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I Have problem with finding parts for my Ford Probe I 2.2 GT Turbo 1991.
Can somebody help me please.
I need drive shafts and lots of rear axle parts..
I live in Ireland, Galway.
Big respect for this man who help me with Headlights problem..
Thanks Cheers
It worked fine before I changed the fans now it just won't come on
what could be wrong also after driving some when u shut it off it wont crank for awhile.then u can push gas to floor and it will crank
OK so it started when we get home one day an everything fine she handles like normal. then she wont start. i look im not getting a spark. so i find out its the coil pack replace that then then i cant get it aligned then after a few weeks (only a few hours a weekend)she just stops turning over and i just get the click from the starter anyone have any ideas? many thanks if you do!
My headlights get up but don't want to turn on light...?
Probe GT started with a metal on metal noise under the hood, had a guy look at it today and he said the flywheel looks good, runs true, but the bolts are rubbing on the engine block. Noise goes away when driving. Any suggestions?
One day, I got up to go to work, and suddenly my clutch would basically go in all the way with little to no pressure. At that point, I was unable to shift into any gears, so my vehicle is immobile at the moment. I am not car savvy, so I don't know what the problem could be. I've been told that maybe I need more fluid in my brake/clutch thing, but I don't know. I figured I'd ask for advice first. Thanks in advance.
I need to know what will interchange with the fuel pump on my 89 Ford Probe
where I can fine the numbers on the car so I can make one
i am going to change the steering wheel, nut i need to know if it has an airbag.
Think it might be stearing linkage
What adhesive is recommend
It ice here tires are fighting independently front wheel Drive scary
I have a 1993 ford probe gt with a mazda setup it stopped running but will turn over. I replaced the fuel pump and the injectors are getting power. It still would not start. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and it started on the first try and stayed running for 3 or 4 minutes and turned off again and all it will do now is turnover. The fuel pressure is good. What is wrong with it
Along the driver side along panel to the back under the back seat that look as if they go to the rear defoger for the rear window that just hang there. Could these be wires to my fuel pump? My car cranks but won't start.
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