what the car reads.
Wheb the turn signal switch is in the right position no turn signal comes on. When the turn signal switch is in any other position the left one is on
It hasn't given me the message yet but I'm getting little to no acceleration and I hear what assuming is the fan running over time during idle
It would not go up the last time I put the top down. In the morning it worked. Today I tried to lower the top. Nothing. No error message on the SID and no clicking sound.
i tried to accelerate ;car stalled then after started ran as before.I now am fearful to travel far as it may just crap out.
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